Home Security Tips for Busy Moms

Sometimes the world can seem like a big, bad place, and never more so than if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of crime. Anyone who’s ever been victim to a burglary in the home or had their purse stolen in the street knows that the physical loss of property is only part of the problem – and a small part. The feeling of violation and insecurity is something that can stay with you for years.  

That’s the bad news. The good news is that this sort of crime is actually far less common than the media would have us believe. Most people are honest and would not dream of touching other people’s property. The even better news is that with a little thought and some really simple precautions, the risk of becoming a crime statistic drops even lower.

Remove temptation

However “good” or “bad” your neighborhood, the thing to understand is that most housebreakers are not professional master criminals who carefully plan a military-style invasion. They are more typically opportunists. Unfortunately, busy moms sometimes provide opportunities. Returning from the store with a screaming child throwing a tantrum and a week’s groceries rapidly defrosting, things can get chaotic. One of the easiest things in the world is to forget to lock the car after you’ve unloaded everything. A useful sign to remind you is inexpensive and could save a whole lot of stress and heartache.

The same applies to the doors of your house. Did you know that 30 percent of burglars simply walk in through an unlocked door? As the little ones get bigger, keeping the doors locked also helps to prevent certain individuals from exiting the home, too!

Install an alarm

In a study carried out by a home alarms company, 90 percent of convicted burglars admitted that if a house has an alarm, they just keep walking by. Where alarms are concerned, the most important thing is to make sure its presence is obvious. Some householders even opt for the ultimate low-cost option of simply fitting a dummy alarm box to the outside of the house.

The real thing is obviously the best option, however, and today’s IoT systems can instantly inform you, your loved ones or the authorities if something or someone triggers the alarm.

A smart doorbell is a smart choice

The smart doorbell is a great invention. When someone rings at the door, you can answer from your smartphone, and the camera will show you who is there. However, they can’t see you, so they have no way of knowing where you are. A burglar doesn’t want a confrontation any more than you do, so if you are suspicious about the character at the door, all you need to do is politely but firmly tell them no thank you and say you are really too busy to come to the door. They will assume you are in the house somewhere, even if you are really 100 miles away.  

The Perfect Dollhouse Home Theater

Whether it’s binging your favorite series of checking out some of the newest releases, there are few better ways to chill with your fellow dolls than by taking a comfy seat in front of a high-definition screen. Here, we’re going to look at how you make the perfect home entertainment space in your home.

It’s all about placement
First of all, you need to learn the logistics of actually setting up a home entertainment room or a home theater. Choosing the right seat height and screen height is crucial, first of all. Your eyes should be level with the screen instead of having to look up at it.  Proper surround sound speaker placement depends on the space between the seat and the screen, too. You want to create something of a “triangle” with the two speakers equidistant from the main screen speakers, placed behind and on either side of the seating area. If you have seats outside of that surround sound triangle, they’re not going to get the full effect.
Make it communal
The home entertainment hub should also be a space where you can gather with friends, enjoy shared shows or watch new movies together. For that reason, it has to have some communal appeal. For instance, having a coffee table in the middle of the seats can make a perfect place for snacks and drinks. Having the seats centered around it makes it a lot easier for people to communicate and share the experience than feeling like they are enjoying the same thing but separately from one another.
The world’s library at your feet
In the past, having a fully-kitted home cinema also meant that you had to have quite the collection of media lining up your shelves. However, thanks to services that allow streaming to devices, that’s no longer the case. At most, you need to invest in maybe one or two monthly streaming subscriptions, but the only vital component is the kind of high-speed internet that can guarantee reliable streaming without stuttering or buffing. Thanks to digital video rentals, it’s become a lot easier to watch just about anything you want, including some cinema releases before they’re made available on DVD or Blu-Ray.
Keep it comfy
The room might be built for the viewing experience, but you want your guests to be comfy during that experience, too. For instance, you can invest in real high-quality theater seats that offer a cozy place to sit at the same time as giving your posture and back the support it needs. Many tend to choose hardwood floors for their home theater, too, for the acoustic quality. If you don’t want the room to feel too cold or hard, however, you should also consider area rugs around the seats to add a touch of softness.
Once you have it set up, your new home entertainment space is going to be the envy of your friends. The perfect place to arrange group viewings or to simply chill when the weather’s truly awful outside and you have nowhere to go.

