Review: Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System

It's been three long years since I've had an itty-bitty baby around the house and suddenly it seems like everyone around me is having babies! My sister is adopting, my niece is having her first, and even my stepdaughter's mother just found out she's expecting too! With all the babies on the way, I know I will be babysitting (as often as I can!) and if there's any piece of gear that's a necessity when it comes to newborns, it's a good baby monitor.

I was offered the opportunity to review a Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System for you guys and they sent a complimentary sample for me to check out. Ladies, this is the coolest baby monitor system I've ever seen!

First, some of the features:

  • Ultra-Large 5.0″ LCD Touch Screen Monitor  
  • Night Vision 
  • Quiet Mode
  • Audio Mode
  • Pure Digital Signal
  • HD Audio Enhancements
  • Four Built-In Lullabies

Let me break it down a little more. We're talking about a 5" touch screen monitor with a clear color display, with app-like controls that allow you to pan and zoom on your little one. The BrightVIEW has night vision capabilities up to 16 feet and includes a soft, glowing night-light to calm the baby even in the dark. The camera automatically detects changes in the light level and adjusts the video to the appropriate setting.

The voice-activated (VOX) mode lets parents adjust the audio sensitivity levels on the camera however you want it. In low sensitivity mode, parents will only be alerted if there is a loud noise in the room such as the baby crying or an object falling. High sensitivity will alert parents to low sounds such as the baby cooing. 

To conserve battery life, audio mode keeps the monitor in a stand-by state and only relays the noises coming from the camera. It's easy to switch back to visual mode - just press the power button on the top right corner of the monitor.

Straight out of the box, I hooked the camera up and turned on the monitor... then realized I needed to pair the two. That step is simple, but make sure you do this prior to mounting your camera on the wall. I was surprised at how clear the picture was, and the high sensitivity mode really does pick up every noise in the room. 

I made a short little video to show you guys how it works. (Go easy on me, I really don't have the hang of making videos yet!) 

(don't laugh at my baby, I didn't have a chance to borrow a teeny-tiny for pictures/video)

Now, no product is perfect, and there were a few little things that I thought could be improved a little with the BrightVIEW. The app-like buttons, for instance. It took me a few minutes (and reading the manual) to figure out what each one was for. They seem a little babyish and I would have liked to see a  more grown-up version with words... but that's just my own personal preference (hello, cluelessmomma here, I need explanations!)

There's so much to love though! This monitor lets you play lullabies to your baby by pushing a button on the screen that signals the camera to play music. How ingenius is that?! Another thing that totally blew my mind - it allows you to set up alerts for feeding or changing schedules.

The Samsung BrightVIEW Baby Monitor is a work-from-home mom's dream! - Tweet this

The BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System is now available to purchase at Kohl’s, Target and buybuy BABY with a minimum advertised price of $229.99. A little steep, but for the great features that you really can't find in a baby video monitor - totally worth the money.

For more information about Samsung Techwin America consumer video monitoring and security products, please visit

What features do you look for in a video baby monitor?

New-For-2016 Precious Moments "Sweetest Mom" Figurine Review

Precious Moments have always had a special significance in my family. So when a representative reached out to me about reviewing their newest Mother's Day figurine, I of course accepted.

For as long as I can remember, those baby-faced figurines showing love and compassion have always been a part of my life. My parents' wedding featured a Precious Moments wedding cake topper. I remember learning to color in a Precious Moments coloring book. And now that I'm a mom, I can still share the tradition with my little ones.

On Mother's Day, we take a little extra time to show our moms how much we appreciate all the things she does for us. This year, I can celebrate finally having the perfect gift to give back with the new-for-2016 Precious Moments “Sweetest Mom” figurine.

At 5 ¼ inches tall, this sweet figurine depicts a mom with cookies fresh out of the oven - a memory that most of us know well. It was those little things like that that let us know how much mom cared, and now we can give the special moms in our life something that shows how much we appreciate those Precious Moments.

You can find the Sweetest Mom Precious Moments figurine on their site for $40.99.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample to provide an honest review. All thoughts are my own and are not influenced by the free product.

