Finding the Right Games for Kids

There are thousands of free video games on the Internet. This is a double-edged sword; without any cost, there is often no barrier to entry. In other words, children have access to basically every game. Without the proper parental controls and supervision, children can explore titles that are far too violent or adult. As a mother, I’m always aware of what games Lexi and Sammy are playing. It’s easy for me to moderate what paid games they have on their tablets since app purchases go through my credit card. But, free games are a different story.
The thought of my children playing adult games is scary. When I was a kid, ESRB ratings ruled the land. You couldn’t buy a console or PC game rated T (Teen) or M (Mature) unless you were old enough. Although that can be frustrating for kids, it’s a great safeguard for parents. With so many free games readily accessible on the Internet, such a rating system simply doesn’t exist today. That’s where curated gaming collections come into play.

Poki is one of the most popular portals on the Web. It hosts tens of thousands of games in just about every genre imaginable. Each game is sorted into multiple categories, so it’s very easy to find exactly what you want. For instance, the Disney category is filled with adventures from magical animated films and TV series. But, that’s a very broad range of content (there are more than 150 Disney titles on Poki). This is where subcategories come in handy. There are specific groups of games based on Frozen, Sofia the First, and Doc McStuffins. With such a nifty category layout, you can find the perfect games for your kids without any trouble.
Certain curated game collections also offer different titles for boys and girls. Poki’s Boys category includes Dragon Ball Z, Racing, and Tower Defense games (among countless others). While many games are suitable for both genders, it’s nice to have separate categories for quickly navigating such a big selection. Poki’s Girls category is filled with My Little Pony, Dress-Up, and Makeover games (again, among countless others). There are also fashion adventures and plenty of pets to be found among the games for girls.
Crossover games blend genres to reach a wider audience. Originating in 2015, .io games are a special type of multiplayer game. Often bearing basic, eye-catching graphics and captivating, one-button gameplay, .io games are played by millions of people every day. A few notable titles include,, and

Sammy has been playing a new game called In the neon-fueled multiplayer title, players harness energy to swing a flair and gain power. The bold, vibrant graphics are enhanced by really fast, smooth animations. When starting a round in, there’s an option for players to share a room link. This allows players to directly invite friends in other locations.
Thanks to the efforts of sites like Poki, we can rest assured our kids are playing the right games.

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