DIY Repair Hacks for Clueless Moms – What You Should and Shouldn’t Try

Few women have the mindset anymore that they can’t do small repairs around the home. There was a time when those kinds of ‘chores’ were left to the man of the house, but what if there isn’t a man of the house? What if you are a single mom raising kids on your own? What if there is a man of the house and he is just as clueless about some things as you are? It’s okay to admit that you don’t know everything. However, even moms and dads without a clue about major repairs can learn a few DIY repair hacks to save money on that dreaded service call. 

The Importance of Knowing What You Should and Shouldn’t Attempt

The only thing to remember is that there are some DIY repairs you shouldn’t even attempt. Sometimes, this applies even if you know what the problem is and feel you can fix it yourself. One type of repair that comes to mind is if you will be working with any kind of electrical wiring. This requires the services of a licensed electrician in most cases because of the danger involved. There are also laws in effect which can have serious consequences if not obeyed. For example, if you attempt to wire a new outlet and your home burns down, it’s unlikely that your home insurance will cover the loss. 

You also shouldn’t attempt a repair if you don’t really know what’s broken. Garbage disposals can often get clogged and it’s a simple matter of following step by step instructions on to get that debris out of there and have it working again. Other times, you aren’t really sure and so you buy a new garbage disposal, attempting to install it yourself. Do you know what steps to take and how to turn off water or electricity to that disposal? This might be a time to call in a professional to install the garbage disposal you bought online. 

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t try is the first step in DIY repair hacks.

Some Easy DIY Repair Hacks Even Moms Without a Clue Can Manage

Now, onto those DIY repair hacks you’ve been waiting to hear about. You can easily learn how to do each of these. They will give you a rough idea of what you can, and should, attempt to do if at all possible. These DIY repair hacks include:

In fact, if you want to get an idea of just how many repair hacks there are out there, you can find at least 21 DIY repair hacks on the Bob Villa website. By this point, you may be disappointed that you aren’t getting the instructions you need for making those repairs – and that’s just the point!

Before calling in a repairman to make simple home repairs, do a bit of online research and you will find that there are literally dozens of DIY repair hacks which even a clueless mom (or dad!) can easily accomplish. Knowing what you shouldn’t try is probably more important, so focus on that and then do what you can. If you can’t, it’s time to call in the pros.

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