6 Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Family

A healthy and happy family is the ultimate goal of anyone who starts one. No one desires gloom and fights every time you get together. The reality, however, may paint a different picture. Barely a day goes without reports of divorce, domestic violence, and strained relationships. Despite vivid portrayals of happy families we may often stumble upon, it seems that few really know how to achieve this goal and, instead, live with wrong attitudes and expectations about what constitutes a happy household. It's not so difficult to change your life for the better, though. As you'll find out the secrets of success are so simple that they are often overlooked. Now I’ve got you covered though!

1. Share Experiences 

There are many things that we keep in our hearts thinking that they are unique only to us. However, when you talk about them openly you will quickly discover that they are probably not! There is no better way to strengthen the family bond than sharing your experiences. When you share your bad experiences with your spouse, for example, you lessen the burden in your heart and can get easily encouraged. Similarly, children are often loaded with troubling experiences, unable to open up. Asa parent, you need to create a friendly environment that will allow them to talk freely about anything. It can be created with you starting to express your thoughts and feelings.

2. Make Marriage a Priority

It has been observed that the longevity of life is dependent to a large extent on the quality of the relationships one has, and the top most relationship is marriage. No matter the number of friends at the workplace or in any other social gathering, the spouse is always the last stop. Your marriage should always come first before anything or anyone else. A simple act that proves your priorities is creating as much time as possible to spend with your spouse.

3. Lower the Voices

At times, disagreements within the family are inevitable. However, there is a way they can be managed for the sake of the health and happiness of the family. Simple acts like lowering the voice when quarreling help greatly in controlling one’s emotion and violent tendency. When you see that a fight is bound to happen, it is also good to sort those issues out away from your children. Most disagreements are connected with money problems, so it's also a good idea to manage your budget carefully. Using coupons from such sites as Discountrue might be a great way to save a little when shopping at Kohl's, Neiman Marcus, or any other of your favorite stores.

4. Cook Together

Cooking is not only a chore that's supposed to cover your basic needs – it can be so much more! There is so much thrill that a family can derive from simply cooking a meal that they love together. Just use your creativity and have fun. A restaurant may provide you with quality and prestige, but cooking as a family has great benefits! It helps to create a sense of closeness, openness, and love.

5. Eat Together

Just like cooking brings you together, there is even more power in the dining table. Strive to stay away from the television and phones and gather to eat as often as possible. This simple action is important in creating a friendly environment which cultivates the feeling of belonging and family love. Moreover, proper meal time helps to improve your and your children's lifestyle. You will not only have fun together and have a chance to talk about all the interesting things that have happened during the day, but the entire family will be healthier and happier.

6. Play Together

While spending time together in the house is important, going out also has its undeniable benefits. A change of environment relieves daily pressure and boredom that might occur as a result of doing the same things every day. Going for a walk or playing with your children at the playground also boosts your mood, improves physical fitness and overall health.

First Time Moms Must-Haves

Do you remember how stressful picking out the things you needed for your first baby was? Or are you currently pregnant and trying to figure out just what you might need (or want)? Have no fear! I have compiled my top ten recommendations for first-time moms, and what things you should definitely have in your registry.

The Baby Cubby recently reached out to me for a sponsored post to highlight some of the amazing baby products they offer, and after taking one look around their site I had to accept. You guys are going to love them! The best part is that everything on this list can be found right on their site, at

About The Baby Cubby:

The Baby Cubby is unlike any other baby store you've shopped at! It is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. Their team is made up of parents who have been there, know what it’s like, and are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing we are and how important our role is.

The way they do that is by finding the best and safest baby gear and provide it to parents in a fun shopping experience. They stand out above other baby companies because they do things like test strollers on their stroller track, price match every day - even Amazon, offer free shipping nationwide at, and actively engage with parents via social media and their cubby community blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting.

You can read a little bit more about what they're passionate about and why they do what they do on their "About Us" page.

