Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes

The main purpose of most meal replacement shakes is to provide essential nutrients to the user’s body. For this reason, shakes are usually used for weight management, since they suppress hunger. However, not all meal replacement products are so useful for losing weight. The main points that deserve particular attention are the content of protein, fat, sugar, fiber, as well as caloric content.

The quality of ingredients is also an essential feature. The main ingredient of any MR shake is protein. There is a huge variety of options for protein sources. Some products provide plant-based protein only. It is important to avoid soy protein, which is rather harmful to health. The best protein source is whey. Most brands try to use a mixture of protein sources in order to decrease the price of the product.

Sugar and fat are the key elements to consider when you need a meal replacement to lose weight. The content of fat and sugar should be as low as possible. It is also recommended to avoid artificial sources of sugar and trans fats.

So, if the product consists of mostly natural ingredients, it can be called healthy meal replacement shakes. Look at the following healthy options in our opinion.

Isagenix IsaLean

This product is free of allergic or harmful ingredients. The only concern about this shake is fructose. This source of sugar may rarely cause side effects. The other components of IsaLean Shake are safe and rather qualitative. The protein comes from whey and milk protein concentrate. Such mixture of protein sources provides 24 grams of this component in each serving. It is a huge amount enough for effective appetite suppression. The energy value of the shake is 240 calories. The product is really good to replace a meal, however, taking into account high caloric content and high amount of sugar, this shake is not intended for losing weight purposes.

Yoli YES Shake

The content of the shake by Yoli consists of two patented formulas. The first formula includes extracts of fruit and vegetables, while the second formula provides protein. The protein source is whey that is a great solution. However, the amount of protein in each serving is not big enough– 12 grams only. The caloric content of YES shake is 90. The total quality of the shake is satisfactory. Besides, the shake contains no artificial components. The efficiency of the shake is not an issue since the shake is good for both replacing a meal and losing weight.

18 Shake

This meal replacement product holds a title of the best shake in 2017. 18 Shake consists of only natural components. The users are completely satisfied with its quality and taste. The product can be used for weight management since its energy value is optimum – 90 calories. In addition, each serving supplies 15 grams of whey protein. The customers admit not only the high efficiency of the shake but also a perfect price-quality ratio. It is also worth mentioning that 18 Shake is a great appetite suppressant regardless of not high caloric content.

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