Draw a Smile on Her Face: Your 11-year-old Princess Will Love These Creative Gifts

Choosing the gift to buy for your eleven-year-old princess may be a challenge. You need to remember they are still too young for teenage interests and again, a bit too old to rejoice in “little kid” toys. Interests for this particular age-group fluctuate nearly as fast as their mood swings. And most times; they think they’re more grown than they truly are. So you want to make sure whatever you pick for a present puts a smile on her pretty face.  
Here’s a guide through 2018’s gifts for 11 year old girls choices that won’t let you down
A Hair Chalk Salon Kit
If your young girl is a Fashionista then she’ll fall head over heels for this gift. The market latest is the ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon kit that allows your kids to color their hair and can be easily washed out using shampoo. Your princess has a range of different chalk colors— including pink, blue, green, purple, and orange— to pick from.
For parents, the fact that these chalk pens are easy to wash out using some shampoo is an advantage. The ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon kit comes with 5 chalk pens, a comb, bead and a beading tool. With the kit, you can add color streaks to their hair or have their friend do it for them.
A Nail Style Studio Kit
Think an all-in-one nail polishing kit and imagine how creative your young girl can get with it with all the tools in it.  This age-group of girls fancy polished nails and enjoy doing so with their friends.
Why not blow her mind with something like the Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit that comes complete with all the tools she needs plus 25 nail art designs they can copy and learn? Furthermore, this dazzling kit features 6 peel-off polish types, a dotting tool for detailed nail design and up to 250 stencils.
The polish is specially formulated meant to easily peel off so kids can try over and over until they get it right. And to help your daughter navigate the kit, the manufacturers included a 60-page guidebook with all sorts of shapes and designs.
Lokai Classic Bracelet
Lokai bracelets are increasingly gaining popularity among all ages, including adults.
Maybe this hype has been caused by the story that these bracelets are infused with elements originating from the lowest and highest points of the Earth.  It is said that white ball holds water melted from the snows of Mt. Everest while black is filled with mud from the Dead Sea.
These two elements are supposed to ensure clarity balance and clarity and guide you through your life’s journey. They are a reminder to remain humble during high moments and stay optimistic during the lows.
But Lokais are not only loved for that. These bangles are quite appealing, reasonably priced and come in nearly all sizes wrist.  So if you girl has a thing for accessories then The Classic Bracelet is a great gift to wow her.

These are just a few, there are many more gift options for you depending on your 11-year-old girl’s likes.

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