Why The Baby Cubby Rocks

- They always price match, even amazon, so you know you're getting a great deal

- They carry only the best and safest gear so you can shop confidently (they spend hundreds of hours researching so you don't have to)

- Free Shipping every day at over $49

DockATot Deluxe Dock Baby Lounger & Sleep Positioner

DockATot Deluxe Dock Baby Lounger & Sleep Positioner
DockATot has created the ideal safe and comfy spot for your baby.  Whether it’s time to rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time, or get a diaper changed, the Deluxe dock is perfect for your baby from 0-8 months old.  Plus, it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to travel with.  Additional covers keep things even more exciting! 

4Moms Infant Tub

4Moms Infant Tub

This 4Moms clean water infant tub is designed to let clean water flow in while dirty water flows out. It even has a color coded temperature gauge built in so it's easy to get your baby's bath water to a safe and comfortable temperature. 
4Moms Infant Tub - $49.99

Aden + Anais Organic Swaddle 3 Pack

Aden + Anais Organic Swaddle 3 Pack
aden + anais® helps continue the timeless tradition of swaddling with our soft organic swaddles. Made of GOTS certified organic cotton muslin that is manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, these organic swaddling blankets are gentle on baby's skin and eco-conscious.

Avent Express Food & Bottle Warmer

Avent Express Food & Bottle Warmer

The Philips AVENT Classic Bottle/Food Warmer is a safe and easy way to make mealtime more comfortable for your baby. The Classic warmer is suitable for all Classic bottles and includes a bowl to keep food warm. Once it's switched on, the warmer gently heats bottles and food within four minutes. This warmer's compact size makes it easy to store on a kitchen countertop or bedside table for night feedings. It comes with a feeding spoon designed for babies six months and up. 
Avent Express Food & Bottle Warmer - $46.00

Boon Glo Night Light

This multi-colored, interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated Glo balls that turn a night time game of catch into something extraordinary. And there's nothing electronic in them, so they don't get warm, and they won't break. You can even tuck them into bed with your child. The glow fades to dark after 30 minutes, helping them fall asleep. Bonus: 95% effective at keeping monsters away all night long.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel in Glazed Beautiful Barcelona

Streamlined, stylish, and supremely capable, the Sashay Satchel features an array of pockets and amenities, the versatility to move from backpack to shoulder bag, and is available in perfectly playful prints on our easy-to-clean Glazed coated cotton canvas with embroidered detailing.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel in Glazed-Beautiful Barcelona - $175.00

Boob-ease Organic Soothing Therapy Pillows

Boob-Ease Organic Soothing Therapy Pillows for Breastfeeding Comfort
Boob♥ease Soothing Therapy Pillows with flax seeds combine the softness of Bamboobies with warming and cooling relief –  all natural and gel-free. Each pillow has one side made out of super-soft 100% bamboo fleece and one side of equally soft bamboo and organic cotton jersey to provide you a choice of two different sides for softness and temperature control with flax seeds.

Bumbo - Floor Seat

Designed to seat young babies who can’t sit up by themselves yet, it should only be used when your baby can support his or her head. With the Bumbo Floor Seat, parents can engage with their child during key developmental milestones from playtime to feeding time and give your baby a chance to see his or her surroundings from a new perspective.
Bumbo - Floor Seat - $44.99

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover in Mismatch

Covered Goods is a girl's best friend! It not only keeps you covered front and back making nursing anywhere a breeze, but it can also double as a car seat cover, scarf, shopping cart cover!
Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover  - $34.99

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier
Ergobaby The Four Position 360 Baby Carrier provides four comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip and Back carry positions. The Four Position 360 has a weight limit of 33lbs.
Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier - $160.00

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby, but the recommendations are my own. 

This week only! Take an extra 10% off your order at with promo code: MAMMAWITHOUTACLUE

What item is a must-have on your baby registry? 

Baby Buddy Oral Care Kit Review (0-24 months)

My step-daughter has a major dentist appointment at the beginning of next month to have a couple of fillings and a root canal. She is nine years old. When she was a baby, I feel like there might have been a little "miseducation" about oral health. Her mom kind of had this reasoning of, "She doesn't have teeth, I don't need to do anything," and then later it became, "They're just baby teeth!"

