Advice For Mums Who Want To Invest In Gold Bullion Or Coins

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If you have recently become a mother for the very first time, you will no doubt be very concerned about making sure that your child has a secure future, and buying gold bullion is an ideal way to get started. When making any investment, whether long or short term, it is important that the investment is a sound one, which is why you should look at gold, and with a choice of gold bars or gold coins, here is some good advice to get you started.

Coin Or Bullion?

If you are going to invest in gold, you need to decide what format the gold will take. You could buy gold bullion bars, which are easily stored in a safe or safety deposit box, and for your children, it might be better to invest in gold coins, which your child can enjoy when they get a bit older. Collecting gold coins does add to the attraction, and over the years, you can acquire quite a collection, which would be very valuable, and you could present the collection to your son or daughter when they get married. Gold coins come in many different forms, which means you can amass quite a collection, as mints across the world produce gold coins of various sizes, and aside from the value of the gold, a coin collection could become very valuable.

Gold Bullion Dealers

Once you are ready to make your first investment, a Google search will put you in touch with a reputable gold dealer that is within driving distance, and they can also give you tips on selling gold bullion, when the time is right. It is essential that you deal with a reputable gold bullion dealer, and one that is within driving distance, allowing you to visit their offices and taking actual possession of your gold.

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Regular Saving

The great thing about buying gold bullion is you can select a suitable amount and add that to your growing collection, whether a few grams or a few ounces, gold comes in many sizes. This allows you to build your savings at your own pace, and should you ever need to liquidate some of your collection, nothing could be easier.

Easy To Liquidate

The great thing about gold is that it is globally recognised and accepted, which means you can turn the gold into dollars very quickly, should there ever be a need. Whether coins or bars, gold can quickly be sold to a reputable dealer who would be happy to pay you the spot price. If you are still unsure about how to save your hard-earned money, you can find online articles on reasons to buy gold, which is recommended reading for any novice investor.

Whether you choose gold bullion or gold coins, you can save at your own pace, and as the years pass, when your child is ready for further education, you will have the funds to ensure that they can pursue their dreams.

4 Reasons to buy nylabone durable dog toys over another brand

Bored dogs can be destructive, which means that they will end up chewing on our pillows, dolls, wires, or any other thing that may look chewable to them. Dog toys could aid in preventing such problems.

When you search in the dog toys niche, you will come across so many brands that could confuse you, especially if it is your first time looking for them. One of the most prolific brands you will come across is nylabone. They have a vast collection of chew toys.

Here are some reasons you should consider purchasing some of their products.

1. They come in various shapes in designs

When you understand the concept of chewing for dogs, you will notice that multiple breeds have distinct chewing styles. Some are moderate on the way they eat while some can be very forceful, especially if they are a large breed.

The company offers various sizes depending on the size of the dog. Size matters because if the bone is smaller than the dog’s mouth, then it means that your buddy could swallow.

Problems such as intestinal obstructions could be a possible result.

2. They are strong and durable

Dogs tend to be happy with these toys. Hence, you will notice that they will become rough when handling the bones. If the manufacturer uses a soft material to make the toys, then your pet will destroy it quickly.

The brand mentioned above offers clients with the most durable chew toys ever. You will come across chews made of sturdy rubber for dogs that exhibit aggressive chewing habits.

Besides that, the manufacturer also uses high-quality plastic, which does not contain any toxic chemicals.

3. They are available for many uses

Fundamentally, these dog toys prevent so many destructions in your home. That could be your primary reason for buying one of these things. On the other hand, some people want their puppies to have a natural time teething.

If you have experience with dogs, you already know that teething is a challenging stage that any do has overcome. Dog toys also enhance teeth strength and dental hygiene. They can help the dog to clean its teeth since some have fine bristles to facilitate this.

All of them also provide an excellent way to entertain the dog.

4. It is easy to clean

Saliva can turn out poisonous if you leave it everywhere. If you have kids, especially, they might throw the chews into the mouth. These products are easy to maintain and clean. According to the brand, they encourage users to clean the bone using warm water and bristle.

In the process, you should also look out for worn out parts. Such deformities on the toys could be dangerous if they swallow it.

You could end up taking your dog to a vet for significant surgery because the toys block the intestines.

Final remarks

Before using any of these chews, be sure to understand the instructions that come from the manufacturer. It would be of great assistance, especially for first-time users.

By the way, you can all their products from different retail stores; thus, it is easy to access. You could also order a couple from their website as well.