Productive Ways To Spend Your Free Time

It’s likely you’ll come across moments in your life when you have extra free time on your hands and aren’t quite sure how to spend it. Being productive will make you feel good about yourself because you won’t be sitting around wasting precious hours of your life.
Get excited about the fact that your days will be more fulfilling when you put forth a little extra effort to participate in activities that are rewarding. All it takes is you deciding to create change and take on a few challenges that will inspire and motivate you to become a more dynamic person overall.  
Find A Hobby
Hobbies are an excellent way for how you can be productive and fill your free time simultaneously. For example, learn how to cook, build furniture or sew clothing if you want the outcomes to be of use to you. Another idea is to get active and participate on a sports team where you can run around and get some exercise after work. Whatever the hobby is, make sure it puts a smile on your face and adds enjoyment to your days.
Secure A Side Job
Earn extra income and be productive by securing yourself a side job such as working at a restaurant, or signing up to participate in uber eats careers. With these types of positions, you can set your own hours and work when it’s convenient for you. Use it as a way to better support your family or pay for additional expenses you have coming up in your life such as school tuition or wedding bills. You’ll meet new people, be contributing money toward your family income and will have another reason to be proud of yourself because of all your hard work.
Engage with Family
Turn off the television and engage with your family instead when you have a little extra free time available to you. This is more productive than sitting around wishing you were a more attentive and involved parent and spouse. Designate family nights where you play games, watch films or go for ice cream as a group or pick a weekend and go camping. Spending quality time with your family is very satisfying and will bring you all closer together.
Practice Self-Care Activities
Taking care of yourself often falls to the wayside when you get busy and live a hectic lifestyle. Use your free time wisely and be more productive by participating in self-care activities such as pampering yourself with a massage, hitting the gym or going to bed at a decent hour every night. The more time you dedicate to putting yourself at the top of your to-do list the more energy you’ll have and better you’ll feel so you can tackle all you desire in any given day.

There’s more time in your schedule then you think when you spend your extra hours wisely. Give some of these ideas a try and notice how your life instantly improves. You won’t regret these types of modifications to your lifestyle because of all the joy they’ll bring you.

Dealing With Device Overload And Its Effect On The Family

The internet is becoming a more and more common part of everyday family life. We tend to have at least one digital device for every person in the home at a minimum, and often we exceed that by quite a lot. Tech and the internet have a lot to offer our lives, but they also come with certain drawbacks and risks. If your family is starting to find itself outnumbered by the number of screens in the home, here are a few ways to ensure that you manage a healthy relationship with your tech.

Make sure all your devices are protected
Nowadays, most of us spend at least some time with our money online, whether we use the internet to pay bills, check our bank account, or we shop online regularly. What’s more, we have private data, including photos, that we would rather didn’t fall into the wrong hands. On top of that, you don’t want malware infecting your systems, making them all the more likely to stop working. Every family needs antimalware internet protection from software like BitDefender. When buying an antivirus or other protective software, make sure that it offers protection for all the devices in the home, not just your own.
Those dreaded loading times
If you live in a family where there are lots of screens, laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and games consoles, then your internet is sure to take a beating. Playing online video games and streaming high-quality videos can throttle the speeds other users have. This isn’t acceptable if, for instance, you’re doing homework, or your career involves working at home. High-speed packages like those from Optimum may be essential. Otherwise, you have the painful task of saying when the rest of the family can and cannot use the internet because you need to use it instead. The family home hasn’t seen those kinds of fights since the dial-up days when you had to disconnect so your mom could use the phone.
Everyone should know basic net safety
If someone is using the internet, they should know, at least in part, how to use it safely. It doesn’t matter how old they are. For very young children, frequent supervision and parental lock software can help you ensure their safe use of apps and games connected to the internet. If they are browsing, playing, and learning freely, however, they need to be taught how to stay safe online. For instance, they need to know not to share their personal details online and how to recognize links that are untrustworthy and could lead them to malware. There are new risks on the net every day, of course, so these lessons need to be a recurring theme in family conversation.

