Get Money: 6 Ways to Get Paid Real Cash Fast In 2019

Five percent of Americans reported that they did online work. Some of the people get money by completing surveys. Others engage in various gig economy activities. Two percent of the people earned money from Uber, and other ride-sharing companies.

Do you need your HVAC equipment repaired and don’t have the cash? Want to repair your car flat tire and don’t have the cash? If you are short on rent or cash for utility bills, you don’t need to ask a family member or friends for money. Today, you can earn money right from home.

The following are 6 legit ways to get paid real cash fast in 2019.
1. Rent Your Car
Ninety-one percent of the people commuting to work use personal motor vehicles. In the US, the fewest trips are made on Sunday and the most daily trips are on Friday. Want to make fast cash? Rent your car on Getaround.

Getaround is an on-demand car sharing marketplace where users can rent any car from a Prius to a BMW or Tesla. With Getaround, you can earn more than $1,000 by renting your car to Getaround users.

To get started, download the mobile app, sign up and list your car. You can also earn money by referring friends.
2. Get Money by Providing Rides
With Uber and Lyft, you can provide rides for people in need. As an independent contractor with Uber, you get paid weekly for driving people around. Not only that. You can pick your own schedules.

With Lyft, you get similar benefits and bonuses plus access to Driver centers. These community spaces provide car repair and maintenance services at an affordable cost. This puts more money in your pocket.

Have a few hours to spare between pickups? Why not play slots online on your tablet and Win with SlotsWise. Not only that. You also get real money casino bonuses and free spins offers.
3. Deliver Food and Drinks
With Postmates and Ubereats, you can deliver food, and groceries right to your customers' doorstep. Postmate is a reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform. You can deliver groceries, a gallon of milk and alcohol to your customer’s doorstep in minutes.

With Ubereats, your customers will make orders to their favorite restaurants. Your job? To deliver their orders. By partnering with Postmates and Ubereats, you get money and reach new diners.
4. Find Freelancing Gigs Online
If you are skilled in creating mobile apps, or writing, you can make money from freelancing gigs. Join platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and 99Designs to earn cash.

As a freelancer, you have the option of hourly or fixed payment options. Depending on your skill level, you can earn $10 per hour or more. Bid for jobs that match your skills. Don’t forget its all about quality and not quantity.
5. Get Money by Writing a Listicle
If you love writing on bizarre stuff, write listicles for Listverse and get paid $100. Topics written by past writers include prototype weapons too insane to use, and cases of stigmata.

To make your content interesting, inject a bit of humor and proofread. This eliminates grammar mistakes and typos.
6. Be an Extra in Film or TV
As an extra on TV or film, you can make between $100 to $200 a day. As of 2014, a member of the Screens Actors Guild (extras or background actors and actresses) earns $152 a day in LA. Background actors earn an hourly rate from call time to wrap time. The good news is, you don’t have to do much.
Make Money Fast and Avoid Loan Sharks
There are hundreds of gigs out there that allow you to get money for rent, utility bills, settle debts and more. A few of them include providing rides, delivering groceries, freelance writing and more. To maximize your income, quality over quantity is preferred.

Looking for more tips on how to make money fast? Check out our blog.

4 Times You Need to Seek Help

There is no shame in asking for help when you need it. It’s crucial that you get into the habit of doing so. 

Whether you suffer an injury, go through a hard breakup, if you don’t get along with your parents or when a mental health issue is rearing its head, all of these events will be much worse to handle if you leave them unattended. You will feel all alone in the world, which isn’t the case because everyone has some friends or relatives that want the best for them and that they get along with. 

This article will provide more details as to why you need to seek help during these four different scenarios. 

1. After an injury

Injuries can occur at any point and when you least expect them. You are only human, after all. The solution for when something happens is always to seek help from a medical professional, or, you must know how to make a claim so that you are properly compensated for what has happened to you. 

For instance, if you are someone that often uses power tools such as chainsaws and drills, you may be victim to a condition called a vibration white finger, which can lead to poor blood circulation and pain in your hands. Aside from visiting a doctor in order to get treatment, you can also consult The Compensation Experts on what the best next steps are.

2. After a breakup

Breakups can always take a toll on you, especially if you have been in a relationship with a person for a long time. It is during moments such as these that speaking to good friends is critical for your sanity and happiness. 

Don’t resort to spending time inside your home by yourself, always thinking about your previous relationship. 

3.When you don’t get along with your parents

Not seeing eye-to-eye with your parents can always impact someone’s mood, and more often than not it will make you sad and angry. 

This is furthermore a moment in your life where you should seek advice from a family member that you do get along with, or at the very least, talk to a friend in order to not keep all of the frustration inside of you. 

4. When you are feeling sad or depressed

No one can be happy all the time, but if you are constantly coping with depression, then you should certainly get help from a health care professional. They may recommend a form of therapy, and outside of that, you can once again make more of a habit to spend quality time with your friends. 

