5 Great Hobbies for Busy Moms to Try Out

As a busy mom, it can be hard to find time to dedicate to yourself. But, if you ask me, spending time doing things you like is essential. Here are some hobby ideas for you to consider.

1. Gardening

Gardening is great for so many reasons. It gives your body a pretty extensive workout, and that can only be a good thing. Not many people realise how much exercise your body get just from doing some digging and planting some trees. But that’s not all that you can get out of gardening. It can be a great way to express yourself creatively too. You also get to spend some time outside enjoying the fresh air. You could even get your kids involved as well if you like.


2. Jogging

You need to keep your body in good shape, and doing a physical hobby allows you to do this. Jogging gets you out of the house, away from all the pressure and stresses that come with it. This means you can clear your head and do something positive for your body at the same time. What’s not to like. When your partner is looking after the kids, and you have a spare hour to kill. You could put on your running shoes, head to the park and make the most of the opportunity to improve your fitness.

3. Creating Scrapbooks

Your kids grow up so fast, and you want to remember all those important landmarks and milestones. The best way to do this is to create family scrapbooks that you can develop and add to over the years. It’s a lot of fun, and you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain them properly. And then, in years to come when the kids are older, you will all be able to look back over the scrapbooks. It’s the perfect hobby for parents who don’t have much time but still want to do something special.

4. Blogging

Loads of moms are turning to blogging as a great way to keep themselves busy and talk about the things you love. Just have a look at the blog you’re reading right now and get some inspiration to set up a blog of your own. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friendships over the internet. It’s a social activity that’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a great writer to give it a go and find an audience that’s interested in what you have to say. Just find a niche that allows you to discuss the things you’re interested in most.

5. Cooking

As a mom, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking already. But if you try to stop seeing cooking as a task and more of a hobby, it can be a lot of fun. You should try new things and read some interesting recipes and test them out on your family. It’s a great skill to have, so give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen? If it goes well, you’ll find a new hobby that you’re interested in, and you’ll be able to give your family some good food to try out.


Gifts for Patriotic Men

If you’re struggling to come up with a gift idea for your husband, then I have a solution you may appreciate. The best part is that it doesn’t involve annoying gag gifts, ties from the local department store or anything out of a tool department. What I propose is that you give your dear spouse something that may prove to be much closer to his heart.

Share His Patriotism with a Flag
Your husband is proud to be an American, so you may want to consider investing in a quality flag that he can display from your front porch. Durable flags made from nylon can stand up the wind and will retain their colors longer. Include a spotlight so that he can fly the new flag at night or even in the rain and still be in keeping with national flag protocols.

Pride in Service
If you’re married to an active duty service member or a veteran, then add an armed forces flag to his collection. In addition to the standard armed forces, you can also get special flags for retirees, or go with a flag that proudly displays which war he served in. If he proudly serves the community in the fire or police departments, then consider a service flag for these important careers. You may also decide that a POW/ MIA or Wounded Warrior flag is a great choice for a gift on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.

The Display Case
Special flags deserve to be protected and preserved. Oak, cherry, maple or poplar memorial cases can be used to keep that perfectly folded flag ready for display. Whether the flag was a gift for retirement or came to the family as part of a somber occasion, you’re sure to please your husband by giving him an appropriate way to display and preserve the colors.

When it’s time to pick up a little gift for your husband, contact us for more information on different flags, accessories and other items. You can share your husband’s patriotism and let him know how much you appreciate his service with the right choice of flag. He’ll cherish it more than another set of wrenches, and it will be something he holds on to for years to come.

How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Children

The bathroom, as it is even for us adults, is the most dangerous room in your house for your children as well. Worries about germs aside, the tub, sink, and toilet are potential drowning hazards. With water also comes the risk of slips and falls. On top of that, the chemicals and detergents often found in bathrooms are generally hazardous in one quantity or another. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child from the dangers of the bathroom, and here’s a good place for you to start.

Restrict Access to the Bathroom

Your child should never be in the bathroom without adult supervision. The best way to prevent this is with a hook and eye lock that is on the outside of the bathroom door. Be sure that your spouse and older children lock it whenever they leave the bathroom. While this is a great safeguard to have in place, however, it is not guaranteed.

Use Non-Slip Mats

The bathroom is filled with surfaces that can get dangerous when they are wet. To prevent this, use non-slip mats. At minimum, you should have one of these outside of the bathtub and inside of the bathtub. In front of the sink is another good place to consider. Keep an eye to how your bathroom is laid out, where water could splash and where the edges of counters are. These are the areas where your child is most likely to injure themselves.

Avoid Mold Exposure

When mold and/or mildew grows in your bathroom, it can cause respiratory problems, along with upset stomach, even fever and vomiting. To prevent growth in bath toys, be sure they dry out thoroughly after each bath. Remove any excess water and store these items in a mesh bag. To prevent mold and mildew growth in the bathroom, be sure that towels are dried properly and that the bathroom is well-ventilated.

Keep Appliances Unplugged

It is very easy to run out of the bathroom in the morning and leave your straightening iron, blow dryer, or electric razor plugged in. However, electric appliances are very dangerous for young children. This is especially true in the bathroom, where with a little water, these appliances can lead to electric shock. Try to remember to unplug your bathroom tools whenever they are not in use. Not only do they pose a shock risk, they can burn or puncture your child’s skin.

Keep Toothpaste, Shampoos, Razors, and More Out of Reach

There are a number of products that are typically stored in the bathroom that pose a threat to your little one. This includes razors or other sharp tools as well as substances that are harmful if ingested. Begin by trying to store any pills or poisonous substances in a medicine cabinet or on a high shelf. You should also remove all shampoos and soaps from the tub before bathing your child. Finally, keep any cabinets that are at child level locked, empty, or filled with safe things like toilet paper, bath toys, or towels.

Be Wary of Pooling Water

It takes less than an inch of water to drown anyone, including a child. Because of children’s curiosity and inexperience, as well as their lack of coordination, it is important to always drain any pooling water completely. As soon as you are done with bath or sink water, pull the plug.

Familiarize Yourself with Emergency Services

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but be sure to familiarize yourself with nearby hospitals and pediatric urgent care centers like Night Lite Pediatrics. Keeping the number of your family doctor handy is also good practice – in the event of any confusion of the severity of an injury, they can advise you in whether urgent or emergency care is needed.

Lautaro Martinez is a freelance writer and family man who contributes insights and advice on issues from child care to family living and home improvement.