Breaking the Hiatus

After an unplanned hiatus from blogging, filled with stress and toddlers and school, I realized that blogging isn't just a hobby to me.  I think I actually need to write to keep myself sane.

I hadn't really planned to take a vacation from blogging, but for the last month things have been so hectic that I couldn't even sort my thoughts out enough to sit down in front of the computer to type. Even sitting here now, I'm wondering if I will sound like a babbling fool or if my thoughts will be coherent enough for anyone to read.

So, what's been going on the last couple of weeks?  Matt got a really good job working at a nuclear plant - three hours away.  To avoid having to get up at 3am every day in order to make it to work on time, he's opted to stay at his aunt's house in the area, so now we only get to see him every other weekend.  If I wasn't struggling trying to figure out how to be a good mom before, it's doubly hard now without any help.

I know I have no room to complain; there are single moms who not only raise their kids, they have to financially support them as well.  My hat goes off to them, because I'm learning that I don't think I would be able to survive in that situation.  Ok, I'm sure I would - because my kids give me the strength to do whatever is necessary, but I understand how hard single moms have it.

An update on Sammy-man: he's 4 now.  And he makes sure to tell everyone that even thinks about looking his way that he is 4.  He's had a lot of testing at his daycare lately to see if he needs any kind of special services, and the meeting for the results is in a week.  This will probably be one of the longest weeks ever.  He's so smart; he knows all his letters and numbers and can even spell a few words... but because of his behavior issues, they're still wondering if there's some developmental delays or something on the Autism spectrum.  Whatever the answer, we'll deal with it as it comes along.

And Kaya?  My itty bitty baby girl has gotten so big this month.  Not size-wise; poor kid is still puny and half the size of her peers.  But she talks.  Oh my goodness, she talks.  It's so different raising her when comparing her to where Sammy was at around the same age.  Oh, and she has this independent streak going on right now; she wants to dress herself and put on her own shoes, and she refuses to be carried except when it's getting close to bedtime.  She's even showing interest in potty training!

So I guess that's all the news for now, but I plan on updating more often.  I miss writing, and I miss you guys!

Endless Curls Barbie Review

A big thank you to Amy from Amy and Aron's Real Life Reviews for this guest post and to Toys R Us for providing a sample for review.

The Endless Curls Barbie is a great gift for girls, or anyone that likes Barbie. The wonderful people at Toys R Us sent me one as a sample for a review.  We love this doll. Cassie fixes her hair all of the time and can do so many different styles with ease. Her hair isn't regular Barbie hair. She can curl straighten and over again for hours at a time. 

The Endless Curls Barbie comes with curlers, hair clips, bows, a curling iron and straightener (no heat), and her very own brush. These can create endless combinations of hair styles.

Another part Cassie loves about her is her body style and shape are the same as regular Barbie and she can wear any of the cloths sold separately at our local store. 

This Endless Curls Barbie was free for the purpose of this review and my opinion is 100% my own. I recommend this Barbie for every little girl and Barbie collector. THANK YOU  Toy's R Us.


5 Fabulous Foods for Happy Heart that you can try

Awareness towards healthy food for better heart health has grown a lot in recent years. Various websites and communities are working collectively to spread the knowledge of cardiac diseases and its prevention. Even the supermarkets are loaded with food options that support your heart health but at the same time it has been the matter of confusion for those who don’t know which food would really help! So, check these 5 fabulous food options that will keep your heart happy and running while you enjoy their amazing flavors.

1.    Salmon – Catchy taste, unmatchable texture and extensive health benefits are the three things that work for the popularity of this oily fish. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that according to varied studies are vital for the heart health. The intake of salmon as conveyed by the International Society working for heart care in its latest study would reduce your chances of suffering from cardiovascular ailments like “Atherosclerosis” means blockage of arteries due to plaque built up and “Arrhythmia” that causes irregular heartbeats. The salmon oil supplements can also be taken if you are not getting this fish easily for direct consumption.

2.     Nuts – The mix of all types of nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios together make healthy snacking idea. You can either have it blanched or roasted to fulfil your frequent food cravings. The nuts are high on fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that are instrumental in removing the bad cholesterol from your body while increasing the HDL levels. Go easy on nuts that are having added salt or are fried for extra taste.

3.    Beans – All beans contain proteins and fibers. The beans and even the legumes are great tasting foods that also work for healthy heart. According to recent study, the people who consumed legumes or beans in any form at least four times a week were found at 20% lower risk of heart disease. Doesn’t it sound amazing! So, next time you head towards your kitchen to find some calorie rich food, opt for beans instead. The sprouted variety will offer even better results.

4.    Oatmeal – Oatmeal or oats are very famous these days and are available in ready to cook forms. The use of oats as breakfast or even whole through the day is increased in a noteworthy manner. The fiber rich oats would flush away bad cholesterol from your blood stream and keep the arteries clean.

5.    Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Oil and healthy for heart? Yes, it is the fact! The extra virgin olive oil has proven results. The studies have revealed that regular consumption of olive oil would induce monounsaturated fats in your body which is also known as good fat. This will reduce your chances of getting sudden heart failure or stroke by about 30% which is fair big deal. The salads, pastas and breads can be topped with the extra virgin olive oil to enjoy great taste, melting texture and healthy heart.

These are the 5 fabulous food options that can be tried to get healthy heart and not just that, these
foods also taste well!

Carol is a food lover and loves to spend most of her time in the kitchen preparing simple and healthy meal. Her motto is to provide her family decent and hygienic food. Currently she is connected with, an online store for pure garcinia cambogia extract.