The takeaway is that you should never feel like you have to suffer through something alone. Seek help, because it is always there for you, and you will feel much better once you do this. After a long and hectic day at work, for instance, you often want to spend some time with friends and family members in order to feel better. Your reaction to any other event where you no longer feel like yourself should be no different.

The Importance of Thinking Critically

When faced with any sort of obstacle in life, the most important tool you have is the ability to think critically. The earlier you begin to form this skill, the better you will be at solving problems as an adult. Clear thought can be applied to relationships, emergencies or even your career. Set yourself up for success!

Write It Down

If you have the time, whip out a pencil and paper. Putting your thoughts down where you can see them might make even the muddiest of conundrums more clear. Depending on the issue, there are various organizational patterns you can give this process. When comparing ideas or looking for overlap, a good venn diagram can help you visualize. Concept maps and webs can help show the relationship between components of complex concepts. A flow chart can break down a process. Lists and outlines are good for organizing thoughts. You can also write or draw totally free-form, there is no wrong way to put your thought process on paper.

Talk It Out

Working through the issue out loud, especially with feedback, can help you formulate a plan with confidence. Sometimes you don't even know you were thinking something until you've spoken it out loud. Speaking with other people also invites new perspectives to the table, allowing you to see a problem from multiple angles. Two heads are better than one, and three heads are better than two! This type of problem-solving works on multiple levels- it increases your social skills and cooperative abilities, as well.

Take Your Time

Sometimes complex ideas need to marinate in order to become understood. Don't force out a solution, take the time to let whatever you are facing steep. Rushing to a conclusion hardly ever works out. To facilitate this calm contemplation, breathing exercises and meditation can be helpful. Don't be fooled, these important tools aren't just for yogis- they help all sorts of people in almost any kind of situation. It is useful to distance yourself from emotions that may cloud your judgment.


Ignorance is not something to be ashamed of. It should be embraced and acknowledged, otherwise, it can get in the way of meaningful resolutions or progress. In order to better inform yourself before making decisions, reach out! Ask people questions, go to the library and google up a storm in your quest for the truth. There is a reason that people say knowledge is power. A wise person is one who realizes they know nothing. You may not have to be this zen in your approach, but it doesn't hurt to keep in mind. While researching, be careful about what sources you use and try not to rely on just one.
It is hard to break the habit of reactionary thinking.  Once you do, your perspective on everything may change immensely.  You could become that calm, cool and collected person that everyone comes to for advice.  Life will have a lot harder time giving you lemons.  Nothing is ever as smooth as in the fairy tales, so maybe you should become the type of person who can who makes it smoother.  Good luck out there!

Sweet Mother's Day Gifts for Her

Mom has done so much for you over the years that one day a year doesn’t seem enough to celebrate her. Mother’s Day is the one day that you can try and tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her and everything she does for the family. You will never be able to fully express your gratitude, but she understands. She is, after all, your mom!

Special Delivery

Whether you live near or far, a gift basket delivered to her door is a sweet surprise that is sure to make her smile. You can make one yourself with all of Mom’s favorites inside of it, or you can visit to find a premade one ready for her. One click of a mouse and she will receive candy, flowers, bath essentials and so much more.

Spaaaaaaah Day

Mom needs to take more time to relax. Buying her a package to a spa is a practical, thoughtful gift that she would never get herself. Depending on your budget, you can get Mom a massage, facial, mani/pedi or all of the above! She will come home relaxed and ready to take on the world again.

Sentimental Lady

If your mom is more of a homemade gifts sort of gal, websites like Shutterfly and Vistaprint are the perfect places to make a special photo gift for her. Whether it’s a personalized coffee tumbler, a photo collage or wall decor, there is a gift for her out there!

Rhythm of the Night

Is her favorite band in town? Spring for tickets to the show in your area. Whether you go with her or not, a pair of concert tickets make for an exciting, memorable gift that will turn her back into a teenage girl again.

Mother’s Day is your opportunity to show your love for Mom, so make it as special as possible for her. Spoil her rotten and remind her that you acknowledge and appreciate all the sacrifices she has made for you.


