Keeping Romance Alive After Kids

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"Is it possible to have romance after you have kids?"

It's a thought that every one of us mothers has had at some point, with a screaming kid on our hip and the dishes piling up - and our husbands look at us with lust in their eyes. Are you kidding me?? 

Most of the time, the thought of being intimate after you have kids just sounds like another chore and romance seems to fall off the side of the cliff somewhere along with nights out and sleep. Having regular sex and being intimate with your partner, though, has all kinds of benefits.

Benefits of Regular Sex
According to WebMD, a healthy sex life can keep your immune system active, increase your libido, improve bladder control, lower blood pressure, lowers risk of heart attack, lessen pain, improve sleep, and even ease stress.

Beyond the health benefits, regular sex with your partner can improve self-esteem, strengthen your relationship, and make both of you happier.

The question remains, though, how do you bring back the *spark* once you have kids?

Before you end up resenting each other because of all the missed chances, talk to each other. Every couple needs to have an open line of communication with each other. 

Not only can this help you two to alleviate the stress that comes with being parents, it's a great opportunity to talk about what kinds of things you'd like to explore. You love each other - remember that, and share your ideas and passions and needs with each other.

Feel Sexy
There's something about lounging around in yoga pants with a sloppy bun that just makes parenting easier. But how many of us have turned down our spouses just because we didn't feel attractive? I know I'm guilty of that one, often wondering how my husband could even be attracted to be when I'm taking out the trash.

If you want to kick the intimacy up a notch or two, dress in something that makes you really enjoy how you look. Maybe a beautiful negligee or sexy nighty works for you, maybe you want to try on a costume.  

I'm probably most self-conscious about my growing muffin top, so I ordered a couple of corsets from 3Wishes that I absolutely love. They make me feel beautiful and really make a difference with my self-esteem. 

Bring the fun back into the bedroom
Now, you don't have to do anything weird that neither you nor your partner comfortable doing, but surprising each other with fun games or cute costumes can really liven up your intimacy. Try something new, like this dice game that 3Wishes sent me, or strip poker. 

What kind of ways help you and your spouse keep the romance alive? Comment below and let me know!

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