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Both of my little guys have special blankies that they've had since birth. They still cover up with them, take them in the car, and love them. There's something so special about a kiddo's first blanket so that blanket should be something unique. If you're looking for a unique baby gift, this is definitely a company to check out.

Petite Namaste is a company that makes gorgeous blankets and bedding that is special enough to pass down from generation to generation. I received a quilt/play blanket from their Blue Elephant Caravan collection; a quilt worthy of being a family heirloom.

The Elephant Caravan Quilt measures 48" by 38", big enough give baby plenty of room to roll around if using it for a play blanket. If you're using it for a comforter or bedspread, it's about 4 inches short of entirely covering a toddler bed mattress, but looks gorgeous with any subtle nursery decor.

This quilt is soft, made from 100% cotton, and is breathable enough so where baby won't get sweaty doing their tummy time laying on it. I love that the blanket is reversible, with a gorgeous pattern on both sides.

Because every piece of fabric is block printed by hand, you know a lot of love has gone into these blankets, almost as much love as your little one will have for these unique blankets.

Petite Namaste offers more than just the play quilts, though; you can find other bedding like sheets, bumpers, bed skirts, etc., as well as changing accessories, burp cloths, bibs, and pillows. So once you find that pattern you fall in love with, you can decorate the entire nursery!

About Petite Namaste:
After spending time in India, the co-founder Yanira Colon fell in love with the traditional art of block printing and the bold beautiful Indian patterns. In 2013, Petite Namaste was born with the goal of creating beautiful hand block printed products for kids.

About the Craft:
All of Petite Namaste's products are block printed on 100% cotton by hand with seasoned teak wood, using a different block for each color. The wooden blocks are dipped in dye and imprinted on the fabric. This process is repeated for every color of the design. Block printing is a slow process and the block printer must take great care to fit each section of the design in exactly the right position to match up the print.

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