Baby On The Way! 10 Steps To Get You Prepared

You couldn't be more excited to be expecting another baby; the thrill of it tends to creep over you sporadically throughout the day when you're least expecting it. You chop and change from feeling completely overwhelmed and not knowing how to survive to uncontrollably giddy with utter joy. Although you have had a baby before it seems like a lot of things might've changed since you gave birth all those years ago. You know labor is going to be lengthy and uncomfortable, so at least you can be prepared in that way. However, your mind has completely drawn a blank when it comes to getting prepared for your newborn’s arrival at home. What do you need to buy? What are you forgetting? What kind of pram is the best nowadays? No more panicking needed. This list is going to get you through all of the basics things you need to get prepared before the baby arrives. You could get all of this stuff done in as little as a month if you happened to be in a rush. Obviously, it's a better idea to spread the costs over a lengthy time period if you can, but you won't need to worry again as long as you keep this list close by at all times.

1.Discover The Products That Will Work For You

Over the years there might have been a tonne of innovative products that have come out in the baby world, so make sure you do your research on the best products for you. The Burp Cloth has a tonne of information on recent baby products and their honest reviews will make it so much easier for you to decide on what to buy for your new arrival.

2.Formula and Food

Even if you breastfed your first baby it doesn't mean that it will be such a breeze with your second. Be prepared to give breastfeeding a go from the beginning but don't be disheartened if it doesn't quite work out for you. Keep trying and have a reputable formula on hand in case you feel you need to switch to that.

3.Clothes and Cloths

It doesn't matter if you are finding out the sex of your baby or not, you can still get prepared by buying vests, baby grows and clothing for your little one. White and neutral colors always make a newborn baby look so innocent and angelic, so that might be something you want to consider when buying new garments. As well as clothes you will need plenty of bibs and muslin cloths for those much anticipated messy moments. It's always a good idea to invest in a good non-bio laundry detergent so that you can wash all of the new clothes before baby arrives. That way you know they aren't going to suffer from any itches, irritation or dirt on the clothes.

4.Baby Room Brilliance

Pulling together a beautiful nursery doesn't have to be as challenging as you think. Many mothers like to go over the top with their newborn baby’s room, but don't feel under pressure to do this if you are feeling overwhelmed. A lick of white, beige or cream paint will do just fine and a couple of cute pictures on the wall will make it personal to them.

5.Fabulous Furniture

Your baby room won't be complete without the relevant furniture and fittings. The basic furniture you will need for the baby’s room is a cot, wardrobe, set of drawers and changing table. There are some awesome cots out there which can turn into a small bed once your baby is ready to transition so this will save you some money in the future too. You might want to have a comfortable chair in the nursery too for stories and feeding times.

6.Clean and Declutter

When you have a newborn baby, you are probably aware of how much room that tiny person can take up in your home. It is always a good idea to have a clear out before the baby arrives so that you don't have a tonne of junk in your home. This will create some much-needed space and allow you to give your entire house a full deep clean.

7.Your Bedroom Overhaul

Bringing your newborn home is an exciting time and they will probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom during their first few months of life. This means that you might need to make a few adjustments to your bedroom in order to accommodate your little one. The small crib or Moses basket might need to be positioned at the side of your bed, so you should think about how you could temporarily rearrange your furniture.

8.The Perfect Pram

If you have another child who is still little enough to go in a pram then it might be best to invest in a double one for convenience. There are so many nifty prams available that will be bound to suit your needs.

9.Seats and Safety

Although you think you might not need to buy a high chair straight away, they grow up so quickly, so it's best to be prepared for everything. Get a sturdy high chair with a good table for meal times. You will also need a safe car seat for your baby. Make sure you follow all of the relevant instructions when fitting it and don't even buy a second hand one.

10. Rest and Recoup

Lastly, make sure you have time to relax before your newborn baby arrives. You won't be getting much sleep when they get here so make the most of the peace and quiet whilst you can.

It is true that your pregnancy will fly by, so try not to leave these preparations to the last minute if you can. Getting your home and mind prepared for another baby doesn't need to be a stressful situation. You have plenty of loving people around you who love to support you in everything that you do, so accept their help and make your journey an easier one. As soon as everything is in place you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to welcoming your new bundle of joy to your family.

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