What she didn't realize was that establishing good oral hygiene practices early on not only instills better habits later in life but sets a foundation for healthy teeth. Living in the Appalachian region, that's a common trend - no one seems to pay attention to teeth until they start rotting out of a person's head. There needs to be more awareness for children's oral hygiene, especially in this area. That's why I'm happy to be working with Baby Buddy, who sent a sample of their oral care kit for me to review.

About the Baby Buddy Oral Care Kit:

Designed for ages 0-24 months, the Baby Buddy Oral Care Kit includes five innovative products that parents can use with their children as they grow towards independent oral care. Starting with gentle Tooth Tissues®, a Certified Natural Product made of bamboo with Xylitol, parents can step up to massaging tender gums and soothing budding teeth with the Finger Toothbrush and the Wipe-N-Brush, which is used in conjunction with a Tooth Tissue. Once babies are ready for the Baby’s First Toothbrush, they can use and manipulate it on their own with guidance. From there, a transition can be made to the 360 Toothbrush Step 1, an intelligent advancement in toothbrush design that features state-of-the-art, circular bristle rings to remove plaque effectively and prevent build-up with regular use.

Oral Care Kit includes:

  • Stage 1: Tooth Tissues 30ct
  • Stage 2: Silicone Finger Toothbrush
  • Stage 3: Wipe N Brush
  • Stage 4: Baby's 1st Toothbrush
  • Stage 5: 360 Toothbrush Step 1 (Soft)

Price: $32.99

I love that this kit has all the tools to keep your little one's teeth healthy and clean, from birth until toddler. Because my kiddos are big enough for the Stage 5 360 Toothbrush, we tried it out, and it really does make a difference. Because of the 360° bristle design, the toothbrush is able to reach into areas that a normal one can't.

The handle is clunky enough for a good grip in a little kid's hand, and the brush does extra work getting the little "toofers" clean. The Baby Buddy 360 toothbrush definitely replaced her other one.

Sozo Weeblock and Bodysuit & Cap Set Reviews

Keeping with this month's theme of baby products, I had the chance to review a couple of items from Sozo. You guys know the drill by now - I received the samples without charge so I could give you an unbiased review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

Anyway, back to Sozo. The name itself means "creation and imagination" in Japanese, and that should tell you exactly what to expect from this company.  Trying to keep things fun and whimsical, a mom and dad developed an awesome collection of clothes, blankets, sleepwear, gifts and probably one of the niftiest things I've ever seen, the Weeblock.

Yes, I had a chance to review the Weeblock. No, I don't have a baby boy to test it on, but wow do I wish I had this when my five-year-old was little. Seriously. Have you ever gotten pee in your face? It sucks. Knowing that this little cup exists just makes me want to run out and buy them for every pregnant lady I know.

See what I mean? These cute (and pretty funny) little fabric cups keep you protected from your son's little missile-like stream that inevitably happens during diaper changes. They're made from super-soft 2-ply cotton jersey with a urine-absorbing sponge inside, to keep you and your furniture dry. Totally machine washable, too, which is a huge plus.

The Weeblocks come in a couple of silly little sayings like "#oops"; "#uh-oh"; "crown jewels"; and "whizz kid," all of which crack me up. Unfortunately, Sozo doesn't offer any solid color Weeblocks, but if silly and whimsical is your fancy - these are perfect!

Sozo offers a lot more than just their trademark Weeblocks though. There are some abso-freakin-lutely adorable clothes, blankets, and gift sets too!

I received the Owl cap and bodysuit set, and it will make a perfect baby shower gift. I like that the material is 100% premium cotton and will be soft on baby's skin. The fabric is thicker than just a flimsy little onesie, so you know it'll hold up to numerous washes and normal wear-and-tear. Oh, and it's adorable. Did I mention that?

Check out their bold and fun designs at

Disclosure: I received a complementary sample of the product(s) for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

PatPat Daily Deals Help Moms Save Money

Kids' Clothes at Affordable Prices from the New PatPat Website

PatPat is a new daily deals-style site and app that offers products for expecting or new parents: things like cute baby clothes, cloth diapers, accessories for new babies, and more. They asked me to check out their site and introduce them to our readers (this is a sponsored post, but the opinions are our own).

PatPat is a shopping app/website for moms with new daily deals everyday. They offer nice upscale kids clothing events, with clothing that is stylish. Good quality with afforable price, you really cant beat that!

