How to Help a Loved One Addicted to Gambling

We all know gambling is fun. It gives that jolt of excitement and a release from your nine-to-five life, and the stress that it brings. However, it is relatively easy to take gambling too far. Unfortunately, when gambling stops being fun, it goes from bad to worse very quickly.

Once you start losing money, you should have the mental strength to stop gambling. It is when you start chasing your losses that you might end up in serious trouble. But, here is the issue, even losing while gambling gives an incredible adrenaline rush. And, since we are all human, we are all susceptible to the addiction to that high.

If you or a member of your family have shown that they aren’t able to remain in control, you would do well to read this article.

Help Them Acknowledge the Problem

Developing a gambling addiction can cause serious consequences. But, it is not impossible to help a compulsive gambler. However, most gamblers will firmly believe they have full control over their habits. After all, it is true that most people who gamble, don’t have an addiction. And, it makes sense for you, or your friend, to believe there is no compulsion.

That is why most people require help to kick their habit. And, to help them acknowledge they do have a problem, you should focus on some of the symptoms common with compulsive gamblers.

The first sign that you should notice is the amount of time they spend gambling. In most cases, the time will increase with every passing week, and so will the stakes. Remember, for most addicts, it is not about the potential profits, it is about the thrill. And, increasing the stakes gives a bigger thrill.

The second thing that’s a sign of compulsive gambling is the need to hide the habit from friends and family. However, you should bear in mind that they are also lying to themselves most of the time. The most common lies are about how much money they are losing. But, there are also many who lie about gambling in the first place.

And lastly, when someone with a gambling addiction loses their money, they get desperate. They need more money to continue gambling, and illegal activities are a serious possibility.

If you are noticing these signs in your own behavior, or the behavior of someone you love, talk about it. Just remember, don’t judge them for their difficulties. They are more than likely to become defensive, but being angry with them will only make matters worse.

Find Other Activities They Enjoy Besides Gambling

One of the best ways to kick a habit is to find something else to replace it. So, take your time and go through various activities they might like. Some of the common hobbies include gaming, traveling, playing sports, and learning new skills. All of those hobbies are capable of holding someone’s attention and helping them forget about their addictions.

However, they will definitely still want to gamble. So, if you are afraid they will go behind your back and gamble, you could set them up with free alternatives. Namely, some of the best online casinos usually give free spins or similar benefits to users. For example, you can create your own account and get the £10 no deposit casino credits. Then, you can let your friend use those free credits to gamble without risks.

Be There for Them

Ok, you gave them some other activities to consider. However, there is no guarantee those will hold their attention. And, if no one is looking after them, they are more than likely to simply return to gambling. So, make sure you are there for them through the quitting process. And, one of the main tasks you have would be to make them busy. After all, having to deal with boredom is one of the most common reasons for people to relapse. Go out with them to the movies, have dinner together, or play games with them. Just make sure they don’t spend too much time alone. You can also be there to encourage them to pursue their hobbies.

Don’t Forget to Get Help for Yourself

When someone you love is addicted to gambling, that reflects on you as well. You are going to have to deal with your loved one’s addiction, and you might need help with that. Try joining a support group or talking to a therapist. You will have to find some help to process your feelings while you are trying to support your loved one.

Move on With Them

The last step of quitting gambling is moving on with your lives. You will have to accept the consequences of the gambling. That means that you shouldn’t obsess over the loses and live in the past. Focus on the future and work on making it better.

Rules To Keep In Mind When Fathering a Daughter

You Are The Alpha Male

For a daughter, the most important man in her life is her father and is the person that she will use as the role model that will affect much of her life. The way she sees you interact with her and with other females is likely to set the bar for what she will likely look for in her relationships as she gets older, and what she should and shouldn’t accept from men. Because you are the example that sets the standard for the males in her life, it is important to start work early.

From her earliest days, she will begin to recognise your face and the sound of your voice, which she will naturally differentiate from mum, because of the deeper tone. When baby cries, just the sound of your voice can start to calm her down, and talking or singing while changing the nappy, makes the event playful and enjoyable for the child, deepening the bond. A baby will often start to coo when she is being hugged and rocked gently, so gently cooing back will feel to baby as if you are talking and communicating, which will further cement you in your alpha male spot.

