July 27, 2014

Sleep Training: Naptime Success

I know many of you have been wondering about how the sleep training is going; I've gotten several emails and tweets asking for an update.  Honestly, night time is still about the same.  She cries, I come in and reassure her, and then we repeat about ten times before she actually falls to sleep.  I was waiting until I had something a little more substantial before writing more on the subject.  After all, you write what you know - and so far, I know nothing beyond the crying and soothing.

Then today we had an amazing breakthrough.  Amazing to me, anyway.  

It started out like any other nap time routine.  She started getting cranky, the other two were starting to doze off, and I had some work that needed to get done around the house.  I put her in her crib with her blankie and paci, kissed her on the head, and told her it was time to lay down.  Of course, I was expecting a fight, but when I walked out she was as calm as could be.

After a couple of minutes, I peeked in on her - trying hard not to let her see me because I figured that would cause a meltdown.  There she was, happily playing with her toes and babbling to herself.  "Maybe she's not sleepy," I thought to myself, but decided to throw some clothes in the washer while she was content.  Still no crying by the time I was finished, so I peeked in on her again.

She was sleeping!  I could have jumped for joy.  My baby girl put herself to sleep without me, without being so tired she couldn't help but to pass out, and without crying.  I feel like maybe, just maybe, the sleep training is getting through to her; that when Momma says it's time to sleep, then she should go to sleep.

I'm sure we still have a few night time battles ahead of us, and that she isn't going to do this every time, but I am definitely going to chalk this one up as a successful nap time and brag about it for a while.

July 24, 2014

The Voice and CLEAR Scalp & Hair

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I'm a sucker for reality T.V.  Luckily, Matt loves competition shows as well, so I can watch my weekly shows without complaint.  Our newest favorite is The Voice on NBC - which is returning again September 22nd, thankfully!  There's something so addictive about the edge-of-your-seat eliminations; we also love a good performance.  I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that Christina Aguilera wont be returning for the new season; she was my favorite judge.  I've always loved her voice, and she was the one who gave the best advice to the contestants.

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Strawberry Lemon Paletas

I've been promising my three year old all week that we would go to the park so he can play on the "boo dinosaur roar" slide.  Unfortunately, it's been raining every afternoon and we haven't gotten to play outside much.  I feel horrible, having been busy with school work and blogging; we haven't gotten to spend much one-on-one time together lately.  So today, I decided that we were going to make some homemade popsicles.

One of my favorite things about summer was running after the ice cream cart, getting a strawberry paleta, and going for a walk to the park with my dad.  I've had a set of popsicle molds sitting in the cabinet, unopened, for about a year.  It was time to break them out and try my hand at making a good summertime popsicle recipe.

We had a bunch of fresh fruit in the fridge, so I figured a strawberry lemon paleta would be simple to make and delicious.  I wasn't wrong.  These just taste like summer, and the kids loved them too!  (Momma scored some cool points today!)

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July 22, 2014

Sleep Training Night Two: The Break

Sunday night, I attempted the Ferber-based "Cry-It-Out" method.  I felt like a total failure.  I'm frustrated with myself, because I know that she needs to learn how to sleep on her own, without me.  I feel so guilty for letting her cry though.  So guilty, in fact, that I decided that we would take a break last night.  I know some of you were looking forward to hearing how night number two went, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  

I do have a plan though, to try and help this go a little smoother.  I am moving her crib from my room to the play room (formally Sammy's room, but his toddler bed is now in our bedroom as well.)  I'm hoping that maybe if she doesn't see me as soon as she wakes up, that it will give her the opportunity to try and find a way to calm herself down.  

Last night, we cuddled and co-slept.  She was snuggled in my arms and I was able to smell her baby-scented hair as I fell asleep.  I'm going to miss that.  She's getting to be a big girl now, wanting to be independent with everything; she's entering that toddler stage and I need to be strong for her.  I laugh when I think about the $300 crib she has sitting in our room that she's not slept more than four nights (none of those being full nights.)

The thing children need most is consistency, so I'm not going to be able to cave and let her co-sleep any more.  Starting tonight, I will re-visit this journey to getting my baby girl to sleep through the night.

Wish me luck...