Honest Toddler Food for My Honest Toddler with Sprout® Organics

My two year old... Oh man, is she funny!  She takes everything so literally, and doesn't miss a beat when it comes to sharing her opinion with the world.  Her most recent challenge has been potty training, and we're still working on making it a more regular thing.  Yesterday, we had this conversation:

Me:      Kaya, do you want to go poop on the potty?
Kaya:   No, Momma.  I will poop IN the potty.

I mean, seriously.  How cute is that?  She's one of those unabashedly honest, pure kids that doesn't realize how funny she is, but has me cracking up all day long.  

I'm so happy to be working with TapInfluence and Sprout® Organics to let you all in on my little secret when it comes to making sure she gets the nutrition that she needs, without all of the chemicals and preservatives.  She's my honest toddler, so I want to make sure she's eating honest foods.

Available at Publix, Sprout® Organic Baby Food offers nutritious and delicious baby and toddler foods.  USDA certified organic, it is the only baby/toddler food with no additives, fillers or flavors in any of its recipes.  Honest ingredients that match the flavors on the front of the package, Sprout® makes food that I'm happy to give my little one.

Our favorites are their Superfruit blends.  With combinations like Apple, Apricot & Strawberry; Pear, Cherry & Acai; and Plum, Apple & Blueberry, I know my Kaya is getting beneficial nutrients without any of the chemicals or preservatives.

Sprout® Organic Food  provide a balance of wholesome and organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins to encourage a love of healthy foods right from the start. Their foods are also less acidic, since they don't use harsh acid preservatives, like citric or malic acid, in their purees. And they honestly name our recipes, so we know exactly what we're feeding their children.

real.honest.pure.  That's what my daughter is, and that's what I want to give her to eat.

Do you have an honest toddler?  Tell me one of your favorite stories in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby and Toddler Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.