Moving On Up: Have You Forgotten To Do These Before You Leave?

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We all know that moving can be a rather stressful task, but there are some things that you can make it easier on yourself when the time comes to exchange keys, pack up and move out. Whether you’re starting a new tenancy or taking on a fresh mortgage the same rules apply so before you’ve locked the doors, hired the removal van to go to your new address, or had one last look around your old home, remembering when the kids were just babies before giving everything one last check as you never know what you might have missed.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Last Minute Questions

Many homeowners feel that once the correct paperwork has been signed, the exchange is complete and any new keys are handed over that’s everything finished. They either feel embarrassed to ask any extra questions or more than likely, may be nervous about the answer now the property actually belongs to them. Don’t be put off by vague answers from landlords, property managers or the last home-owner or ‘delays’ in finding out any important information from your realtor. It is your right to ask the previous owner any questions pertaining to the property such as where’s the main stopcock? You need to know where this is as the valve controls the water flow in the house and should there be a problem it’ll need to be turned off. Feel free to ask basic things such as does anything, such as floors or tables, in the house require extra care?

Clean The New Place Before You Move

It sounds like a strange idea but if you’ve got flexibility in your schedule now’s the time to hire a cleaning firm or whip out the mop, bucket and hoover. No one likes the idea of having to clean up after anyone, you should be fairly aware of the state of your property from previous viewings so if necessary you can ask that a professional deep clean be included in the sale. Although, bear in mind it’ll be something you need to pay for. Even the cleanest occupiers will have missed dust, scuffs on walls and doors and don’t forget they’ll have been lugging furniture around too which may have left marks on the wallpaper behind over time. You might think if you’re moving into a newly built house things might be better, that could be true but if it is a modern development that’s just been completed, there will definitely be dust, chips and possibly leftover boxes stacked inside waiting to be disposed of.

Find Yourself A Reliable Moving Firm

You want to select a movers service that suits your needs so don’t waste time and money by booking a huge truck if you’ve only got personal items, or light goods such as a TV, computer or a games console to transport into a rented property. On the other hand, if you’ve got rooms stacked full of heavy furniture it’s better to be safe than sorry so book at least one more van than you think you might need. Often removal men will pack items differently to how other people do for space and to reduce the risk of any breakages or damage.
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