50 Snow Day Activities for Kids

Here in North Carolina, we were bombarded with snow and cold temperatures that just won't go away. Being the south, all of the schools are closed (probably until the temperatures rise above freezing, so who know for how long) and I'm stuck with three rotten energetic kids. We're on day 5 now...

So how do I keep from going crazy with the "I'm bored" and noise? By keeping them busy, of course!

Here's my list of 50 Snow Day Activities to keep your kiddos out of your hair:

  1. Build a Snowman
    Extra points if you recite the words to Frozen while you do!
  2. Go Sledding
    All you need is a trashcan lid and a hill if you don't have a sled.
  3. Snowball Fight
    This one works best for older kids; hitting a 3-year-old with a ball of snow may result in tears.
  4. Hot Chocolate
    Making a special drink is a guaranteed way to get smiles, no matter the age. I recommend my favorite White Chocolate Mocha, which can be made caffeine-free for the younger ones!
  5. Movie and popcorn
    Here's a Homemade Kettle Corn recipe that everyone will love.
  6. Build a Pillow Fort
    Stack pillows, drape with blankets - you know the drill. Make it even more special by streaming some Christmas lights through it.
  7. Make up silly songs
    Parody popular songs that your kids already know all the words to. Using bathroom humor is always a big hit if you have gross little boys.
  8. Read a book
    Some of my favorites for long days indoors are Shel Silverstein books or Dr. Suess.
  9. Board games
    Candy Land, Kerplunk, Monopoly... just be ready to break up arguments over who should win. This is a good way to teach little ones to be patient and take turns.
  10. Card games
    Go Fish and War are my kiddos favorites. Little ones can even practice matching cards.
  11. Scavenger hunt
    This one takes a little time to set up, but has the potential to keep your munchkins busy for hours.
  12. Chore chart
    Hey, they're home... why not put them to work?
  13. Paper airplanes
    Of course with little ones this means you'll be making a bunch of paper airplanes, but then they can have flying contests or block-knockdown-contests. Be creative!
  14. Puppet show
    Old socks, markers, and a big cardboard box with a window cut out and your kids will be making up all kinds of puppet show plays for you. With a little paint, you can make an awesome DIY Puppet Show Theater.
  15. Play dress up
  16. Manicures
  17. Pedicures
  18. Write a story
    This one is a blast if you have more than one kid. Let them take turns telling their story and building on each other's stories. You'll be amazed at how weird creative kids can be!
  19. Bake cookies
  20. Make a collage
    Collages were my favorite when I was a kid. Just gather up some old magazines, scissors, and a glue stick, and let them have at it. If they get stuck, help them come up with some scenes to make.
  21. Cardboard box house
    Or fort or town or racetrack... The possibilities are endless with cardboard box ideas!
  22. Indoor camping
  23. Write a letter
  24. Puzzles
  25. Tie-Dye a shirt
  26. Play Mad Libs
  27. Hide and Seek
  28. Floor is Lava
  29. Tiddlywinks
  30. Marbles
  31. Pictionary
  32. Call Grandma
  33. Indoor Picnic
  34. Math games
  35. Flashlight Tag
    You'll have to clear out a room for this one to avoid bumps and bruises from running into furniture, but then they get to run and chase each other - and work off some of that pent up energy!
  36. Toilet Paper Bowling
    Stack up some toilet paper, roll a ball, and see how many you can knock down. Best part, it's a free game!
  37. Cross-Stitch
  38. Learn to Crochet
  39. Practice Sign Language
  40. Speak in Pig Latin
  41. Make up a New Language
  42. Build with Legos
  43. Make Snow Cream
  44. Make Snow Angels
  45. Build an Igloo
  46. Play I-Spy
  47. Dance Party
    Turn up the music and dance like no ones watching. Everyone needs to do this with their kids at least once!
  48. Paint a picture together
  49. Try out a new recipe
  50. Bundle up and go for a walk

What are your favorite ways to keep the little ones busy on a day when you're stuck in the house?

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