Juggling Mom Life Around Work

Being a mom is one of the most important jobs that you’ll ever do, but it is arguably one of the busiest jobs you’ll ever do as well. Trying to juggle mom life with a career as well is even more difficult. Yet once maternity leave is over, most moms struggle back to work hoping to be able to settle back into a full-time role whilst constantly thinking about wanting to be at home. The chances are, the career you’re in isn’t very flexible, and it isn’t actually the career you even want to be in. This will only add to your juggling problems. So, if you’re looking to juggle work life around mom life, here’s how we think you can do it.

Find The Dream Career

As we’ve said, if you’re in a career that you’re not particularly happy in, then you’re obviously going to struggle with juggling everyday life. For one, you won’t even have the motivation to get up and leave your little one in the morning. So find a role that gives you that spurt of energy to get out of bed each morning. One thing you could do is retrain by doing an online course before your maternity leave is up. Courses such as the master supply chain management online are so easy to do, and you still get the guidance you need to be able to complete the course successfully. Plus, have a master in education is one of the highest levels of education to go to, the employability you will have from something like this will be amazing, as should the pay with. Mix the perfect pay with the perfect job, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for being able to juggle work life and family life perfectly.

Go Part Time

Going part-time is often the best options for moms just returning to work. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for moms to balance a full-time job, a baby that hasn’t even turned one yet, and managing the home as a whole. So, going part-time gives you that opportunity to bond with the baby and not miss out any major milestones, whilst also being able to earn a decent enough wage to support family life. This is, of course, assuming you’ve got a partner also in full-time work. If not, things might feel a little tight still, but at least you aren’t overworking yourself and burning out by going full time.

Have You Gone Back At The Right Time?

This is the question a lot of moms should be asking themselves if they want to juggle work and family life. Some moms don’t even take their full maternity leave entitlement, and coming back too early can often be a shock to the system. Just like your baby will have separation anxiety, so will you whilst at work. The result of which can leave you feeling miserable in a job you once loved. Be sure you’re giving yourself enough time to actually adjust to being a mom before you attempt going back to work. You should know when it’s the right time anyway.

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