Top Interior Trends For 2017

Trends aren’t strictly restricted to fashion and technology. There are people with refined tastes who are always on the lookout for top interior trends for redecorating their homes. The two things they want their guests to be raving about are how good the food is and how amazing their interior design looks.
A stylish home speaks volumes about the personality and preferences of the owner, which is why people like getting creative when incorporating the latest interior trends in their homes.
So, I’ve put together a list of the current top interior trends for 2017.

Matte Appliances

For decades, having a stainless-steel finish in your kitchen was all the rave, it was the leader in kitchen décor as shiny appliances were the preferred style for many consumers. However, as always trends change. Now the newest kitchen décor trend is matte appliances.  Available in a variety of colors, matte finishes are gaining so much popularity and manufacturers are listening to the design community.
Appliances and gadgets with a matte finish tend to stand out from the rest and they are so much easier to clean as they don’t show fingerprints like they would on the stainless steel. Matte finish appliances and decor will definitely add to the overall aesthetics and appeal of your home.

Fine Art Posters

Without having to spend a lot of money on expensive paintings and artwork, the newest trend is to now buy fine art posters that can lend a vibrant look and feel to your place. With posters, the possibilities are endless meaning there is something for everyone’s personal taste–you can find posters from established artists or even support new and upcoming talent.
You can easily find affordable fine art posters that you can buy singularly or in collections to create a theme in your home. You can purchase posters from the world’s greatest artists, of musicians and brands or city landscapes online through the fine art posters collection on where you can also customize your own frames.
For many, having the perfect interior is extremely important which means incorporating trends that are fresh and modern. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind whilst redecorating your house such as the cost of these upgrades. New trends should be added subtly to improve the overall functionality and look of your place.
High-End Cerused Wood
Cerused wood is something that has come back into fashion like many things do. It refers to the wood being polished using a technique that gives it additional depth and texture, really highlighting the inherent beauty of the wood. This trend has been around a while in the high-end market but is gradually becoming more prevalent.
Typically, you will see this kind of finishing on cabinets, but it is now also being used for tables and chairs. Cerused wood is a gorgeous choice for kitchens and bathroom cabinetry, flooring, walls and even ceilings. Some people love the look of a full cerused paneled room, as it’s glamorous and striking whilst also inviting. This trend is quickly spreading and you might even find a company that offers budget-friendly options for cerused wood or you could even find yourself completing your own DIY project as a more affordable option.

Nail head Details

This trend of nail head trimmed patterns is certainly making a comeback this year – classic upholstered furniture is being used in a whole new way. This trend is going beyond the usual spaces as you can now see intricate details on furniture such as storage chests, desks, and even plate fixtures. It is also not just limited to homes. Many shops, hotels, and restaurants are using it to create a more appealing and unique interior.

The Tube Tiles

Another trend that has been around for ages, but is now making a comeback is tube tiles. Tube tiles are classic yet versatile and they work well with different interiors. It is interesting how tube tiles can add a rustic yet chic appeal to your room. This trend is one to look out for as it is such an affordable option and will make your home look elegant.

Smart Home Features

Nowadays, we have become extremely dependent on technology which is why you are seeing more homes being converted into smart homes. You will now be constantly seeing more creative apps with features and functions such as access to your home cameras, lights, and sound. Smart devices can make your home smart as well as safe. This technology would definitely add an edge to the overall aesthetics of your home, as smart devices tend to be sleek and small and you will see that it is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeing the efficiency of incorporating the tools into their home

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