The sun has many benefits, some of which you are probably looking forward to enjoying this coming summer, but it also has its damaging effects. Since we cannot switch off the sun or reduce its temperature, the only way is to protect ourselves and our property from its harmful ultraviolet radiation.
Damage from the Sun
Summertime brings with it long exposures of your outdoor furniture to the sun’s rays which can cause aesthetic blemishes and photobleaching (fading) on fabrics. It can also weaken the structures, whether they are made of wood, plastic or wicker.
As you look forward to your summer fun and relaxing moments outside your house, do not forget to apply sunscreen on your skin. Your outdoor furniture needs some kind of protection because even these get damaged over time. Your intervention can slow down this process.
Heat and ultraviolet rays can cause wood to warp and become brittle. Leather and plastic will warp, fade, crack and even melt under the sun’s heat. Wicker will fade and crack when exposed to too much sun. You want your furniture to maintain its look and serve you for as long as possible. Here are seven methods for protecting your outdoor furniture against sun damage.
Strategic Layouts
Plan and arrange your outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture seating in such a way that most of it is shielded from direct sunlight for the better part of the day. This can be done by positioning them near your house or other buildings, or near some trees so that they can benefit from the shade that they cast at different times of the day.
Regular Cleaning
It is important to keep your furniture clean as dirt will help to accelerate sun damage. Regularly remove dirt and spills from your furniture, and polish where appropriate. Do not use harsh or abrasive treatments when cleaning wicker furniture. Use water and mild soap instead, which you apply sparingly after which you rinse and wipe dry.
Wicker should not be soaked in water. Wood is cleaned by lightly scrubbing it using oxygen bleach after that it is rinsed and dried. Mild soap and water solutions work for metals. Fine grit sandpaper is first used to get rid of any rust or mold. For outdoor upholstery, the best method to use is spot cleaning. Dilute mild detergent in cold water and then use a sponge to attack the stains. Do not soak any of your cushions. Make sure that everything dries completely.
Store It When the Season Is Out
Bring your furniture out in the summer and when the season is over, take it back indoors for storage. Clean and cover it before storing it. Store it in dark and covered spaces like your basement, shed or garage. Cushions can be stored in outdoor storage bins. Try to avoid storing your cushions in plastic bags. Wrap them instead in old bedsheets or something close to that so that the cushion fabric is allowed to breathe.
Cover Your Furniture
Cover your outdoor furniture when it is not in use. Invest in furniture covers that are easy to fit and remove and that are also thick enough to protect from the sun. The covers should ideally be made from fabric that is resistant to ultraviolet rays.
Use UV Protection Treatments
Treatments vary depending on the material that your outdoor furniture is made of. These protection treatments are like sunscreen for furniture. Some are applied by spraying while others are applied using brushes. You should make sure that you apply them thoroughly and as you do, ensure that you have donned all the safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and dust masks or respirators to protect yourself.
Work the application in a well-ventilated space. Paint can be used to protect the wood. Make sure you buy the UV-resistant paints. You can also apply a coat of sealant to protect the wood. You begin by gently scrubbing the wood with sandpaper and then coating it with varnish or UltraViolet protective wax. You finish off by applying a sealant like spar varnish, for example.
For wicker surfaces, clear varnish or paint, or a combination of the two will work. For metals, you can powder coat them. Powder coating helps it to resist fading and rust and works better than wet paint. To protect your upholstery, spray or paint them with fabric guards or fabric protectors to keep them from fading or getting discolored.
Use Protective Accessories
Accessories such as expandable fabric umbrellas and tarpaulins can be used as sunshades. You can also invest in opaque patio covers or awnings. Transparent or translucent ones will still allow the sun in. Retractable awnings are preferable so that you can cover your furniture when you are indoors and open them up for the sun to reach you when you are outdoors. There are retractable awnings that are electronically or remotely controlled which makes adjusting them easier.
Regular Maintenance
Finally, you should inspect and treat your furniture regularly. Read through the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the furniture. They usually specify the solutions and treatments that you should use and the ones you should avoid. If you use the wrong treatments and methods, you will not need the sun to damage the furniture for you. You will have done a pretty good job all by yourself. Follow instructions. The manufacturer knows best.
Regularly inspect the legs, arms, and back of the furniture frame for softened areas and cracks. Check all the connections and joints and ensure that they are tight and sturdy. For metal furniture, lubricate all stiff or creaky moving parts using a silicone spray. For wooden frames, use the oil recommended by the manufacturer to keep them from cracking. When the paint on your wooden furniture begins to peel off, use sandpaper to gently remove the peels and then touch up the paint. After that, oil or stain the wood and this should be done regularly. Oil, sealants, and stains should be reapplied every one to three years of outdoor use. For metal frames that may have lost their luster, use lint-free cloth buffed with auto wax to wipe them. Regularly inspect fabrics for rips or tears on the corners or seams, and for holes, wear or thin spots on areas under direct sunlight. Apply products that act as UltraViolet barriers on the fabrics.

Since outdoor furniture is not cheap, instead of buying, replacing and repairing, why not maintain and protect it instead? The methods outlined above should help you. Get ready to have lots of fun in the sun!
All families should vacation with their kids to Disney World at some point or another. It’s an experience the kids are sure to never forget. Families can save on a Disney vacation by buying or renting a Disney timeshare resale (AKA Disney Vacation Club) for their accommodation. These are spacious condo-like units within Disney’s resorts. If you choose to purchase a Disney timeshare and later want to sell it, get a timeshare worth estimate online first and then look for a broker sell Disney timeshare for you.