Spooky Halloween Snacks to Delight Your Toddlers

This is the first year that Sammy is actually grasping the whole Halloween thing - he's already decided that he wants to be "Eeperman" (Spiderman) and wants ghosts and witches everywhere around the house. I want to make this year special for the little guys so I've been trolling the internet for some awesome spooky snacks to make for them.

Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies

Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies

When does a skeleton laugh? When something tickles its funny bone! From Princess Among Superheroes, this cookie is sure to tickle your toddler - especially if they get to help decorate them! Seriously, how awesome are these skeleton gingerbread cookies??

Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard Brownies

Mommy Crusader put a creepy twist on some delicious looking brownies. With Oreo dirt and a little creativity, these Graveyard Brownies are to die for *insert spooky laugh*

Pretzel Witch Broomsticks

Pretzel Witch BroomsticksIf it's a healthy Halloween snack you're after, these witches' broomsticks will surely conjure up some smiles from your little ones. Made with cheese, chive, and pretzel sticks - they're really simple to make and adorably festive!

Frankenstein's Appetizers

Frankenstein's Appetizers
As long as you're ok with green cheese, these healthy Halloween appetizers will no doubt impress any guests. C'mon, when has a monster ever looked so cute?

Hot Dog Snakes

Hot Dog SnakesWho needs pigs in a blanket when you can have hot dog snakes? Another super cute recipe from Princess Among Superheroes, this is a quick and simple Halloween treat that could really be made anytime throughout the year!

Chocolate Cream Cheese Oreo GhostsChocolate Cream Cheese Oreo Ghosts

Cream cheese, oreos, and white chocolate... ohhh yeah! Momma might be snacking on these more than the little guys. From An Ordinary Housewife, these Chocolate Cream Cheese Oreo Ghosts have that spooky appeal that toddlers will love, plus they're delicious!

Mini Bat Cheese Balls

Mini Bat Cheese BallsAnother snack your little people will go batty over are these yummy Bat Cheese Balls. Possibly skip over the horseradish called for in the original recipe and they'd be a great addition to any spooky meal.

Brain Cupcakes

Brain CupcakesThis list wouldn't be complete without at least one addition from Martha Stewart, and this one is no exception. These creepy brain cupcakes look like they would be just as much fun to eat as they would be make. The nametags totally make this treat though, with creative names like "Smar T. Pants" and "Ima Wiseman."

Mummy Jello Jigglers

Mummy Jello JigglersI don't know a single kid that doesn't love the jiggly fun that is Jello. This recipe from Ginger Snap Crafts combines lime Jello with googly eyes and icing strips for a fantastic mummy treat.
What kind of treats will you be making for Halloween this year?

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