Tech for Tots: Top Camera Drones for Kids to Use

Drones are being used by law enforcement, the military, documentary producers, videographers, retailers, and the everyday fun-loving person. Kids want to be added to the list of drone enthusiasts as more drones models are affordable and consider safe to use. Kids are introduced to technology as babies, beginning with their parent's cell phones and tablets. It's not surprising they want to get in on the drone action.

Drones, Cameras, And Kids

You can imagine the excitement kids experience as they watch their drone head for the clouds with a camera attached. Taking bird's eye views of their home and yard is quite an adventure that most parents would enjoy as well. If you are considering purchasing a drone for your child's birthday, be sure you also are prepared to teach them to respect the privacy of other people in the neighborhood. No one appreciates seeing a drone peeking in their window. There are some top rated drones with cameras that are safe and easy for kids to use.

Drones, Kids, And Responsibility

Drones are not toys, and your child should know that from the time he or she receives it. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle. Kids should only be allowed to operate their drone when in the presence of an adult. They should only be used outside in areas away from people and obstacles, such as trees, buildings, and electrical wires. Your child can learn about flight and drone technology. There are small parts in a drone that can prove to be a safety hazard. Blades can injure fingers or hand when in motion, and small parts that break off from damage can be a choking hazard to small children and animals. Children must be taught that having a camera drone includes a responsibility to use it correctly, safely, and with respect to other people. Cameras are intrusive, and your child should understand they are not to video anyone without their permission and your knowledge. Check the laws in your city about the use of drones before it is launched the first time.

Projects For Kids And Drone

Backyard birthday parties can be filmed from the air by your child and his or her new drone. Family barbecues, younger siblings playing, the antics of family pets, the neighborhood squirrels, and anyone or thing that comes into your yard can become the subject of your kid's video documentary. Be sure you comb your hair before going outside, or your bad hair day may go viral on social media. The camera drone will also be a big hit while you are on vacation. Your child can video points of interest, mountains, beach, and other interesting sights. Kids can also create a video documentary of historic points of interest in your city for a school project. Your local historical society might even invite your child to make a presentation.

Drones will be a major factor in the lives of your kids as they become mainstream forces in many aspects of life, including pizza delivery when your drone expert goes off to college someday.

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