Awesome tips for your Brazilian hair

So you just got a new Brazilian weave or hair extensions but you’re not completely sure how to behave with them. That makes sense; like real hair products need lots of love and care. There are so many things that can go wrong at all times so it’s best to be mindful.
Here are some tips from the wigs experts at that will help you maintain your Brazilian hair so it lasts longer and retains its density for a longer time!

Moisturizing is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to hair. No matter what type of style you got, you will have to moisturize it all the time. If you keep it most, it will look cleaner, well-maintained and stylish. Keep in mind that hair extensions are unable to get moisture and nutrients from your scalp. In other words, they take much more time than a weave.

Placing a wig

Make sure to avoid cutting through tracks of hair as it usually leads to loose ends. This is the best way to prevent shedding of your Brazilian hair. But keep in mind that in certain cases you will still be forced to do it. If that happens, make sure to use weft sealant beforehand.
Every track needs to remain wholesome as you put it on. You can also prevent cutting of hair by using fold-over approach. All of this will significantly affect the longevity of the product. Sealing a weft can also improve it and help its life expectancy. Bear in mind that this is an optional process. It won’t have much impact in particular cases depending on an item that you’re using.

How to bleach and dye
No matter what kind of a product you’re using, there is a good chance you will want to dye it or bleach it at one point. This is especially true for women who wear Brazilian hair all the time; even if you bought a nice ombre product, you might want to freshen it up from time to time.
Unfortunately, there are certain potential issues which may occur during this step. First and foremost, keep in mind that there are certain wigs and hair extensions that cannot be dyed or can be dyed in particular darker colors. At the same time, it is necessary to mention that both these processes are chemical in nature. In other words, they will have a negative impact on the hair itself. In that sense, you need to ask yourself are you willing to risk it and reduce the life expectancy of the product.
Again, it is important to avoid any products that are too strong. Natural solutions are the best. Shampooing is especially important for your hair extensions. Make sure to use conditioner before shampoo. Also, like with real hair, you will have to rinse it properly so there is no trace of the product in it.
With these simple and quick tips your Brazilian hair will last for a much longer time!

Draw a Smile on Her Face: Your 11-year-old Princess Will Love These Creative Gifts

Choosing the gift to buy for your eleven-year-old princess may be a challenge. You need to remember they are still too young for teenage interests and again, a bit too old to rejoice in “little kid” toys. Interests for this particular age-group fluctuate nearly as fast as their mood swings. And most times; they think they’re more grown than they truly are. So you want to make sure whatever you pick for a present puts a smile on her pretty face.  
Here’s a guide through 2018’s gifts for 11 year old girls choices that won’t let you down
A Hair Chalk Salon Kit
If your young girl is a Fashionista then she’ll fall head over heels for this gift. The market latest is the ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon kit that allows your kids to color their hair and can be easily washed out using shampoo. Your princess has a range of different chalk colors— including pink, blue, green, purple, and orange— to pick from.
For parents, the fact that these chalk pens are easy to wash out using some shampoo is an advantage. The ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon kit comes with 5 chalk pens, a comb, bead and a beading tool. With the kit, you can add color streaks to their hair or have their friend do it for them.
A Nail Style Studio Kit
Think an all-in-one nail polishing kit and imagine how creative your young girl can get with it with all the tools in it.  This age-group of girls fancy polished nails and enjoy doing so with their friends.
Why not blow her mind with something like the Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit that comes complete with all the tools she needs plus 25 nail art designs they can copy and learn? Furthermore, this dazzling kit features 6 peel-off polish types, a dotting tool for detailed nail design and up to 250 stencils.
The polish is specially formulated meant to easily peel off so kids can try over and over until they get it right. And to help your daughter navigate the kit, the manufacturers included a 60-page guidebook with all sorts of shapes and designs.
Lokai Classic Bracelet
Lokai bracelets are increasingly gaining popularity among all ages, including adults.
Maybe this hype has been caused by the story that these bracelets are infused with elements originating from the lowest and highest points of the Earth.  It is said that white ball holds water melted from the snows of Mt. Everest while black is filled with mud from the Dead Sea.
These two elements are supposed to ensure clarity balance and clarity and guide you through your life’s journey. They are a reminder to remain humble during high moments and stay optimistic during the lows.
But Lokais are not only loved for that. These bangles are quite appealing, reasonably priced and come in nearly all sizes wrist.  So if you girl has a thing for accessories then The Classic Bracelet is a great gift to wow her.

