Which "Trendy" Mom Hobbies Are Worth Pursuing?

There are plenty of things now that are deemed "trendy," from natural therapies to putting crystals on your forehead there are plenty of things that, although they are popular might not have many real-world applications. But there are things we can all do to add a little bit more meaning to our lives, and when we are struggling with our families, there are some things we can turn into which, yes, may be trendy, but will also give us some benefits. So let's have a look at a few.


The whole DIY lifestyle of growing your own produce has seen a surge in recent years because people are now more conscious about where their food comes from, and whether it is organic or not but a lot of people are now using it as a way to cut back on unnecessary expenses. The best way to get into this lifestyle is to try and do it in your garden or at an allotment. But if you don't have space in your backyard or the funds to rent an allotment, you can grow certain vegetables in your home, have a look at how to grow vegetables indoors to give you a few hints and tips. It is the only sure fire way to know that you are eating officially organic produce that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides but it also will do you a lot of good when it comes to the next benefit.

A Plant Based Diet

This is very trendy now, and this combined with a vegan approach to eating has resulted in a lot of people becoming a "flexitarian," meaning that they indulge in the healthy habits of eating vegan or vegetarian but occasionally going back to their old habits once in awhile. The documentary What The Health showed a lot of people the benefits of a plant based diet in comparison to eating meat and eating a high quantity of plants in our diets doesn't just reduce inflammation, but it can help to combat common illnesses like asthma and hay fever. You can also see now that there are many more restaurants catering for vegans and providing more organic produce, which makes it easier to adopt this lifestyle for the sake of our long-term health.


Quite possibly the oldest trendy pursuits of the modern mom, yoga and Pilates are things that you should definitely get into because for just one hour a week of light yoga will give you unlimited benefits in terms of toning up your muscles, your core, and making you feel just better inside and out. Combining yoga with a meditation routine can give you a way to cope with life’s stresses that little bit better while also helping you to improve your posture and balance. You will also be able to get rid of toxins quicker which will result in a more youthful complexion and better skin, and then if you were to combine this with a plant based diet from fruits and vegetables you grow at home you aren't just officially a trendy mom, but a fully self-sustaining one!

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