We would like nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa and a warm ambiance from a lit fireplace on cold winter nights. However, in addition to shoveling the driveways and constantly trudging in snow-covered streets, you’d think that chopping wood for a fireplace and cleaning the chimney full of soot would be nothing less than a dreary chore. 

Most places don’t even have a permit for fireplaces or chimneys due to ecological concerns. However, everyone doesn’t bear the lucrative facility of a fireplace, since a fair amount of people live either on rent or in apartments where having a fireplace seems pretty impossible. 

With the emergence of bio ethanol fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about smoke, ember or chimney soot, or even chimneys as a whole. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces have been glorified to an extent, and we don’t see why not due to their immense pros, advantages, and benefits towards a secure life. Mentioned below are four factors that would help you get your mind hooked on bio ethanol fireplaces, with the dire possibility of a promising purchase next season!


With a source of fuel as pure as bioethanol or in other words, methylated spirit, bioethanol fireplaces vary in size and burner capacities. While choosing a fireplace, you first have to be aware of the room where you long to have it fixated. From wall and tabletop bioethanol fireplaces to freestanding and portable ones, you have to be really wise before choosing the one that best fits your standards and requirements. 

Most bioethanol fireplaces are pretty flexible when it comes to altering burner capacities for heat. Large burners tend to heat a much larger area quite adequately with better heating quality as compared to smaller ones. If you plan on installing a wall bio ethanol fireplace in your bedroom or your homeroom, you’d have to think accordingly. 


Bio Ethanol fireplaces might differ in their heating capability due to burner capacities and the type of materials they are made of. Usually, most are made up of stainless steel or powder coated steel and pertain to tempered glass as an alternative as well. Most bioethanol fireplaces from well-developed companies ensure remarkable quality and come with warranties as well. 


While choosing a bioethanol fireplace for your home, you have to pick a room and subsequently, a favorable type evidently. If you wish to have one installed to a wall, make sure you have it adjusted quite appropriately since bioethanol fireplaces tend to pose significant hazards to children and pets. 

Also, while they don’t emit any smoke, bioethanol fireplaces tend to emit carbon dioxide and water vapor due to combustion which could lead to a stuffy room, mainly because of inadequate ventilation or lack of windows. While installing wall bioethanol fireplaces, make sure you don’t use plastic wall plugs or anything plastic since they can melt from the heat as soon as you light up your fireplace. 

Since these hazards can be taken care of and prevented, bioethanol fireplaces can help to ignite the spark in your room with its cozy ambiance and adequate heating facility. With a fireplace as remote and quaint, we think it is better you call dibs on any of them today before their prices skyrocket and the prices become a hazard to you.

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