Jobs That a Stay-at-Home Parent Can Do To Get An Extra Income

When you become a parent, it can be a tricky decision as to what to do with work. When you have got children to think about, you need to weigh up your options. The cost of childcare can be high, so for many, they will be working out if it is worth their while. Many like to go back part-time, to get a bit of both worlds. Some love their job and want to return to it. Other people make the decision to be a stay-at-home parent. A lot of people nowadays are turning to jobs that they can do from home. Then they can work their routine around their children. It might mean some early mornings or late nights to get the work done, but its flexibility is what is appealing. So here are some ideas for you, if you are looking to add an extra income to your home. The great thing about all of these is that they are completely flexible. So you can pick what suits you and put as much into it as you need or are able to.


Selling Online

To start with, you could sell some of your belongings online. It can get you into the routine of how things work. You could use online auction sites, or by using selling groups online and social media. From there, you could assess if you’d be able to sell for other people. It can be a hassle to take photographs of everything, reply to questions, and mail everything out. So people are willing to pay for others to do it for them. You would just get a percentage of the sale. It is a simple job that is pretty flexible around your family. You can even just use your phone for the listing and monitoring. So ask around friends and family. From there you could advertise and speak to people on social media that might be interested in your service. It is a job that is dependent on what you put into it. A lot of effort could mean a lot of money.

Matched Betting

If you haven’t heard about matched betting, then where have you been? It is an easy way to add hundreds, yes hundreds, of dollars to your income each month. Basically, it is safe online betting. The word safe means that it isn’t really gambling. It is a technique used by people to gain money from free bets and offers set by bookmakers or betting sites. As a rule, it is considered risk-free. This is because it isn’t based on chance. But rather a mathematical equation. You would need to manage your finances carefully and use reputable websites. But with a bit of practice and know-how, you could be making a lot of money in no time.

Invest in Stocks and Shares

Not everyone is up to scratch when it comes to stocks and shares. But like matched betting, it can make you a lot of money. It won’t be a way to get money fast. But over time, it can pay off. So if you feel like you’ve got some time to look into it, it might be worth your while. You need to invest in stocks or shares in different brands or companies. Then depending on how well they do, your stock or share value will go up or down. So you want to choose a company that is doing well in the first place.

You will also want to sell at the right time. The time you sell is when you get your payout. Sometimes your shares might dip a little and people panic and sell. It might mean they just get their money back or perhaps lose a little. But it is knowing how to wait it out and spot trends in the market. Then you can hold on for a greater reward. If you think you’d like to get into this, then as has been mentioned, it is worth doing some research. You could find out from Money Morning some of the best stocks to buy. You could also make a ‘pretend’ investment to start with. You could imagine you are investing a certain amount. Then over a few weeks or months, you could check how it would have done. Would you have lost money, stayed the same, or gained a lot of money? There are lots of sites and tools online that could help you check this. The reward can be great, but it can be a little risky. So make sure you are up to scratch with your knowledge and research.

Use Cashback Websites

When you’ve got a baby, you might choose to shop online more than ever. One great thing to do when you do shop online is to register with a cashback website. Then before you buy anything, you can check on the rates that you’ll get through the website. You browse the cashback website for what offers they have. Say you need to buy a new laptop computer, you’d look for department stores or somewhere like Best Buy. Then check what you’d get back when you click through from that site. You will pay the full price that the website says. But once the transaction has been processed, you will have the money waiting for you in your account. You can then just withdraw it to a bank account. A site like Quidco could be a good place to start if you’re interested in shopping with cashback. Why not get some money back for the things that you want to buy anyway?


Blogging and Social Media

These days I’m sure most people know someone who writes a blog. It might seem like the internet is overcrowded with them, but there is room for everyone. It can be a great way to document your child’s life, and even better if you can make some money from it. If you want to make money from your site, then it is best to set up a blog through Blogger, or by using a self-hosted Wordpress site. In the Wordpress terms and conditions, you can’t earn money when you use their free platform. So if you don’t want it to cost you anything up front, then I’d use the Blogger platform to start with. It is generally easier to navigate if you are a beginner. You could always try your hand at vlogging on YouTube too. Payments for collaborations on there tend to be much higher than blogging.

You could also look into making money through social media. A lot of companies and brands outsource their social media management as it can be time-consuming for them to do themselves. So you could work as a freelance social media manager. There are agencies that you could find the work through. Or you could contact companies directly. If you have worked in social media or a PR and marketing type of field before, then you’d definitely have some relevant experience.



