Want To Keep Your Home Running During The Ice Age? Here's How!

With winter well under way, how many of you feel like you’re living in the ice age? Yep. Us too! When snow seems endless and cold even more so, it can be hard to keep your family running. Even so, life doesn’t stop because of bad weather. How can you keep things running? In truth, it might be hard to improve the situation this year. Take this as a lesson that you need to be prepared next time winter comes around! So, what can you do?


Even when it’s freezing outside, there’s no reason to be uncomfortable at home! But, what can you do other than rack up extortionate heating bills? In truth, there’s a lot you can do to keep warm without the heating! If you haven’t got double glazing, that should be your first port of call. The amount of heat you lose from your windows is shocking. Double glazing will make your home warmer straight away. Thick curtains are excellent for keeping heat in, too! Don’t forget the tried and tested methods of keeping warm, too. Stock up on slippers, blankets, and hot water bottles. Never underestimate the power of a hot water bottle for keeping you toasty! There’s a reason these methods have been around for so long. Make the most of them and watch your bills crash down.


You’re already cold enough, without having to worry about losing your hot water supply. Frozen pipes can cause major issues for your home and your heat! Avoid the problem with water line heat cable installation. If your heater is outside your house, think about insulating that, too. You wouldn’t want to go without heat in the height of winter, after all! Those stay warm at home methods will only take you so far. Taking steps to prevent further problems will ensure your winter is as pain-free as possible.


Winter may be a bad time, but the kids still need to go to school! Make sure you stay mobile through the cold weather by keeping your drive clear. It may not be the best job in the world, but shoveling the drive is something none of us can avoid. If you want to make the job easier, stock up on some gritting salt and sprinkle that before the snow is due. Even so, that only works in you’re ahead of the game! It’s still worth stocking up on a shovel, just in case. Think, too, about leaving earlier in the mornings. How often do you get caught out with having to defrost the car? Accept that things take longer during the winter!


Of course, it’s not only the physical aspect of winter we need take into account. Think, too, about your mental state. How can you keep your family running if you’re feeling down in the winter dumps? Get to grips with Hygge to keep yourself going. Stock up on comfort food and candles!

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