Why Raising A Puppy Is Great Training For Having a Child

Just to clear the air, raising a puppy and raising a child are very different things. For example, puppies come with expenses, however they won’t reach anywhere close to what a child will cost you. Regardless, these added expenses are a great way to give you a glimpse of your financial future. You also are not allowed to kennel your child, regardless of how awesome the kennel is. Another difference is that even though your puppy can graduate from puppy school, it simply pales in comparison to the amount of schooling your child will go through.

With all of those differences said, there are also a handful of similarities that make raising a puppy great training for having a child. Now let’s take a look at all of the similarities and how they provide initial training for having a child.

Potty Training

Whether you have a puppy or a child, potty training is inevitable. The main difference is when you start this training. For puppy owners, you will be working on potty training the minute you take the dog home. For children, you will be using diapers for some time before the training begins.

Potty training both a puppy and a young child involves hard work, great communication, and the more than occasional cleanup. However, it can be such a relief, no pun intended, when both a puppy and a child have been potty trained to perfection.

Behavioral Training

Another similarity between raising a puppy and a child is behavioral training. With a child, you normally don’t classify it as “training” per sea, however it is essentially the same thing. Your puppy will get into all sorts of mischief. From chewing on cords or furniture legs, to attempting to pull you on the leash during walks, there are any number of behaviors that you need to work on correcting. Through positive training, you can train your puppy to behave in a manner that is suitable to you. This training will take a lot of time and energy but will leave you with a well-behaved dog in the end.

Children also happen to get into a lot of mischief. Playing in the mud and then running into the house, not washing their hands and grabbing for food, and even getting into fights with other children are all behaviors that parents strive to correct. The earlier the desired behavior is instilled as habit in a child, the easier it will come to them in the future.

Added Food Expense

Raising a puppy is all fun and games, expect when it comes to dishing out extra money. Raising a puppy does require additional food expenses on your part. Quality, natural dog food is not cheap and can vary depending on the size of your dog.

Having this added expense is great training for you because it forces you to think of your expenses and plan for another being in the family. Adding a child will add another mouth to feed, just like a puppy does.

Health Expenses

Another way having a puppy gets you ready for having a child is the increased health expenses. It is unfortunate but almost unavoidable that your dog will need to visit the vet at some point. All puppies are required to have certain shots such as rabies, but your dog will most likely get sick at some point in its life. This unexpected expenses are absolutely necessary and can train you to budget for life’s unexpected misfortunes.


Puppies need playtime. Most of the time, that you means you will need to join in. Puppies love it when you play catch with them or play tug-of-war with a chew toy. Without this playtime, or regular exercise, they can often have pent up energy which they release through negative outlets such as barking and chewing on things other than their toys.

Kids are fairly similar. They need exercise and playtime to release all of their energy. Boredom can bring about some unwanted behaviors such as complaining or an unexpected bout of rambunctiousness.

Love and Attention

Finally, all puppies and children need your love and attention. Without love and attention, you can’t accomplish all of the other things listed above. Having a puppy is a great way to prepare yourself for caring for another being, often times, putting its well-being before your own.

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