If the idea of your own blog doesn’t appeal but you’d find writing interesting, then copywriting could be for you. There are agencies online that you can apply through. This is a quick way to get into it. The great thing about copywriting is that you can do as much or as little as you need. You might want to do a lot as financially it would help. You might just want to do a few a day, to keep your brain ticking. It helps if you have had a creative background, but it isn’t necessary at all. You can learn the styles and rules of everything as you go along. Some agencies do pay more than others, so just bear that in mind. You could like at somewhere like People Per Hour if you wanted to get started.

Completing Surveys

While this isn’t a ‘job,’ it something that you could do during nap time, for instance. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer you cash or vouchers for completing a survey. Some will be quick and short, and the payment will be quite minimal. Some will be more in depth, and have the payment reflect that. But if you find yourself with some downtime, you could just get your phone or laptop out and work through a few surveys. Great if you are nursing and have a lot of time just sat down with your baby. Why not earn a few dollars when doing it? The money really adds up, especially if you decided to do some daily.

So some of these things will just be a small amount of extra cash. Some could end up being quite lucrative. Just remember to do what works best for you and your family. We are lucky that we live in an age where flexible working is really easy. People can earn a full-time age from home! So take advantage of that, if you want or need to. Being closer to financial security will be closer than you think.

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How To Find A School For Your Child Online

These days, many parents are interested in ensuring that their children attain the best education possible. If this is your current objective, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you locate the best possible school for your child. One great technique you can employ to accomplish this goal is searching for educational facilities online. If you're not that familiar with the world of online search, you may find this approach intimidating or overwhelming. Don't! Online searches can be incredibly simple and time-saving. Use the techniques outlined below to ensure that you have success with finding your child a school via internet:

1. Use Specific Keywords.

Your first step in finding the right school for your child via the internet is selecting the right keywords. This strategy will empower you to find educational facilities that are closely linked to what you're looking for in a school. For example, using specific keywords will help you choose between public and private schools as well as in-state and out-of-state educational centers. A great sample key phrase would be "Find High School In (Your City/State)." If you're interested in college prep schools, you may want to consider an institution like Landon School. You can learn more about this educational facility by entering a key phrase like "Learn About Landon Private School."

2. Do Website Research. 

After you've selected a specific keyword and entered it in the search box, go ahead and click your "Enter" key. Doing so will lead you to a new page referred to as the search engine results page (SERP). From here, you should see a long list of hyperlinks that lead you to specific school websites. By clicking a link, you'll be able to go straight to a school website and begin researching the educational facility. There are numerous things that you'll want to look into while you're on the site. One of them is how long the school has been successfully operating. You'll also want to see what type of educational background the institution's faculty has. Yet another element you'll want to research is what type of support services are offered for students. For example, does the school offer counseling services or career services? Are there SAT prep courses available? What type of extracurricular activities are offered? Ask yourself all of these questions as you peruse the school's website!

3. Do Off-Site Research.

In addition to reviewing the school's website, make sure that you utilize other online sources to learn more about the educational institution. For example, you may want to head over to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to determine whether the school has attained a rating or accreditation. Schools that have attained a rating of A or higher will likely provide your student with the cutting edge, customized educational services necessary to facilitate academic excellence.

Don't Delay: Find The Right Educational Facility Today!

If you're serious about ensuring that your child attains an excellent education, now is the time to start looking for the perfect school. You can use some or all of the online search strategies outlined above to ensure that you find the ideal academic institution!

What All Moms Need To Do To Take Care Of Their Own Health and Sanity

When you are a mom, then your little one’s health and wellbeing often take center stage. But it is also important to make sure that you are looking after yourself as well.  This isn't always the easiest thing to do when you have a million mom jobs to be getting on with. But it is important to take some time out to feed your soul. Remember it isn't only good for you, but allows you to return refreshed and better equipped to cope with the trials of motherhood.



While you love your family more than life itself, it doesn't mean that you can't get out for a night out with the girls once in awhile. Having some adult conversation and time away from the kids and the laundry can help to reinforce your sense of self. This is vital, as it is something that can so often wane due to family commitments.

It is good to remind yourself that you can do things and have fun outside the family unit. Also, it does them the world of good to cope without you for a night here and there. Then they get to realize that they are a lot more capable than they give themselves credit for. They also have a renewed sense of appreciation for all that you do when you are there.


Sleep is one of the most vital things you need to be well. Too little sleep can cause anything from mild irritability to illness and anxiety disorders. But when you have kids to worry about getting a good night's rest can be something of a challenge.

To help you in your quest for sleep you can choose to take some sleep aids. Either natural ones or one you can get on prescription. You can also do some breathing exercises or a body scan relationship before you go to bed.

