9 Fulvic Acid Health Benefits you Need to Know About

Fulvic acid is the big supplement for 2018 and is making inroads in the health industry - but why is this the case - we take a look at the positives of this supplement. 

1. Gives your body an energy boost

Fulvic and humic acid are excellent sources of energy for the body. Taking fulvic acid helps improve your body's energy levels for as long as you use it. The improved energy levels lead to better performance both at work and at home. 

2. Helps in natural body detox 

Fulvic acid contains some of the most potent free-radical scavengers and antioxidants. These aid in removing toxic compounds and pollutants from the body. The acid is also an organic polyelectrolyte that comes in handy in restoring and maintaining proper chemical balance in the body. Taking fulvic acid helps detox the body to the cellular level. 

3. Improves skin, hair, and nail health 

As mentioned earlier, humic and fulvic acid are potent sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and organic exfoliants. This is one of the fulvic acid benefits to people’s health. These provide nourishment for skin, hair, and nail cells thus improved growth and health. Consuming humic acid regularly can also help restore hair growth especially for those suffering from hair loss. 

4. Promotes Nutrient Assimilation 

Fulvic acid contains electrolytes and other compounds that promote easy absorption and transportation of food nutrients from the digestive system. The acid boosts the digestive systems ability to process proteins, minerals, herbs, and vitamins, thus good health. Fulvic acid responds best when taken just before or after a meal.

5. Fights Obesity 

Poor eating habits and depending much on fast foods can cause one to become obese. Poor nutrient absorption by the body is also a factor that can lead to obesity in many people today. Taking fulvic acid supplements, however, restores the body's ability to absorb nutrients from the digestive system, thus reducing any cravings you might have for excess food. Once the body's craving for nutrients is settled, your body starts to shed off the extra weight naturally. 

6. Fights Premature Aging 

Fulvic acid contains potent compounds that come in handy in rejuvenating cell, tissue, and muscular regeneration. This slows down the natural aging process. You get to enjoy a smoother skin, rejuvenated energy levels, and good health for much longer.

7. Aids in the Absorption of Mineral Salts (Chelating)

Minerals and mineral salts are essentially needed for various functions in the human body. We all get our supply of minerals through the foods we eat. Some of the minerals found in foods aren't absorbed as required, but instead, pass down through the digestive system and egested. Humic and fulvic acid supplements help prevent this by making it possible for minerals to penetrate cell walls for absorption. The process, also known as chelating, contributes significantly to mineral absorption into the bloodstream. 

Aside from promoting cell health, the organic electrolytes in fulvic acid help cells last a lot longer. According to research, these electrolytes are potent enough to revitalize dead or dying cells for extended use. 

8.Aids Mineral Absorption 

As mentioned earlier, fulvic acid aids in the absorption of mineral salts down to the cellular level. With many people today suffering from mineral and nutrient deficiencies, taking fulvic acid can help your body absorb more mineral salts and nutrients naturally. The acid also makes it possible for minerals to penetrate the cell membrane, thus ensuring your body gets the recommended daily allowance of mineral salts. It is with improved absorption of minerals that you can be assured of better health and other body functions. 

9. Improves Cell and Body Functions 

Fulvic acid is known to improve cell function and even detox to the cellular level. The organic electrolytes found in the acid helps boost mineral and nutrient absorption naturally. Health conditions due to mineral deficiencies such as magnesium, calcium, and iron can be controlled by merely taking fulvic and humic acid supplements. These electrolytes also help restore the body's normal pH levels and chemical balance, hence creating an ample environment for cell and tissue health. This contributes greatly to improved immune system, performance, and vitality. You get to experience more energy and performance from just using these supplements.

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