Late night worries
Another concern that it become much more common is that internet and digital technology use gets in the way of sleeping. Sleep deprivation is a real problem related to our use of tech. It keeps our minds active for as long as we use it, meaning that we don’t feel tired when we should in the evening. Exposure to the blue light common of digital displays can also make it take up to 30 minutes longer for us to get to sleep when we are in bed. It might be an unpopular proposal, to begin with, but you should consider setting a curfew for all screens. You might not necessarily have to confiscate devices across the home, but you can disconnect the router if you need to enforce those rules.
Social concerns
One of the latest and potentially greatest concerns of using the net is social media. It’s a whole way to connect with friends, to keep up with the news, educate yourself, and be thoroughly heard. But social media addiction is becoming a real concern. What’s more, there are fears about how social media fights and the argumentative nature of many of the platforms is negatively affecting our mental health. Treating social media as the forbidden fruit is obviously going to make it all the more alluring, especially to teenagers. But you can talk about using it responsibly, taking breaks from it when you feel it affecting your mood, and the importance of vetting information learned through those networks instead of automatically believing it all.
Find time to disconnect
It’s very easy to spend the majority of your life online. In fact, many people do it. This isn’t a healthy way to live, however. Not only are the risks of a sedentary lifestyle to your physical health well-known, but it could be contributing to growing cases of social anxiety and depression, as well as the breakdown of family communication. A Grande Life takes a look at how you and the family can spend a little more time away from the internet and with each other .Organize more opportunities in advance to spend time with the family without the internet or any other screens present.

Make sure it’s beneficial
Some families may be considered implementing more ironclad rules, limiting the amount of screen time your kids get every day. If you have serious concerns about how they use the internet or if they have trouble meeting their other responsibilities in life, that might be a measure worth taking. However, you should also consider how your family is using the internet. Besides all the dangers mentioned here, it is one of the most versatile and useful tools in education, entertainment, communication, and organizing your life practically. Take a look at Froddo and the different ways that you can better use your technology to benefit the family. There are a wide range of tools and apps out there that you might not have thought of implementing.
We may not yet be at the point of fearing about the robot uprising, but there are risks to living mindlessly with all the tech we’re surrounded by. Learn and teach your family to be responsible with their digital devices and the net, and use them to enhance your lives, not to hold them back.

How To Get Things Done, Be Happy, And Make The World A Better Place

It's safe to say that most members of the population want to lead productive, positive lives. However, there are a wide range of lifestyle factors, personality traits, and ideological systems that can preclude this desire from becoming an ongoing reality. Nevertheless, individuals who are serious about the cultivation of satisfying, successful lives should know that they can realize their vision. Below you'll find just a few of many strategies you can implement to get things done, be happy, and make the world a better place:

1. Obtain Counseling Services.

One of the best ways to ensure that you can become and remain the bright, brilliant person that you are meant to be is by obtaining counseling services. While there is still a stigma surrounding the use of counseling services to resolve personal, familial, and relational problems, the truth is that millions of people have improved their quality of life by simply meeting with a professional once or twice a week and discussing their primary life issues. The discussions are beneficial for many reasons, one of which is that they empower the client to attain clarity regarding what they want in life and which behaviors, relationships, or patterns of being have precluded them from making the improvements necessary to live fully and freely. In recognizing the role that professional counseling services can play in jumpstarting the success process, be sure to do some online research to determine which qualified, competent representatives are available in your area.

2. Take Your Health Seriously.

If you're serious about being happy and contributing to the world in a positive, progressive way, make sure that you take your health seriously. Taking this step is imperative because lacking energy and being perpetually or periodically ill will compromise your productivity. This in turn can lower your self-esteem and lead to a wide range of health issues such as social isolation, depression, and compromised immunity. With all of these things in mind, make sure that you're implementing health strategies like walking outside for thirty minutes a day or drinking a green smoothie every day. To increase your likelihood of making your new health habits permanent, consider the value of finding an accountability partner. Also think about the value of purchasing grill seasoning sets so you can prepare delicious, nutritious meals.

3. Volunteer.

If you really want to be healthy and happy, consider the value of volunteering. Volunteering is powerful because it allows you to cultivate a more empathetic attitude while also exposing you to people from different walks of life than your own. The end result is heightened emotional intelligence and an ever-increasing ability to operate effectively in multicultural contexts. You'll also be contributing to the world by helping other people realize their full potential, which in turn empowers them to give back to the world in a dynamic way that makes life more fulfilling for themselves and others.


Once you realize that you deserve to live an amazing life which simultaneously empowers you to enrich the world of others, it's time to do something about your dream of becoming a more productive, positive person. You can use some or all of the advice outlined above to get on track to getting things done, being happy, and making the world a better place!
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