Portaplay™ Convertible Activity Center by Oribel Review

Oh my goodness, guys. It's full-blown summer over here, which means I have three kids home all day long. Wouldn't be too bad, but my other half accepted an out of town job that may mean up to two months away - so I'm soloing it.

Ya know, I'm not super mom. Heck, half the time I feel like packing them in a little box and shipping them off somewhere. I'm not cruel; I'd at least poke some air holes! Joking aside, the only way I'm going to survive this summer without totally losing it is by keeping the kids busy. Luckily, we had the chance to work with Oribel to review their Portaplay table, and it has been a lifesaver. Or sanity-saver.

I'll be sharing a couple of other products, games, and activities that are totally helping keep the preschoolers busy, but this one is on the top of my charts right now.

First of all, this is so much more than just a table. The Portaplay is a complete activity center for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Check this out:

Neat, right? 

So here's the deal. It's a bouncy seat with all these little attachments, but it also converts into a play table with a wooden top. The table can then be used as a little picnic table or writing desk - or you can get the paper roll attachment and stools to turn it into a mini art studio for your little ones!

I'm not really able to show off the baby seat/activity center being tested, since I don't have a little one running around that would fit in there right now, but I do want to highlight the paper art roll and the stools for a minute. This has been the best quiet-time activity for my preschoolers (the 10 year old too!)

I really like that the height adjusts, so even my long-legged little munchkins fit under the table comfortably. 

The Portaplay Child Stools have a large seat and sturdy legs and the kids love using them even away from the table to sit on. 
Make the conversion from our Portaplay™ Activity Center to a Play Table even more exciting with matching stools for your little ones. Sturdy and lightweight, these stools are designed to be just the right height for children up to 5 years of age.
The stools come in a set of two, great for us since my two little ones always argue if they don't both have the same thing. 

The Portaplay Paper Roll Dispenser comes preloaded with a 12 inch wide, 75 foot roll of white drawing paper - perfect for hours of quiet drawing and creativity.

Removable Baby Seat with 3" Bounce with machine washable cover
5 Removable Toys that easily clip on
Folds flat for easy storage
Table insert
2 Child Stools - sold separately
Paper Roll holder with 75" of 12" premium drawing paper - sold separately

The Portaplay™ Convertible Activity Center is available at Oribel­® for $149.00
Child Stools are sold separately for $39.90 and the Art Paper Roll Dispenser is $29.90

This is definitely a set I would recommend to any parents because gear that grows with your child is always the best kind. 

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