It reminds me a little bit of Zulily, with the flash deals that are always changing. However, there's a big upside. What you order is shipped out within days, whereas Zulily's items don't usually ship out until an event is over.

How PatPat works:
By working directly with product manufacturers, they are able to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. No dealers. No wholesalers. No high price tag.

With up to 20 events starting at 6 am daily, they offer deep discounts on toys, clothing, baby essentials, and other accessories for mom and baby at up to 90% off their normal price.

Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to PatPat. From the manufacturer to your doorstep, they go above and beyond what's legally required to ensure each product meets their high-quality standards.

Check them out at and start saving now!

Ready Set Go! Therapy Bear Giveaway

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Flower Power Balloon Birthday Party

Yesterday was my baby girl's birthday party. I just can't believe that she's three years old already. Seriously, wasn't she just born like a couple of months ago? And now she's running around talking and telling stories and drawing pictures... It doesn't seem possible! Back on the original topic though - party planning!

Lemme tell ya, I am a total introvert. The idea of having people in my house and my space completely messes with me. I don't go to parties, and throwing a party? *shudders* It was for my daughter, though, so I sucked it up and got to work.

This party was inspired because a representative from Balloon Time contacted me about doing a review for them, and gave me one of their helium tanks free of charge. You'll see me mention them a few times throughout this post, and in all fairness, it's because helium balloons made all the difference to throwing my little girl an awesome party. The legal phrasing, though: Although I received a complimentary sample, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by that fact. (Really, though, did you think I would be that much of a sellout where my thoughts could be bought with a free sample?)

Anyway, Balloon Time's website has some awesome DIY ideas for party crafts, so I decided to take one of their ideas and put my twist on it. Introducing, the DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives. This would make such a cute idea for any birthday or graduation party, even Mother's and Father's Day could be made special with this. 

For my spin on it, I decided to do more of a collage of adorable pictures for the party table, having several floating above and then some scattered along the table. 

Here's the breakdown:

For the pictures, I used Canva to make a black and white photo collage and printed it out so I could cut the individual photos out. Using a hole punch, I put a hole at the top of each picture. I blew up some pink balloons, tied some string to them, and then tied the photos to the string. 

Because I used card stock for the pictures, I had to tie two balloons to each photo to get them to float. Honestly, it was so much cuter that way!

After I finished the table (with my DIY party platters - tutorial coming soon!), I still had a ton of balloons left. Seriously, the Balloon Time tank ended up filling more than 30 helium balloons, so I started getting creative. 

We made a Birthday photo backdrop so we could take some cute pictures of the kids - and it was super easy! Just take "Happy Birthday" streamers (bought them at the Dollar Tree) and hung them on a wall. Then add in a couple of bunches of balloons, and voila!

About Balloon Time:

Balloon Time is the first and best-selling portable helium kit in the world, manufactured by Worthington Industries. It’s not a party without balloons! They’ve been bringing color, lift, and fun to celebrations around the globe for more than 30 years with our DIY floating balloon kits. They proudly manufacture and distribute high-quality cylinders to stringent industry standards from our facilities in the United States and Europe so your family can have a safe, positive experience every time.

All-in-all, the party was a blast, and I didn't freak out having 20 people in my house like I thought I would. Kaya turned three in style, and I think I might have inadvertently found a new love in party planning!

Disclosure: In case you missed it earlier in the post, I received a complimentary sample for review. All opinions of the product are my own and were not influenced.

Keep Your Baby's Formula Germ-Free with NeoTop {a review}

NeoTop - it sounds a little futuristic, doesn't it? Well, it does revolutionize baby formula! I was given the chance to review one of their cool baby formula dispensers and think the idea behind it is genius.

Let me set the scene for you: It's 2 am, the baby is crying, and you're in the kitchen making a bottle. You put one scoop of formula into the bottle, but the scoop gets a little bit wet from the water that was on the edge of the bottle. Not thinking about it, you stick that scoop back into the formula container for the second scoop-full, and that water drips into the dry formula.  Bet you didn't know that those little clumps made from the water dripping in were contaminating the entire container of formula.

