Planning A First Birthday Party That Parents Will Enjoy Too

If your little bundle is about to reach their first birthday; you’ll want to celebrate the occasion, and what better way than with a party. Party planning can be a little stressful, but it shouldn’t be; with the right planning and preparation, you’ll create an event to remember. With babies and toddlers in tow, it can also be a challenge for the accompanying parents to relax and have a great time. However, you can ensure that moms, dads, and grandparents all enjoy themselves just as much as the little ones.

If you want to throw a party, big or small, for your child’s first birthday; get your notepad and pen at the ready. The following are some ideas and inspiration for parents in the process of party planning, and for those who need some helpful nudges in the right direction so that everyone has a great time.



As it’s your baby’s birthday; you’ll need to take care of the kid’s food first. There will probably be children at the party who vary in ages, as you’ll invite family and friends, and their little ones. Therefore, a variety of small snacks and nibbles should go down like a dream and everyone can get stuck into what’s on offer. You don’t want to fill little bodies up with too much sugar; unless you’re prepared to deal with the subsequent crash afterward. However, a few sweet treats are perfectly acceptable; it’s a party after all!

Cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops are all perfect for grabbing and nibbling on as the kids run around; they’re far easier to eat than a slice of birthday cake and straightforward to bake too. Adults at the party will also appreciate something they can pop in their mouth quickly, in case they need to run after a child or clean up spilled soda.

For healthier alternatives; you don’t have to spend too much time or effort on making snacks and nibbles that both little ones and grown-ups will enjoy. Sliced carrot sticks, cucumber, and celery, with dips like hummus, guacamole, and aioli are delicious nibbles for party guests of every age. Again, it’s about ensuring that little hands can grab the food and eat it with ease, and making plenty of things that parents will enjoy together with their children.

Sandwiches are another great party snack that can be adapted for both a child’s and an adult’s palette. You can cut off crusts for small children, and fill with simple fillings like cream cheese, cheddar, and ham. For the grown ups at the party; get a variety of bread like granary, seeded, and crusty baguettes; you could accompany the bread with a cheese board and even a little wine to toast the little one’s first year. There’s also the option of asking all the grown ups to bring a dish; this way you’ll know that everyone has something there that they want to eat. For tots and babies; the parents will probably bring their milk or food with them anyway, but it’s always a smart idea to have enough to keep everyone’s appetites occupied too.

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Aside from the edible sweet treats that you’re going to provide; you might want to do party bags and prizes as well. You could look into personalized gifts and check out the products from Zoey's Attic for thoughtful items that the children in your family, or close family friends, will be able to treasure for years to come. Or why not commemorate your little one’s birthday with a bespoke tee or sweatshirt; it would be perfect for the family photos and something that could become a tradition each year.

For party bags for the kids; think about little toys and games that will keep them occupied in the car on the way home (the other parents will thank you for the distraction). You can pop in some coloring crayons and pencils, and print off pictures that could relate to the theme of your event, for the kids to color and fill-in. Printing off your own pictures will save you the cost of buying a coloring book or pages from the store, so have a look online and discover what free images are available. Before the guests leave; pop in any of the wrapped edible treats that are left over; perhaps hand the children’s party bags over to the adults so they can edit what they want them to eat.

Don’t forget about the grown-ups; they’ll love a party bag just for them too. You can focus on the edible side of things and offer to fill them up with any cupcakes and cheese they might want to continue enjoying when they get home. You can also add in a miniature bottle of their preferred spirit and a soda mixer with a note to tell them to enjoy it after the kids have gone to bed. Travel sized skincare and beauty products are another way to add a touch of fun and indulgence to the adult party bags, and they’ll be able to enjoy and remember the party for the weeks ahead.

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When small babies and toddlers are involved in a party; music, lights, singing, and dancing can go a long way. You can choose music that the adults will appreciate and won’t mind dancing along to with their little ones. Organize some classic games for the older children, like pass the parcel and musical chairs; you never know, you might get one or two of the grown ups involved in the action! Check out some party game ideas from Pinterest and jot some down in that notebook. Parents will enjoy playing with their children and as long as there are some great tunes playing; the atmosphere will be fun, without a dull moment.

A giant game of hide-and-seek around your home or garden, with guests of every age, is another way to burn off the energy from the cupcakes. Running around and finding each other (with babies in tow) will have everyone in fits of giggles and the little ones will sleep soundly when it’s bed time. Plan and prepare your party with all the guests in mind, and you’ll create an event that everyone will enjoy and remember, and they’ll be excited for your child’s second birthday!

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