All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Barefoot Walking

Barefoot Walking demonstrates to all readers, regardless of their fitness level, how to take control of their physical well-being. Despite the sore feet, injuries, aching joints, illnesses, or simply feeling out of shape; the simple practice of barefoot walking can increase one's health and activity without any difficulty. This book contains special material for seniors, children, and pregnant women illustrating how this natural act can transform a person's life restoring health, vitality, balance, strength, focus, mood, memory, and so much more. 

While there are numerous reasons to begin barefoot walking, below are some of the anti-aging advantages of the activity. 

1. Grow Taller 

By using the barefoot walking practice, you will begin to stand taller with better posture. As you feel the ground with your feet, you gain an awareness of your body and posture about the ground. The muscles begin firing and any hunching, sagging, or 'pooching' is immediately noticeable. This immediate feedback assists in tightening your core and standing tall. 

As you find yourself more erect, you will discover that your slouch or hunch will slowly be eliminated with the shoulders no longer rolling forward. To straighten the back, your pelvis will tuck underneath you, similar to a ballet dancer. In fact, you won't be the only one noticing this transformation; those around you may begin to view the change and make positive comments. Who said you should shrink with age? 

2. Abs Of Steel 

The core will begin to tighten and strengthen to hold you in the above position. As you feel your back standing straighter, you will begin to feel the stomach muscles become tightened, making your body less strained, stressed or wobbly. You will be able to carry items more comfortably with an overall strength and may feel more powerful overall as inner power stems from the core. In fact, some people note their clothes fitting better as well. Now, who wouldn't want that? 

3. No More Foot Pain

The beginning of barefoot walking may be associated with great amounts of fatigue, but this is merely the muscles becoming used to the practice. Do not give up, as with lifting weights once the muscles become tired they grow back stronger and adapt to the situation. After a while, you will notice the ache from the practice is eliminated; as well as, any other existing foot or leg pains you may have been experiencing. Soon, standing barefoot will be an enjoyable activity instead of an exercise. 

Needless to say there will always be places that you can’t walk without shoes and the next best thing is this scenario is Earth Shoes. These are similar to normal shoes, however they offer many of the benefits of walking barefoot. 

4. Growing Baby Feet 

Everyone loves the cute, chubby feet infants and toddlers have; is it possible to see a regrowth of that type of fat on an adult foot? As an adult grows, the fat on the foot is removed because of years in shoes. However, once you begin walking barefoot, the ground will stimulate the feet and the fat lost over the years will return. The skin begins to thicken, but not with calluses; instead, there is a thickening across the entire bottom of the foot forming a 'fat pad'. The fat pad will be softer and make challenging surfaces easy to navigate. 

5. Increased Blood Circulation 

No-one enjoys having cold feet, and barefoot walking will remove this issue. When you begin this practice, you will soon notice that your legs and feet increase in warmth; this is due to the increased blood flow spread to the area. You will feel warmer on cooler days and cooler on warmer days. Plus, no need to worry about varicose veins because on increased circulation.

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