Modern Temperature Measurement: Finding the Right Type of Thermometer for Every Job

The thermometer dates back all the way to 1600 and is considered a staple for any modern home. Whether it’s to check your food is cooked properly or to take your child’s temperature when they’re feeling ill, thermometers have a wide range of uses and are often extremely simple to use.

Because thermometers are stereotypically known for ‘taking temperature readings’, many assume that thermometers are all the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth as there are a huge array of different types of thermometer all specifically designed for a different type of temperature-taking. So if you’re keen to learn more about thermometers or have a specific job in mind and want to know the best thermometer to purchase, here are a few modern-day thermometer variations and the jobs they’re most appropriate for. 

Probe thermometers

One of the most common, easy-to-use options, probe thermometers are used to take simple temperature readings of liquids, semi-solids, and most foods. Able to provide an accurate reading almost instantly, prove thermometers are ideal if you need to penetrate something in order to take its temperature.

There are generally two types of popular probe thermometer available. Fixed probes resemble a pen with a long metal spike used to penetrate or ‘probe’ whatever you need to take a reading from, and wired probes are slightly more complex and often feature a metre-long cable. Due to this, fixed probes are generally much cheaper and simpler to use for common, everyday measurements.

Digital thermometers

Ideal for both the modern home and workplace, digital thermometers are perfect for taking unusually high-temperature readings on an industrial scale. With many capable of capturing temperatures of up to 1000F, digital thermometers are perhaps the most powerful option there is.

Often available in a huge range of shapes and sizes with an easy-to-read LED display that instantly displays an accurate reading once taken, digital thermometers are versatile and widely accessible. To discover an array of digital thermometers suitable for a range of both home and workplace temperature readings, check out

Analogue thermometers

Known as the most popular thermometer of all, analog thermometers are perhaps the most widely recognized. Ideal for non-specialist home use in which a traceable accurate reading isn’t wholly necessary, analog thermometers can be fully immersed in liquid and can even be mounted onto a whole to provide a constant temperature reading. 

Simple to use and effortless to read, if you haven’t ever purchased a thermometer and are unsure of which to choose, an analog thermometer is probably the best option for beginners to get started with.

No matter what the circumstance, having a device to take immediate temperature readings is extremely useful for both safety and health reasons. So, if you were overwhelmed by the thermometer choice out there and were unsure about what it all means, you now know which thermometer is best used for which task, giving you the knowledge to purchase the most appropriate option for you.

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