Grilled Summer Fruit Kebabs

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What do you get when you mix summer heat, a sweet tooth, and mom guilt? Grilled Summer Fruit Kebabs! Keep reading to see how we came up with the recipe and learn all about a nifty new kitchen gadget that makes life so much easier.

I've been extremely irritable lately. I don't know if it's because it's summer and I have both little guys home and underfoot all day long, or if it's trying to take care of everything myself since the hubby is working out of town. Maybe it's a combination of everything, plus the heat. Whatever the cause - I find myself yelling more and just stressed out all the time. 

I know it's been rough on the kids - what with the extra time spent indoors and the boredom. Add in a mom who's on the verge of a meltdown, and a dash of missing their daddy... They needed some kind of special treat to help make up for it.

So today we went to the grocery store and I let them help me come up with an idea for a special dessert to make tonight. Kaya, my fruit-lover, picked out some strawberries and pineapples, while Sammy, the little man after my own heart, decided we needed something with cake. So what do you get when you put together summer fruits, pound cake, and weather too hot to turn the oven on? Grilled Fruit Kebabs, of course!

I had the opportunity to work with Master Pan recently, so I figured this would be the perfect chance to try it out. I mentioned that Matt is working out of town, right? He's the grill master, so I wouldn't even attempt to go out there and light the burners without him to supervise. The kitchen is my domain!

Usually, I'm not one for fad kitchen gadgets. So many of them are "unitaskers" (stolen from Alton Brown, my chef idol) and they're only good for one thing in the kitchen. I was a little worried about that with the Master Pan, but when I whipped it out of the box I realized the endless possibilities with this pan.

Seriously - as a mom with three picky eaters, I can sometimes make up to three different meals at supper time. Do you know how many pans that dirties up?! I can totally see myself using this pan to make chicken strips for Lexi, a grilled cheese for Sammy and Kaya, and then veggies to help balance the meals out a little. 

Katie over at You Brew My Tea uses hers for Homemade Fajitas and her marinade recipe sounds delicious - I can totally see us using our Master Pan for these too! Making breakfast would be so much easier; being able to cook bacon and sausage at once while making scrambled eggs for the kiddos and Matt's over-easy at the same time. Or burgers, with grilled onions and peppers and mushrooms... I'm telling ya, the possibilities are endless!

Clean up with this pan is so much easier, too, with the XYLAN Plus Dual Layer Non-Stick Coating. No need for oil, and virtually no scrubbing when I'm done cooking meals. 5 pans with only one burner? I can do that now.

The Master Pan is even oven safe up to 350° for an hour, so you can go straight from stovetop to oven for melty gooey goodness!

Back to the recipe, though. These are really easy to make. I just cubed up some pineapples, strawberries, peaches, and pound cake. I love the grill marks on the cake, so I grilled them up in the center of the pan, with the fruits on the outer edges to start softening a little to bring out that delicious sweetness. 

Once the cake cubes had grill marks and was pretty much toasted, I stuck a skewer through and began building the fruit kebabs. After they were assembled, I set them back in the center for about 5 more minutes, turning once halfway through.

Now, you could certainly use your own homemade chocolate sauce, but I just used some jarred hot fudge syrup in the smallest section. It heated the chocolate up nicely without scorching or sticking, and added the extra YUM factor to the kebabs!

Be sure to pin the recipe for later, and check out the exclusive offer I get to share with you guys below!

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