A Welcoming Atmosphere: 7 Interior Design Hacks to Make Your Home Look Friendlier

There are some homes that just leave you cold when you step inside for the first time and then there are others that manage to draw you in and capture you in a way that you don’t feel inclined to leave.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is a trick that any savvy interior designer will be able to achieve and it is always a good idea to follow some of these design hacks if you want to make your home look friendlier and more inviting.

Here are some of those top tips to help you give your home a quick and easy makeover that could change the look and feel of the place in an instant.

Set the tone with your entryway

First impressions count for a lot and if your entryway and front door don’t set a tone that is inviting it will make it hard for you to win your visitor over once they are inside your home.

Some simple touches like a handcrafted sign that says “welcome” on it and a vibrant, leafy plant framing your front door are two design tricks that take little very effort but can easily add some instant curb appeal.

Use color to draw your visitor’s eye

Another simple but effective hack is to use color in addition to other interior-design inspired ideas as a way to draw people into space and make them feel like they want to explore further.

What an interior designer will know about the use of color in this way is that the trick is to give your attention to designing the farthest point of view. This means doing something like painting the wall that is directly across from your front door in a striking and vibrant accent color.

Even if you don’t use a brightly colored wall to draw people in you could also use lighting or an art feature to create the same effect.

Create clean lines with your furniture

What you need to think about here is that if your home is small or you have a lot of furniture this could make it harder for guests to navigate their way around these items.

The more obstacles there are and the more navigating that someone has to do to get around your home, the less welcoming it is likely to feel.

You can find some attractive furnishings when you browse, or somewhere similar, but what you want to do is arrange this furniture in a way that it doesn’t make your home feel like you are trying to navigate their way around an assault course.

Plants are always a great idea

What's not to like about having plants in your home?

Plants tick a lot of boxes from a design perspective as they breathe some natural life into your space and instantly make a place feel a lot more welcoming with such a natural vibe.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choice of plants as long as you have the space to accommodate some leafy and exotic plants that are a real talking point.

Soft furnishings are a no-brainer

It is no coincidence that interior designers everywhere are great fans of using all sorts of soft furnishings to add some amazing finishing touches to your home.

It might be an obvious suggestion to put forward as soft furnishings are a real no-brainer in all honesty, but it deserves a mention simply because it is a design tactic that is so effective.

If you can find the budget for a plush rug to adorn your wooden floor, that would be a winning combination in terms of creating a friendly and inviting feel to your room. Also, consider the use of floor pillows to add an inspirational touch to your room design.

You could even created your owned framed textiles to use as unique wall art, which is design statement that helps to give the room a softer feel overall.

Beware of straight lines

If your home has too many straight and harsh lines from a design perspective that can work against your efforts to make your home seem more warmer and inviting.

If you have some modern furniture that features these straight lines the trick is to use a design hack in order to break up those straight lines.

Try adding some round rugs or any other round soft furnishings as a way of drawing the eye away from these straight lines and breaking it up.

You will be surprised at the difference it makes to the feel of a room when you manage to successfully soften those straight and harsh lines.

Let there be light

There is also a natural solution to making your home feel more inviting and that is light.

You can employ all sorts of neat design tricks to help change the look and feel of your home but there are not many ideas that are better than finding a way to bring in as much natural light into your home as possible.

It should go without saying that if you walk into a room that is dark and dingy it is going to feel decidedly uninviting. Open up your blinds and curtains and allow as much natural light as possible to flood into your space.

Increasing the amount of natural light that comes into your home will transform the way it feels to your guests and it is also worth remembering that increasing the amount of natural light in a room should make it feel more spacious too.

Try to arrange your room in a way that you make the most of any natural light you can draw in from outside. A design trick to help this happen would be to use a mirror on the wall to reflect the light that is coming in and increase the lux in the process.

What you will discover is that there is no specific design hack to use that makes all the difference to how inviting your home feels, but if you employ a combination of the design tricks mentioned they should all combine to create a cumulative effect where your home does feel more welcoming.

Start the Day Off Right With These 4 Routines

Don't let a groggy morning drag down your day. Instead, incorporate some new daily habits that make the early hours more enjoyable. Check out these routines that will help you start the day off right.

Let Light In

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Before turning in each night, do you close all the blinds and curtains in your home? This simple habit could be making your mornings rougher because you're going from extreme darkness to bright sunlight. 

Instead, try leaving your shades cracked. You don't have to keep them all open, but allowing some light to come in naturally will help ease your transition into the day. If that's not an option, consider getting a sunrise alarm clock that brightens slowly to wake you up.