Another thing that can improve your sleep quality no end is having the right type of mattress. If you are getting too hot in the night and this is stopping you sleeping then consider a mattress like the Somzi. They have swirled gel memory foam designed to be comfy without being too warm. Or, if you are waking up with aches and pains in your joints you may need a firm mattress that will provide additional support.

Alone Time

Another sanity keeper is scheduling some alone time regularly. In case you were wondering alone time means time alone. Not trying to have a bath while the kids scream at you through the door! Or catching a movie with your other half, although this can be really nice too!

It is important to have some complete alone time for a few reasons. One is that it helps us to recharge when we don't have anyone else's happiness or wellbeing to worry about. Also, it can help us quiet our mind and listen to what our thoughts are saying. This can be useful to gain clarity on issues that are worrying us. It can also help us decide how to move forward and deal with them.

12 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special {Infographic}

We love our kids. There's no doubt that the little munchkins mean more to us, as parents, than anything else in this world. Sometimes, though, we don't always notice the barrier we put up between our children and ourselves. There's this authority figure-subordinate relationship that develops because we try so hard to keep them safe, that our kids begin to feel like we couldn't possibly be able to relate to them.

This helpful infographic from I See Me! gives us a few ideas on how we can help our children see how special they are to us.

This helpful infographic from I See Me! gives us a few ideas on how we can help our children see how special they are to us.

Best Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

Looking for that perfect gift to get that Mom who is always running around trying to take care of everyone else? You know the busy mom: she's the one with her hair in a bun and yoga pants in the school pick-up line, a cup of coffee in one hand and a to-do list in the other.

These gifts are ones that will make the busy mom's life easier while showing her how much you appreciate all that she does.

Help the mom in your life relax and unwind with these extra special gifts that will help her find her happy place. From the coffee bar to give her that extra kick in the morning to the activity tracker to help her calm down, these gifts will give her that extra hand she really wants this holiday season.

Preparing For The Winter: Keeping Your Home Safe Through The Festive Season

Christmas Decorations, Xmas Decorations, Pine Cones
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During the festive season, your house is full of the best possible things. From delicious food to heaps of generous gifts for your kids to cash presents from your grandparents, Christmas is a time of year that’s all about love and family and kindness – but it’s also about stuff, as much as we like to deny it. Even if you don’t go too far overboard, we all spend part of November worrying about stocking stuffers and how many different sorts of potatoes we should make on Christmas Day. Luckily your family isn’t alone there – but unluckily, potential burglars are perfectly aware of it. Here are some ways to make sure that you keep your home safe at Christmas.

Artist Gallery, Christmas, Decorations, Architecture
Image source
Update your security system. When was the last time you really thought about how safe and secure your house is? If your neighbourhood is generally safe, then it’s not something that many of us spend too much time considering. But it’s crucial that you make sure that your home is safe and secure with a home security system like AT&T Digital Life. Install a house alarm and make sure that you place a decal in your window so it’s obvious your home is protected. Motion sensor lights outside your house and garage are also extremely helpful as they alert you to any movement going on around your property.
Don’t post too much on social media. On Christmas Eve, half the posts on Facebook are of the huge heaps of gifts that parents have wrapped for their kids. Seeing that generosity and love is beautiful, and you know they’ll have an incredible Christmas morning when ‘Santa comes’, but is it really necessary to post online? Not only does it turn Christmas into something more materialistic than it should be (and it could make parents who aren’t as financially able to buy a lot of gifts for their kids feel bad), but it also isn’t a smart idea for security. A huge amount of thieves use social media to plan out their next crime and to find the best places to rob – make sure you don’t become one of them by showing off.

Christmas, Presents, Decoration, Holiday, Season
Image source

Be smart about going away on vacation. Over the festive season, many of us go away for a few days. Whether that’s to spend time with family or take in a winter sun vacation, you need to be careful with your property while you’re gone. Set your lights to timers so they flip on and off at appropriate times, and get a trusted friend or family member to collect your mail for you. Again, don’t post about it on social media – you don’t want everyone knowing that your house is empty! Wait until you’re home to post your photos of your ski trip or your sunny vacation.

