Make Your Home Spick And Span With My Must Have Guide

Are you interested in making your home stunning? I know there’s plenty of people out there who dream of a beautiful, clean, safe home for their kids. That’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Remember, a clean home isn’t just about perception.

You can’t ignore the health hazards of letting dirt build up around your home. Take mold as an example. Mold is an eyesore in the home, no doubt. But we shouldn’t forget that the spores it releases into the air can also be damaging to our health. You have to be careful of this issue. I’m going to talk about how to deal with mould further down. But for now, let’s talk about a problem that isn’t as serious. That’s the buildup of clutter in your home.

Diminishing Clutter

When you start to think about a cleaner home, you first have to deal with the clutter. If you have kids, this could be the toys lying across the floor or the Blu-Rays scattered around the television. All these little things are going to make your home look more of a mess. To solve this issue, I suggest you buy some storage furniture. Storage furniture units can look very stylish in your home and will solve the issue of mess and rubbish building up everywhere.

You may also want to consider limiting the number of things in each room. Ideally, you should only have a seating position in each room for every member of your family. If you do this, your home won’t look as cluttered. Limit the amount of furniture that is purely decorative pieces. Instead, focus more on furniture that you actually use. You can make a lounge look stunning with just a fireplace, tv, a couple of chairs and a table. There’s really no need for anything else.

Basic Cleaning

Once you’ve started to get rid of the clutter in your home, it’s time to start thinking about basic cleaning. This is the cleaning you’ll complete in your home on a regular basis. Typically, you’ll clean your home from top to bottom every couple of weeks. If you have pets or young children, you might clean more regularly than this. It all depends on how long you can last with your home looking a mess before you need to take action. Ideal cleaning can really help for other mamas with chronic illnesses, but here are a few tips for those who like to DIY.

You should always clean from top to bottom. In the most simplistic scenario, you push the dirt off the furniture onto the floor. Then, you wash the floor. If you do it the other way around you’ll push the dirt off after and have a dirty floor. You see the basic issue here.

It’s worth considering what you’re using for cleaning. For instance, if you have pets you’re going to need one heck of a vacuum cleaner. Your typical model isn’t going to do much. Particularly, if you have a pet like a labrador that sheds a lot of fur. Buy a specialized vacuum and you should have no problem getting rid of those fur balls.

Then there are the cleaning products that you might be using. There’s a lot of cleaning products on the market but did you ever think the best might already be in your kitchen cupboard? I’m talking about white vinegar. White vinegar is a great cleaning product that’s cheap and very effective. We’re going to be talking about it again very soon. But for now, it’s important you understand why a natural product is better than a specialized cleaning product. The cleaning products that you buy are often filled with toxins that can damage the health of your family. If you don’t believe me, check out some quality tips from Alternative Daily. They’ve posted about this before and have plenty of awesome advice.

Alternately, you might also want to consider cleaning with UV light or as many people like to think of it, a magic wand. I have to admit, it is fun cleaning with a UV wand. You swipe it over the surface and hey presto, it’s clean! Or is it? UV lights kill bacteria for sure but you do need to be quite careful when using it. It takes a tad more time than a quick whoosh of the wand. You’ll see this on the ads and it’s not exactly like that. Still, it is an effective way to clean. Though definitely a lot more dangerous than using a natural substance.

Getting Rid Of Mold

Mold is a big problem in the modern home. Particularly if you’ve invested in those super duper triple glazing windows. They’re great, right? You can no longer hear the traffic and your home is now incredibly peaceful. Be careful though because one glaze of glass has a significant advantage. It allowed cold air to enter and warm air to leave. Okay, that does make it harder to keep your home warm. But it also stops dampness building up which can then lead to mold. If you’re starting to see black spots on your windowsill or on the wall, that’s not dirt. That’s mold and you need to get rid of it.

The first thing that you’ll have to do is get rid of the current mold. You can do this with any cleaner or white vinegar! Wipe it over and in a few hours it will have magically disappeared, I guarantee it.  But that won’t solve the problem of mold developing in the first place. To do this, you’ve got to either suck it up and open the window or buy a dehumidifier. You can get mini dehumidifiers online that work wonders and will solve the problem to an extent.


One of my main incentives for keeping the house clean is to avoid infestations. I’m talking about the bugs and beasties that come creeping in out of the cold. Or, they scuttle in to escape the heat during the summer months. If you hate these visitors as much as I do, make sure you’re spraying bug spray around the cracks and crevice around your home. You should focus on the cracks in doors and windows particularly. As well as this, you need to watch where you’re eating. You really shouldn’t be eating food anywhere other than the dining room or kitchen. Do this, and your home won’t be an attractive place for the bugs.

Has my guide helped you keep your home clean and safe for your family? I certainly hope so.

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