These are just a few, there are many more gift options for you depending on your 11-year-old girl’s likes.

Giving Your Kids the Best Possible Start in Life

All parents will want to give their children the best possible start in life. Indeed, that is the best way to ensure they grow into mature and well-rounded adults who succeed in everything they do. To point you in the right direction, there are some essentials within this post that all new mothers and fathers will need to consider if they want to get things right. While this isn’t a complete guide, any parents who overlook the ideas below are going to create many problems for themselves in the future. So, pay attention, and do not make the mistake of forgetting about this advice.

Always take your kids to medical appointments

No responsible parent should even forget to take their child to an essential medical appointment at the hospital or with their family doctor. During the early stages of a person’s life, it’s vital that medical experts conduct a lot of assessments and run tests to ensure the child is healthy. You’ll find websites that list details about Medicare plans online, and so there is no need to stress about paying over the odds. Get some insurance that covers every member of your family including the kids. You can then take them to see their doctor without ever having to worry about the trip breaking the bank.

Research the best schools in your local area

Parents need to make sure they conduct a lot of research when it comes to selecting the best school for their kids. The last thing you want to do is send your loved one to an establishment the produces consistently bad results. Thankfully, the government publishes school league tables and performance reports online for free these days. So, you have to conduct some research ahead of time to ensure you leave no stone left unturned. With a bit of luck, you will find an excellent school where your loved one will get all the best opportunities to thrive.

Ensure your kids get to socialize from a young age

Some parents wait until their children reach school age before they allow them to socialize with others. That is a terrible idea because some kids have to work on their social skills, and so it’s sensible to find your loved one some friends long before they start school. Maybe you have some friends who gave birth at the same time as you? Perhaps their children would like to come around to your house if you arrange a playdate? You get the idea, right? Make sure your child knows how to act around others before they start school.

Parents who choose to take the advice from this page and put it into action should give their children the best possible start in life. Of course, there are many other issues you’re going to face during those early years. For that reason, the best course of action is to ensure you always think long and hard about the way you deal with challenging situations. Read some parenting books if this is your first-born because there is a lot of professional information and help out there if you get stuck. Good luck!

How to Save for Retirement Stress-Free

No matter when you intend on retiring, the thought of it can cause stress. When you’re young, you’re just beginning to be bombarded with questions about starting a retirement fund. When you’re old, you wonder whether you’ve saved enough to sustain your way of living. The thought of saving for retirement becomes harder when you get older. 

For many people, even the thought of retiring isn’t possible, and they have no savings put away for retirement. Many others only have around $10,000 put away for retirement. To retire comfortably, most people need hundreds of thousands of dollars which leads to most of the stress that people have. 

The best way to relieve some of this stress is to tackle some of these stressors head on. Many people don’t even know the basics of saving for retirement and are confused when the topic comes up. 

Know the Stressors

The main reason that people are stressed when it comes to retirement is that they simply don’t know what to do. When you think of retirement saving, you could be thinking of a number of possible options; it’s a huge category. You need to be familiar with tax strategies, investment vehicles, investment markets, and retirement accounts, and you don’t get this information from school

Without being taught the terms that come along with saving for retirement, people develop an insecurity about their investment knowledge. You may instinctively know that investments that are long-term are the smartest methods to build up your wealth and help achieve stability financially. While they know that these are the probably the way to go, they don’t do anything because they don’t trust what they know. A quarter of people will avoid anything to do with the stock market altogether because they feel that they don’t know a lot about it. 

Some people get stressed when thinking about retirement because they know that their income isn’t enough to start saving for any type of retirement. Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, so they can’t really start saving for anything. 

When people save when they can, they put their money in emergency funds first. If you’re looking at saving for retirement alone then a few hundred dollars a month doesn’t seem like that big of an investment. The problem comes in when your car breaks down or a kid breaks a bone. You have to dedicate your money to dealing with those issues first and foremost. 