You see, powdered formula is not sterile. You should always follow formula preparation safety when making bottles for baby, and this includes keeping the scoop separate from the formula and making sure it is completely dry between scoops. Water dripping into the powdered formula inadvertently makes prepared formula, which is only good for two hours at room temperature.

But with NeoTop, you don't have to worry about that anymore. NeoTop is an innovative formula dispenser that gets rid of the need for measuring or scooping. It keeps the formula dry and germ-free and makes making a bottle even easier.

The NeoTop was developed by a neonatologist and is designed to help prevent bacteria from getting into your baby's formula. It holds up to a whole canister of formula, and to use it, you just tilt it upside down, twist the bottom and a perfectly portioned 2 ounce serving is in the top. Just open the lid and dump it in the bottle, and you’re done. No cross contamination, no scoops, no fuss. It's so easy!

I tried it out just to see (don't currently have a baby to practice with) and lemme tell ya: it was much easier than fussing with a scoop to make sure your formula amount was exactly level, and I didn't accidently pour any formula powder on the counter. You know what I'm talking about. Somehow that powder always ends up on the counter no matter how careful you are, and is so sticky wen you're trying to clean it up with a wet sponge. I always hated that.

Even moms who just supplement with formula should try one of these, as it's a great way to store formula long term for no risk of germs.

Some of NeoTop's awesome features:

  • Dishwasher safe and BPA Free
  • 80% more effective at preventing germs than other formula storage dispensers
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Easy to use

About the NeoTop
The NeoTop was developed by a father of three and leading neonatologist Dr. Sami Ismail (based in Nashville, TN).  The first-of-its-kind powdered infant formula dispenser officially launched in November 2015. The NeoTop retails for $24.95 and is currently available on Amazon and at

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample to review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

Mega Mother's Day Giveaway

Mega Mothers Day Giveaway

Mega Mothers Day Give 

This Mother's Day MamatheFox and Momjunky want to spoil a mom somewhere in the US. They have teamed up with some gracious sponsors and fabulous blogs to put on the biggest giveaway you can imagine. You can win over $1200 in prizes! All to one winner!

One person will win over $1200 in prizes

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Moby Wrap Giveaway

Bamboo Moby Baby Wrap Giveaway

Moby is a leader in the baby wearing community. With their soft and easy to use wraps, they are the wrap that many parents first experience when baby-wearing. While the length of the wrap can be intimidating when first looked at, it's really not that complicated. Check out the very easy tutorials on YouTube and you will be confident in a flash.

To read more about the benefits of baby wearing (according to an occupational therapist) click here. If you have not tried to baby wear yet and are intimated by trying alone MamatheFox would suggest reaching out to your local BWI (Baby Wearing International) group. Most major (and some smaller) cities have a group of baby wearing pros who meet up on a weekly or monthly basis. You can go and talk to real baby-wearing parents, and they can teach you in person how to properly wear your child. You can typically borrow carriers too before you buy, making the process fun and easy.

Click here to read more about the new Bamboo Moby Wrap

Newborn Hug Hold in a Bamboo Moby Wrap

Enter below for your chance at winning a Bamboo Moby Baby Carrier

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How Groupon Coupons Can Help You Save Money

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I don't think I've talked about the work that my fiance does that often on here. He is a member of The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) and travels out of town often for work at nuclear plants. It's a fantastic career, and he loves it... but in between outages, there are times when money starts to get a little tight. To help budget our money, I often use coupons to buy the things that we need. Groupon Coupons is an awesome coupon resource to help us save money!

You might know Groupon because of their awesome deals on events, attractions, and restaurants - but did you know that they offer coupons as well? With their huge database of verified working coupons, you can find deals you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.  It's easy to print coupons to bring in-store, or you can use the coupon codes online in your favorite stores. 

Searching for the coupons you want couldn't be easier; If you're looking for a certain category or a specific store you can type it in or browse. You can even search for coupons based on your location.

I'm trying to get a head start on school shopping, especially since there'll be three kiddos needing school clothes this year. So lemme tell ya, I was more than a little excited to see how many coupons there is for Kohls, and Walmart, and even Amazon!