Stay Unplugged

If you immediately start answering emails, checking the news, or scrolling through social media feeds, it can start your day off with a twinge of anxiety or make you feel rushed to get going. Keep the first minutes after you wake up technology-free so you can begin the day feeling relaxed. 
Consider getting a separate alarm clock rather than using the alarm on your phone so you aren't looking at a screen right away. Then, create a tech-free morning routine that sets the tone for a great day. Get a programmable thermostat so you can wake up to the perfect temperature, then sit down with your coffee or a healthy breakfast. Read a few pages of a book, write in your journal, listen to music, meditate, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet before the day begins.

Get Moving

Exercise in the morning is linked to enhanced mental performance. By moving your body shortly after getting out of bed, you'll be able to start the day with a clearer mind and ready to take on your work, errands, or other activities.

You don't have to squeeze an entire workout routine into your morning to reap the benefits of early exercise. In fact, just 10 minutes of movement is enough to get your mind working more efficiently. 

Consider exercises that are easy to complete in a short period, such as a brisk walk around the block, a 10-minute yoga session, or even just some pushups or situps.

Freshen Up

If you've always been someone who showers at night, it might be time to rethink your routine. A morning shower can be a great way to improve your circulation at the beginning of the day. It can also perk you up if you're still feeling sleepy. For the best results, try taking a cold shower. A chilly temperature is more effective at boosting your central nervous system, stimulating the adrenal glands, and increasing blood flow.

With a few small changes to your daily routine, mornings can feel much more enjoyable. You might even find these early hours to be your favorite part of the day once you try these tips. Consider adopting one or more of these changes to make your mornings relaxing rather than rushed.

Get Money: 6 Ways to Get Paid Real Cash Fast In 2019

Five percent of Americans reported that they did online work. Some of the people get money by completing surveys. Others engage in various gig economy activities. Two percent of the people earned money from Uber, and other ride-sharing companies.

Do you need your HVAC equipment repaired and don’t have the cash? Want to repair your car flat tire and don’t have the cash? If you are short on rent or cash for utility bills, you don’t need to ask a family member or friends for money. Today, you can earn money right from home.

The following are 6 legit ways to get paid real cash fast in 2019.
1. Rent Your Car
Ninety-one percent of the people commuting to work use personal motor vehicles. In the US, the fewest trips are made on Sunday and the most daily trips are on Friday. Want to make fast cash? Rent your car on Getaround.

Getaround is an on-demand car sharing marketplace where users can rent any car from a Prius to a BMW or Tesla. With Getaround, you can earn more than $1,000 by renting your car to Getaround users.

To get started, download the mobile app, sign up and list your car. You can also earn money by referring friends.
2. Get Money by Providing Rides
With Uber and Lyft, you can provide rides for people in need. As an independent contractor with Uber, you get paid weekly for driving people around. Not only that. You can pick your own schedules.

With Lyft, you get similar benefits and bonuses plus access to Driver centers. These community spaces provide car repair and maintenance services at an affordable cost. This puts more money in your pocket.

Have a few hours to spare between pickups? Why not play slots online on your tablet and Win with SlotsWise. Not only that. You also get real money casino bonuses and free spins offers.
3. Deliver Food and Drinks
With Postmates and Ubereats, you can deliver food, and groceries right to your customers' doorstep. Postmate is a reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform. You can deliver groceries, a gallon of milk and alcohol to your customer’s doorstep in minutes.

With Ubereats, your customers will make orders to their favorite restaurants. Your job? To deliver their orders. By partnering with Postmates and Ubereats, you get money and reach new diners.
4. Find Freelancing Gigs Online
If you are skilled in creating mobile apps, or writing, you can make money from freelancing gigs. Join platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and 99Designs to earn cash.

As a freelancer, you have the option of hourly or fixed payment options. Depending on your skill level, you can earn $10 per hour or more. Bid for jobs that match your skills. Don’t forget its all about quality and not quantity.
5. Get Money by Writing a Listicle
If you love writing on bizarre stuff, write listicles for Listverse and get paid $100. Topics written by past writers include prototype weapons too insane to use, and cases of stigmata.

To make your content interesting, inject a bit of humor and proofread. This eliminates grammar mistakes and typos.
6. Be an Extra in Film or TV
As an extra on TV or film, you can make between $100 to $200 a day. As of 2014, a member of the Screens Actors Guild (extras or background actors and actresses) earns $152 a day in LA. Background actors earn an hourly rate from call time to wrap time. The good news is, you don’t have to do much.
Make Money Fast and Avoid Loan Sharks
There are hundreds of gigs out there that allow you to get money for rent, utility bills, settle debts and more. A few of them include providing rides, delivering groceries, freelance writing and more. To maximize your income, quality over quantity is preferred.

Looking for more tips on how to make money fast? Check out our blog.
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