5 Tips For Getting a Bikini-Ready Body

So, it is that time of the year you have been waiting for. You are finally done with your finals and the stress you had for months is gone. You can’t wait for that sweet sunshine, tan, taking beach trips and laying by the pool. But wait, you forgot that you were in hibernation this winter, eating almost everything in sight and avoiding exercise altogether. You can only notice that you have gained some weight when you get into your favorite summer bathing suit only to discover you look ridiculous in it. 

Regardless, the last thing you want to worry about now is your current condition, given you just had a hectic time with school papers and exams. If you're going to do something about it, which we recommend, then you may want to read the rest of this article as we are going to cover ways in which you can achieve a bikini-ready body this summer. By bikini body, we are referring to a place where you feel comfortable and confident in your body size. 


Chances are you have been overlooking cardio workouts all winter. Cardio is one of the best ways to lose those extra pounds and stay fit. So, get into that workout attire and run, bike, jog or even walk for at least 30 minutes a day for four days a week. The weather is particularly better, and so, it is a good idea to go outside and enjoy the fresh air while exercising. This program is meant to be great - check out http://www.piyoreviews.com/

Drink a Lot of Water

Most of us tend to overlook the amount of water that our bodies require to function optimally. You do not have to drink eight glasses of water a day, but ensure you drink plenty, especially when you feel dehydrated. Water is crucial for brain health, clear skin and ideally leaves you feeling energetic and refreshed. 

Healthy Food Choices

All the workouts and cardio could be a waste of time if you do not watch your food choices. Stick to the primary food groups of lean proteins ( lean beef, chicken, eggs, and turkey), complex carbs like brown rice, whole grains, and sweet potatoes as well as healthy fats such as cashews, almonds, olive oil, etc. Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol as they both contribute to conditions that take a toll on your body. 

Focus on Full Body Movements

If you want to have that bikini-ready body, you’ll need to have it as active as possible. So, do lunges, planks, squats, squat jumps, push-ups and burpees on a daily basis. These static and dynamic workouts not only keep your body moving but prepare you for other intensive exercises like sprints and swimming, thus preventing injury. 

Add variety to your Workouts

If you keep doing the same exercises daily, your body will quickly adapt, and you’ll be hitting a plateau pretty soon. So, substitute similar workouts for better results. 

These tips will hopefully help you achieve a healthier, bikini-ready body this summer. Stick to your routine and observe discipline and you’ll be boarding the comfort and confidence train in no time.

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