Groupon Coupons makes the costs of life a little less, easier. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to learn even more money-saving tips!

Keep Your Toddler Safe in the Sun with These Easy Tips

With the weather warming up (finally!) I know we'll be spending a lot more time outside. My toddler would spend all day outside if she could, running crazy through the park, swinging, and doing other silly toddler things. I know many parents worry, though: Is all that exposure to the sun safe? It is — but only if your child is protected from the sun’s skin-damaging rays.

Damage from the sun adds up over a person’s entire lifetime, but a lot of the sun damage comes from exposure during childhood. The more sunburns your toddler gets as a child, the greater her risk of skin cancer later on. That's why it's extremely important to establish good sun-safe habits early on.

Being sun-safe doesn't mean having to hide indoors all the time, though. Skin cancer is completely preventable; All it takes to keep toddlers safe in the sun is practicing a few sun smart tips:

Slather on the sunscreen

Choosing the right sunscreen is important when it comes to keeping little ones safe in the sun. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays for the best protection, without harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin, and that offers water and/or sweat protection. An SPF of at least 15 is optimal. 

Hang out in the shade

UV rays are the strongest between noon and around 2pm, and can cause the most damage. Avoiding direct sunlight during these hours is best - try finding a nice shade tree, hang out under an umbrella, or let them play in a pop-up tent.

Dress them in the right clothing

Light-colored clothing and loosely woven fabrics allow the most UV rays through. Your best bet is to dress your little ones in darker clothing, thicker fabrics, or sun-protective clothes that have the SPF built right into the fabric. 

Top them off 

Find a hat that shades their face, scalp, ears, and neck. A bucket hat gives great protection for little ones.

I recently worked with Stephen Joseph for a review of their toddler bucket hats. Stephen Joseph Gifts offers tons of adorable things for little ones like backpacks and umbrellas, but their bucket hats are some of the cutest things I have ever seen. We got the Flower pattern hat, and Kaya just looks so stinkin' adorable in it.

The wide brim keeps the sun out of her eyes and off of her face and neck, and the heavier fabric keeps the damaging rays from penetrating through to her scalp. These hats are made from 100% cotton and have a lining with a coordinating fabric - which Kaya takes to mean that the hat can be worn inside out because she's a fashionista rule-breaker like that.

You can find these hats (plus all kinds of other amazing stuff for kids at
Bucket hats are also available at Hopscotch. You can use these coupons from hopscotch to get a discount.
Disclosure: I received a sample for review, but my opinions were not affected in any way.

How do you keep your little ones safe in the sun?

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Why Do You Need Kangovou's Innovative Dishes?

Have you heard about Kangovou yet? I recently had the opportunity to work with them to review their stainless steel dishware for kids and was really impressed. (Disclosure: They provided a sample solely for review at no cost to me. My opinions are still my own though and weren't influenced by their generosity.)

The dishware industry has gotten better in recent years, making sure to keep BPA, lead, and other potentially harmful substances out of the things our kids eat off of. Kangovou has taken it a step further by creating dish sets made from a food-grade stainless steel that is naturally anti-bacterial,  light weight, durable, does not rust, cleans easily with soap and water, and is top shelf dishwasher safe.

The set that we received (pictured above) is the Kids Dishware Set in Iced Mint. This nine-piece dishware set for kids includes:

  • 18/8 food grade stainless steel divided plate which keeps foods separated and provides a built in space for condiments
  • 18/8 food grade stainless steel flat plate to use for larger food items such as a sandwich or a slice of pizza
  • 18/8 food grade stainless steel cereal bowl to use for cold or hot cereal or even soup
  • 18/8 food grade stainless steel snack bowl to use for crackers, sliced fruit, yogurt--the choices are endless
  • 18/8 food grade drinking cup that includes pop-up drinking straw and a snap on lid to prevent leaks and a mixer to avoid clumps when adding food powders to drinks (intended for children 3+ years of age)
  • Protective jackets and lids which are FREE of BPA, PVC, and phthalates 

What I think about Kangovou's Dishware for Kids:

The jackets insulate the stainless steel to keep hot foods from burning little hands (not that little miss picky ever gets any food that's above lukewarm, because she has to argue with me for so long before actually taking a bite - but I digress.) It's good to know that when I make her oatmeal, the bowl won't be too hot for her little hands, something that plain stainless steel dishes sometimes have a problem with.