How to Save for Retirement

You won’t find a quick and easy way to save for retirement, and you won’t be able to get rid of the stress associated with retirement all at once. But, you can do a few things to help reduce that stress in just a few minutes. 

Learn more about investment opportunities. Go on the internet and look for some information that will introduce you to an investment program. You can easily find guides, videos, and webinars explaining the basics of investing in a way that a complete beginner will understand. One source might not make sense to you, but you can easily find another. The AAA Credit Guide is a great place to learn about what you can do. 

Review what you do have saved. You want to figure out you have saved in your retirement fund if you have started saving. Take about ten minutes to check your retirement account so that you calculate exactly how much you’ve saved. If it’s lower than you want or expected then you now have the incentive to start planning your next few steps.

Schedule an appointment with an expert. If you have no idea where to start and are completely new to investing, take the time to talk to an advisor. A couple of hours with an expert can really help you form a foundation to make better financial decisions going forward. You don’t have to use your first appointment to set everything up, but it’s a good starting point to do a little bit more research. 

Open an account. If you haven’t set up a retirement account yet then take a few minutes to open one. The only thing that’s required is a few hundred dollars. Opening an account will be incentive to contribute to it. It also creates a reliable platform for you to consult when you do decide to make a change to your long-term plans. 

Plan a budget. You also want to take a moment to create a budget that includes how much you want to save for your retirement. This process may seem complicated, but you can get it done on your own. If you do run into a bit of confusion, you can find a variety of applications to help you with the process. An outline of your budget will give you the structure that is needed to start making changes in your life. 

The Bottom Line 

These strategies won’t give you a retirement fund that will let you live comfortably, but they will help you create a mindset that’s ready to save. These steps are a foundation for stress-free retirement saving. Learning to be more financially responsible will erase the worries you have about your future and your savings.

Great Date Night Ideas for Tired Parents

Taking care of childcare, work schedules and household chores can really drain the energy out of you, so when date night comes around it can be difficult to feel as much enthusiasm as you should, or even to stay awake through the whole thing. That’s why I’ve put together a list of date night ideas that are perfect for tired parents everywhere...

Movie Night

It might be a bit of a cliche in dating terms, but there’s no denying that watching a good movie with the other half is a great way to spend a low-key evening, Best of all you can make the decision whether to go out to the movies or stay home on the couch depending on how energetic you feel,. Best of all there’ll be no waiters, no interruptions - nothing to get in the way of you just being together.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms might not seem like the best way to spend a date night when you’re feeling tired, but if you have the energy to head out to the escape room, once you'll there you’ll feel so refreshed as you get your brain working on something other than syncing your schedules or reading The Cat in the Hat again, and most escape room experiences only last an hour, so including travel, you can usually be there and back in a couple of hours, which is great if you can’t leave the kids for too long.

Hit the Coffee Shop

It might not be the most exciting venue for a date, but when you’re feeling worn out, there’s nothing like taking time out with a nice hot cup of coffee in quiet surroundings to perk you up. Scout out the local coffee shops to find the most intimate one possible, find a quiet corner table and just talk - you’ll enjoy it so much more than a noisy bar where you can’t even hear yourself think.

Have a Couples Massage

Date nights don’t get more relaxing than lying down in a candlelit spa room while experts untie all of those knots that have formed in your muscles over the course of the week. What more do I need to say?

Go Out for Brunch

You’re less likely to be tired if you move date night to the morning. Schedule in a play date for the kids, so you have some time to yourself and head off to the best restaurant serving brunch you can find. Treat yourself to Bucks Fizz, order a mountain of food and have some fun chatting about nothing too serious as you sample the delights before you.

Do Your First Date Over

Again, depending on what your first date was, you might not think that it’s appropriate for two tired parents, but I can guarantee you that the second you get to the scene of that magical first date, all of the years and all the fatigue will fall away and you’ll feel as energetic as a teenager again - even if you weren’t one when you first met. Eat the same food, have the same conversations, kiss at the exact same moment and you’ll have an amazing time.

Do you have any more great ideas for tired-parent date nights?