Planning A Family Holiday With The Kids: Everything You Need To Know

Traveling with children is something you should do as early as possible. Let them get used to long car journeys and family holidays at an early age. However, as many parents will know, family holidays aren’t always the smoothest ride! There will often be tantrums and arguments along the way!

Of course, they will also be the most wonderful, exciting times, and you’ll create lots of memories. There’s a fine balance to be struck here, and I’ll help you find the best way to travel with children. Whether it’s a local camping holiday or a long-haul flight, keep reading to find out more.

Engage them in the process

I’ve always found that children love to be involved in grown-up activities. So let them be a part of the planning process. Let them help decide where to go, and what activities you’ll do when you get there. After all, this is their holiday too. They’ll often love helping out, and choosing their favourite things. Of course, just make sure you have the final say, or it’ll be ten weeks in Disneyland!

Choosing a destination

Choosing the right destination is the hardest (but most exciting) job. You’re looking for somewhere that isn’t too far away. Especially if your little ones haven’t done much traveling yet. You’re looking for somewhere relatively accessible without too much travel time. It’s also worth choosing somewhere that has activities for all the family. The kids will want fun activities to keep them busy. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some culture and sightseeing too. Pick a location that has the best of both worlds.


Parents are often tempted to pack everything and cover every eventuality. The truth is, it’s better to pack light, if possible. It takes the stress out of traveling and makes it all easier at the other end. If you’re flying, try to pack all the essentials into your carry-on luggage. Try to be strict, and leave certain things at home. Remember, if you need something when you get there, you can always buy it.

Keep the costs down

The cost of travelling can quickly grow before you’ve even realised it. There are the flights, the hotels, the food, the theme park admissions (so many theme park admissions). So try to limit your budget, and find bargains wherever you can. Start out by looking at Hotwire deals to find a cheap hotel, and use a comparison site for cheap flights. While you’re on holiday, set a daily budget for food and drinks, and don’t go over it.

Bring something from home

If it’s your first time travelling with the children, you never know how they’re going to react. They might become quite homesick, and struggle with new surroundings. If that’s the case, bring plenty of things from home, so they have something familiar. It could be a favorite teddy bear, some music, or a favorite book. Anything that keeps them calm and happy should do the trick.

If there are any regular travelers out there, I’d love to hear how you cope on a family holiday. Have you got any tricks or ideas to share with the readers?

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