How To Become a Business-savvy Role Model for Your Children

As a mom, it is important that you can show your kids how you can be a self-sufficient and independent woman. A business education will help you develop your career and also make you a positive example for your children. While you pursue career success, keep your kids in the loop about all the strategic, creative and beneficial moves you make. Show your children how you’ve taken the initiative to enhance your knowledge, stay committed to your work and use creativity to problem solve. You should also share anecdotal stories about your experiences and involve them in small ways. Here are some tips that will help you be a business-savvy woman and also a good role model for your kids:

Enhance Your Knowledge

Show your kids that it is never too late to get an education. Make use of business classes that will teach you the ins and outs of marketing, customer relations, entrepreneurship and general business logistics. You can get a business education through Amway and share what you’ve learned with your children. These classes help you follow your passion for business, through a digital platform. Their online educational program allows for flexibility so you won’t have to sacrifice any family time. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be at your job; and you will have greater agency within your career.

Stay Committed

Stay on track with your business aspirations. If you give up on your dreams, your children may follow your lead and fall into habits of thought that make them lose motivation and dedication to reach their goals. Rather than avoid or quit your work, persevere and troubleshoot any tension or issues that blockade your success. A disposition that holds you accountable and keeps you aligned with your aspirations will be great for your children to see. Use tools around you that will hold you accountable — i.e., your smartphone alarms and organizational apps, an organized schedule and a community that promotes self-care.

Be Creative

Within your career or career education, unexpected issues will emerge and throw you off your game. These unforeseen scenarios aren’t a hindrance to your work, but rather, a chance for you to shine. Make use of these opportunities to be creative through your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Solving problems through strategic solutions is an excellent example for your children, as they will see how creativity and ingenuity are valuable skills. These skills are required in many jobs and will help you perform in your current role, as well as prepare your kids for their future careers. Check out Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s website for more reasons why critical thinking is an important skill that you and your children should learn and exercise.

Share Your Stories

Share anecdotes with your children about your career. If they don’t know what is going on, then there will be a disconnect between how they interpret you as a business woman. Choose anecdotes that will help them see how you engage with your work and how your core values come into play. For example, tell them about a time you had to work very hard to problem solve a situation to benefit yourself and your client. Talk to them about how you have to consider and prioritize many things in order to be successful. Also, talk with them about everything you are learning about business and entrepreneurship, so they have a head start on developing their own business-savvy mindset.

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