The colors are soft and subtle, absolutely gorgeous for either boys or girls. I love when companies find the right shades of colors to make them gender neutral. While the Iced Mint is my favorite, they also offer Frosted Blueberry, Lemon Zest, and Peaches & Cream.

The sippy cup, or "Drinking Cup" as they call it, has a unique design. To assemble it, you have to put the stainless steel cup inside the jacket, and then snap the lid on. I was worried that the snaps wouldn't be secure, but the lid stays on tight. It isn't completely leak-proof, a small design flaw in my opinion, but still perfect for lunches (just possibly not "on-the-go.") 

Actually, that's probably the only thing I dislike about the Kangovou dishware set: They don't seem to travel, at least not with any kind of "wet" foods. For snacks and solid foods, the trays are great, with a snap-on lid to make sure nothing spills out. But if you have any kind of saucy foods, keep them in the bowls instead. The tray lids stand up off of the actual tray about a half an inch so if they are turned upside down, foods will mix and come out of their little compartments. The lids are probably more for storing foods in the fridge, a great idea for preparing little ones' lunches ahead of time.

These dishes are dishwasher safe (top rack is recommended) but not microwavable. 

We use our Kangovou set all the time, and Kaya seems to like them as much as I do. I defintely recommend them to any new moms looking for the right dishes to feed their little ones.

To find out more for yourself, or to buy the Kangovou stainless steel kids' dishes, you can find them at

Do you use stainless steel dishes with your little one(s)?

The Do's and Don't's Of Getting Your Children Involved In The Cleaning

Photo credit
It’s easy to think that the best way to get your cleaning done around the house is to get the children well out of the way. However, it can actually be very beneficial to both of you to get them involved. Here are the do’s and don’t’s you should keep in mind when making your home spick and span!

DO help them develop good cleaning habit

Good habits are like good manners; they don’t just develop overnight! Instead, they take time to teach, to soak in and then to become autonomous. Teach your children good cleaning habits from as young as you feel appropriate. That being said, there is no such thing as too late to start. Make it known that you expect them to wash up their plate after they finish eating. Get them into the habit of putting their shoes in the shoe cupboard, not on the floor. These things will eventually stop being ‘rules’ and just become a part of normal life. These habits of being clean and tidy won’t just help you out; they’ll serve them well for the rest of their lives. And, hopefully, when grandchildren arrive, they’ll pass these habits onto them too!

DON’T get them involved in complex, professional jobs

Leave the complicated jobs to the professionals, and be sure your children leave them to it also. Some things, like mold remediation, can actually be quite dangerous to be in the presence of. If you have cleaners over doing a job of this nature, be clear that they’re to be left alone. Distract them with something else if you’ve got curious little ones!

DO get them involved in the fun jobs as well

It can be really tempting to give the jobs you like the least to your teenagers or older kids. Come on; we’ve all done it! But by giving them their share of the more enjoyable jobs, you’re teaching them that cleaning can be therapeutic and even kinda fun. A great example of this is cleaning up the garden shed. You could turn it into a big project, and turn it into a den for them.

DON’T let them handle chemicals

For most cleaning jobs, the presence of chemicals is only needed for one stage of the job. Taking loading the dishwasher for example. Your kid can be in charge of loading in everything except the knives and forks. At the end, you can step in, do the cutlery and pour in the dishwasher liquid or insert the cleaning tablet. As you can see, there is no reason they need to handle dangerous chemicals.

DO make a fun environment

There is no reason good cleaning can only occur in absolute silence. Make the atmosphere a bit more fun by putting on the radio. Or, take it in turns with them to play a different song from a pair of speakers. If you’re doing a big, full-day clean, keep energy up with some treats and snacks. Have something to work towards at the end of the day, too. So, for teenagers, you could agree to take them to the cinema that evening if you finish at least five rooms together that way. That way, they are accountable for what happens that night, and will have something to look forward too.