Mountains, Lift, Ski, Cable, Wire, Wild, Slope
Image source
Be careful who you invite into your home. If you have a holiday or New Year party, it’s easy to invite practically everyone you know! But think about it carefully: how well do you really know them? Make sure that you don’t get carried away with your invite list – cut it down to people you really know and trust. When you have your party, lock away your valuables in a cupboard, from your favorite jewelry down to items like your ludicrously expensive face cream.
Make repairs to your home. Before Christmas, take a walk around the outside of your house to inspect your roof and your guttering. If you have missing or cracked tiles on your roof, there could be a leak in your attic, which could be extremely costly to repair. Likewise, the health of your guttering is crucial for the health of your home. Make sure that you unclog it and that there are no cracks. Water damage and damp is one of the most costly and inconvenient things to have to repair in your house so make sure you cut it off immediately. To prevent frozen pipes, wrap wadding around them, and make sure that even if you’re away you keep your thermostat on at a low setting. If you’re really worried, keep your faucet dripping while you’re out to keep the hot water flowing. Check out your doors and windows to make sure they aren’t loose and easy to break into. If they’re loose, this could also cause draughts. Fixing them will save you money that you’ve been wasting on energy bills, as less heat will be lost. In addition, seeing that your house is in great condition will make burglars a lot less likely to target it!
Hot Chocolate, Cocoa, Advent, Chocolate, Christmas

Image source

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Want To Be A Successful Blogger? Practice These Daily Habits

Being a successful blogger has become one of the most popular career aspirations in recent years. Thousands of people love the idea of making money from writing about their passion. But in reality, a large majority of these people won’t gain success from blogging. Being a successful blogger is not easy, and it can take a while before you can turn blogging into your main source of income. But if you think you’ve got what it takes, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of success. To make your blog the hottest on the internet, read through these habits which successful bloggers practice daily.

Create content daily

Creating new and original content each day can help your blog grow in multiple ways. It can make it easier for you to be sound on search engines which can make it easier for you to gain new followers. It can also help you build a loyal fan base and strengthen the reputation of your blog. While creating content daily might sound difficult, it’s not as hard as you might think. You can use a blogging schedule planner to help you stay organized each day. You can reach out your followers and ask them for ideas on what they would enjoy reading about. There are also guides online that provide content ideas that are suitable for almost any niche.

Backing up your blog

Backing up your blog on a daily basis might seem unnecessary and a bit over the top. But it’s actually something that many top bloggers recommend. As wonderful as the internet is, it is also full of potential hazards which could put your blog at risk. From viruses to server issues, it can be very easy to lose your content or your entire blog. So get into the habit of backing up your blog using plugins like BackupBuddy. This is particularly important as you start to create and post new content daily. In addition to your blog, it can also be beneficial to backup your social media platforms too using sites like Vibbi. Set an alert on your phone to remind you to backup your content if you think you might forget.

Respond to comments

As your blog begins to grow, you’ll find that more of your followers begin to ask you questions and leave you comments. This can be on your blog and social media pages. Top bloggers realize how important these readers are so they schedule time each day to respond to them. This can help them to feel appreciated and heard, which will make them more likely to return again in future. Doing this each day will ensure that no messages go unheard as well as helping you stay on track. Just a short and simple acknowledgment to a message could help your blog progress considerably. So while it might not be that exciting, make sure you do it regularly.

These daily habits can help you build and develop your blog to make it even better than before. They can help you work toward effectively monetizing your blog and increasing your popularity online.

Manwich Monday: Easiest Supper Ever + Sloppy Joe Totcho Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mondays are always so hectic around here. Two kids come home from school grumpy and tired, there's homework to be done and a house to straighten up... The last thing on my mind is making some elaborate dinner that no one is going to eat anyway.

That's why I've replaced our "What's for supper tonight?" with Manwich Monday (and occasionally Sloppy Joe Saturday, depending on how busy the weekend is.)

Maybe it's a sneaky mom trick, but when I make Sloppy Joes, I know they take two hands to eat. That means no one is going to be checking their phones or playing with their tablets once supper starts. Manwich is the best way to go for getting everyone to the table for a simple family supper.

I used to love when my mom would make Sloppy Joes for supper. It wasn't anything special that she did to them, just a plain ol' hamburger bun with saucy ground beef. She always used Manwich though, and the sweet and tangy sauce made them the perfect supper, especially when she paired them with tater tots!

That's why I want to share my family's new favorite recipe - Sloppy Joe Totchos! They're great on their own as a snack or as a side to Sloppy Joes.

Sloppy Joe Totchos

Sloppy Joe Totchos

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 can (16oz) Manwich Original Sauce
  • 1 bag frozen tater tots
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
Cooking Directions
  1. Fry or bake your tater tots.
  2. Brown ground beef, drain, and add Manwich sauce.
  3. While tots are still hot, cover with cheddar cheese, and then add meat mixture.
  4. Enjoy!

The best part? Manwich comes in three different varieties: Manwich Original, Manwich Bold and Manwich Thick & Chunky - no meat sauces perfect for sandwiches, pastas, and more.

Visit to learn more about Manwich products, recipes and more and be sure to follow them on Twitter (@Manwich) for more great recipe ideas!
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