You Are The Hero Too

As staff in day care centres Brisbane fathers rely on will tell you, girls under ten years old tend to hero worship their dad. They may want to be around you as much as possible, she shows off for you, craves your attention and listens to every word you say. Girls love to be complimented, and about more than simply their looks, so being complimentary about her intelligence, abilities, and positive things she has done are absolute heart stealers, and she will soak it in. It is vitally important for dad to want to be involved with her in return too. Her self-confidence will build when the man she adores above all others is interested in her hobbies, schoolwork and assignments, and most importantly her friends, who are also centrally important to her life.

While your daughter is still in the hero-worshipping stage, you have an opportunity to teach some life skills too. Encourage her to “help” you in small household things, so she knows how to change a fuse, clear a blocked drain, or change a tire on the car, all useful things that will help build her self-confidence in doing things for herself.

Do Not Be The Villain

Your daughter will learn many things from you whether you are teaching intentionally, or she is just picking up what you say and how you say it. Comments you make about women will help define her view of what being female is about, so you need to avoid being derogatory or using crude expressions for feminine parts. Two of the most important attributes to try to pass on are honesty and integrity, so do not try to preach one thing, if you are clearly performing exactly the opposite in front of her.

Above all, avoid being negative about her dreams and aspirations, but try to be positive and supportive in everything she is trying to do and who she is trying to become.

4 Ways to Protect the Environment and Make a Difference

If you care about the environment and would like to conserve natural resources, you may be wondering what steps you should start taking to make a positive impact on the environment. While there are many ways to make a difference, these are just a few of the things you can begin doing today to start doing your part to protect the environment while conserving many of the natural resources that are currently available.

Spend More Time Walking or Riding Your Bike Than Driving

Instead of driving a vehicle that releases fuel into the air and contributes to pollution, consider spending more of your time walking or even riding your bicycle to get to the different places you need to go. Choosing to walk or ride a bicycle is a great way to protect the environment but it is something that is good for your health, too. You will get a lot more exercise by walking to your favorite stores or riding your bike to work rather than sitting down behind the wheel to drive to several of these different places.

Support an Eco-Friendly Cause

Get involved in supporting an eco-friendly cause. The Cadiz Water Project is one cause that you may want to learn a bit more about while on your quest to do more for the environment. The purpose of this water project is to develop an entirely new supply of water that will prevent the water from being wasted by keeping it from evaporating. There is a lot of water that is currently going to waste that could otherwise be used by the people living in the California area. If you would like to support this cause, you can sign up to become a supporter and stay informed on the progress that is being made.

Start Recycling Everything You Use

If you do not currently recycle certain items, you should consider buying a recyclable container and begin separating your trash so that you can recycle a lot of the different items you are using, including cans, plastic containers, and so much more. The benefits of recycling are tremendous. It is better for the environment, it prevents a significant amount of pollution, and recycling makes it easier to avoid waste altogether because the materials are recycled and reused instead of thrown it in the trash where they will never get used again. If more people were to recycle items, resources would not be wasted nearly as fast as they are currently wasted.

Begin Saving More Energy at Home

Make an effort to start conserving energy while you are at home. You should purchase eco-friendly light bulbs and replace them with any outdated options you are currently using. After you have replaced the light bulbs, consider replacing any old and outdated appliances with energy-efficient options. Using more energy-efficient products inside your home is far better for the environment, but it is better for you, too. As a homeowner, these energy-efficient products could help you save hundreds of dollars each year on regular energy expenses. Why not save a few dollars while doing something positive for the environment to make a difference?

If you care about the environment and would like to do what you can to protect it, there are several steps worth taking. Spend more of your time walking or riding a bike instead of always driving in your vehicle so that you can prevent some pollution. Consider supporting an eco-friendly cause, recycling everything you use that is recyclable, and even start conserving more energy at home. By making a few simple changes to the things you do and the products you use in your home each day, you can start to do your part to help prevent pollution and waste while protecting the environment a bit more.

Missed The Spring Clean? Try A Summer Declutter Instead

It can be difficult to find the time to give our humble abodes the mammoth cleans they deserve when we have full-time jobs and little darlings in tow. That might be why you missed the obligatory spring clean. Don’t worry, this just means you can partake in a summer declutter instead. Decluttering is an art form and a very tricky one to master. You need to commit your time and energy to your mission. It's important that you can find a spare weekend and get focused. By following this guide, you will soon have a more minimalist, efficient and stress-free property to call your dream home.


