4 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

Relationships have their difficulties. There will be times when you stare adoringly into each other’s eyes over the dinner table and other times when you cannot stand being in the same room as your partner. This is perfectly normal. 

Couples counseling with a marriage counselor Cincinnati might help you see where you both went wrong, but both parties have to be willing to try. 

Most couples experience issues at some point, so you shouldn’t panic each time you two have a silly argument. However, relationships, like most things in life, are hard work, and unless you work at your relationship, it will die. To help you save your relationship, here are four signs you are heading for trouble.

One of You Is Overly Critical 

When one partner constantly snipes, nags, and bitches, it causes a huge amount of resentment. If your partner criticizes everything about you, such as your appearance or the way you load the dishwasher, it won’t be long before your self-confidence is in shreds. This makes you vulnerable to flattery from a third person, and we all know how that one ends. 

You Don’t Talk Any More

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and observed a couple sitting in silence for the duration of their meal? Having nothing to talk about is not a good sign. Often, co-parenting is all some couples have in common. They pour their energies into raising kids but forget about nurturing their relationship. 

Relationships are a two-way process, so try to organize a date night at least once a week. Pick a topic to discuss and try to resurrect the spark that brought you together in the first place.

No Intimacy

When was the last time you had sex - last week or last year? A lack of sex is a major factor in many relationship breakups. It isn’t a problem if you are both on the same page, but if one of you wants sex and is continually pursuing the other – and being rejected – resentment will build. 

Communication is essential. Instead of stonewalling your partner, sit down and have an adult conversation about sex. Try and compromise about how often and when you have sex. Sex releases oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, which is the glue that holds couples together. Remember, you don’t need to have intercourse – affectionate touching without sex is just as important. 

Your Conflict Resolution Technique Sucks

Do your arguments go round in circles, or do you prefer the passive-aggressive approach to conflict? Neither strategy is effective. Learn to argue constructively. Do not show contempt or stonewall your partner. Sit down and discuss an issue, calmly and rationally. If you let resentment build up, it will destroy your relationship. 

Not all people notice the danger signs when a relationship is in trouble. It is only when their partner walks out or files for divorce that they read the writing on the wall. It is possible to save a relationship when it reaches this stage, but you need to act fast.

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