As with anything, the key to success is in the preparation. Go all 1990s and take a pen and a clipboard around each room of your house. Make a note of the sorts of things you need to declutter and shift, ranging from small ornamental type things and boxes of old VHSs all the way up to old broken furniture. When you have a list, you can then go about deciding which rooms to tackle first. Never make the mistake of starting to declutter a room, getting bored and then starting another. The task at hand can become all too much, you give up and then you’re in a messier place than when you started. If in doubt, start with the living room. This is where the whole family will see and appreciate the most impact.


Grab some boxes or bags and label them up. You should have three - dump, charity, and sell. Just because you are decluttering and cleaning up your pad doesn’t mean you can’t make any money from it. What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Head over to eBay, and you’ll see all sorts of random broken things, old radio valves, and moth-eaten fabric being fiercely fought over at auction. Add your old stuff to the site and see if you can generate a bit of extra pocket money.

Old clothes can be donated to charity with ease. It feels heartwarming to know that you are doing something good for society and donating your unwanted stuff. As you see more space emerging within your rooms, you will be motivated to continue with your decluttering mission.


If you have some banshee-like offspring, channel their energies into helping you declutter. Follow these tips to make home safer such as covering up the plug sockets and putting child safety locks on cabinets before letting them loose in cleaning up the house. Give them a box each to sort through. Your decluttering mission may actually produce some surprisingly pleasant quality family time.

Once the decluttering is complete, whip around your humble abode with the hoover, whip up a lick of paint where needed to refresh and enjoy your more spacious, lighter and airier surroundings. Your living environment will feel less oppressive, you will relish returning home from work in the evenings, and your home will be a calmer and more relaxing place to be.

Keeping Pests Out Of Your House This Autumn In An Eco-Friendly Way


Keeping a Clean House

While continuous cleaning isn’t a lot of fun, keeping the house well-maintained is of paramount importance in the fight against pests, who will happily make themselves at home if they get half a chance. Vacuuming regularly is very important, as is washing all of the surfaces with soapy water frequently, paying special attention to areas where crumbs and other bits of food tend to accumulate. Empty the trash regularly and make sure that the bins are properly sealed. Old stacks of newspapers and magazines are a bad idea, as bugs like cockroaches do not like light, but really like the smell of paper. Check around your house for any standing water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so make sure the garden is clear of any tubs or containers that may collect water when the autumn rains come.

Traditional Remedies For Keeping Bugs Away

Many items found in your kitchen can be very beneficial in eradicating all sorts of insects and are conveniently at hand. White vinegar can be found in most kitchens and is excellent at getting rid of ants, who really can’t stand the strong smell, which also covers their natural scent trails, leaving them disorientated and unable to find the nest, with a line of chalk having a similar effect. Spray them and wipe potential access areas and you can even use it on floors and work surfaces to drive them away. Bugs are not at all keen on onions, which is why many people plant them beside their other vegetables as it keeps insects away from the other crops. Cutting an onion up and putting it in a bowl of water has a good deterrent effect, as does cinnamon, another strong smelling ingredient, which insects do not like to cross. It isn’t just your kids that dislike cucumber, as flies and ants also find it unbearable. Pop a couple of slices by an ant nest and fairly quickly the ants will vacate. There are a number of often strong smelling products that can help in the fight against bugs, like cayenne pepper, mint, garlic, and turmeric, while mixing vanilla extract, lavender or lemongrass with water, makes a quick and simple, nice smelling insect repellent, especially effective against spiders, who will be looking for warm houses as autumn and winter approach.

Twenty-First Century Eco-Friendly Options

While many claims were made about the use of ultrasonic for pest control, there seem to be serious question marks about its effectiveness. A handy electronic pest control from Pest Free USA which uses electromagnetism, however, is getting great results. This works by utilizing the wiring that runs through your home and sends short bursts of electromotive force which modulates the normal frequency. Insects communicate with vibrations, which are disturbed by the vibrations from the electromagnetic pest control devices. The frequency is set to target pests, which pick up the changes and disturbs their receptors, making them feel that they are in a very hostile environment. Unable to feed, breed or grow their habitat, they are forced to leave. The signal is turned off and on every few seconds so that the pests are unable to block it out or build up resistance.

Perfectly safe for humans and pets like cats and dogs, the electronic pest control device removes the need for pesticides, and because the frequency is well out of human hearing, you won’t even notice it is running.