How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Season

During the holidays, family and friends gather for festive dinners, special gifts, and conversations around the fire. It's the time of year when you want your home to be filled with beautiful decorations, holiday scents, and warm, inviting atmosphere. With a few design tips, you can make sure your home is ready for all of your holiday festivities.

Clean and De-clutter 

A beautiful home starts with clean spaces without clutter. Start cleaning early, so you can do some deep cleaning on floors, walls, appliances, furniture, and fabrics. Concentrate on areas where your guests will gather but don't forget other spaces like the kitchen and the bathrooms. If you're expecting overnight holiday guests, clean and de-clutter the guest room and provide plenty of clean linens, fresh soaps, and holiday scents. Since the holidays include family dinners, you will need to clean out your refrigerator and freezer to make room for extra food and drinks. If you plan to use your best china, crystal, and silver for holiday meals and parties, you will need to polish your silver and make sure you have adequate dinnerware for all of your guests. 

Decorate Your Home

Holiday decorations and a beautiful Balsam Hill Christmas tree will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests, as well as a festive interior. Decorating your home with fresh green garland, holiday wreaths, plants and flowers, and glowing candles is the perfect way to add holiday spirit. For wonderful smells, fill your home with candles or potpourri in holiday scents like pine, spice, cranberry, pumpkin or gingerbread. For a personal touch and welcome smells, bake cookies and have them on hand for guests and neighbors who stop by unexpectedly.

If you want to buy new decorations, start looking early. There are thousands of beautiful holiday ornaments and decorations to choose from, but they will sell out fast once the season begins. If you already have decorations that you plan to use, they are likely stored in the basement, attic or garage. You will need to get them out early, so you can carefully unpack, inspect, and clean them before it's time to decorate the house.

Decorate Your Tree 

Whether you prefer a live green Christmas tree or a beautiful artificial tree, make sure you plan an appropriate location for your tree. It's important to put your tree in an area that's visible to family and friends and easily accessible for holiday decorating with ornaments and lights. You can decorate your tree with sentimental family ornaments, tinsel, and garland, strings of popcorn or beads, twinkling white lights, or colorful festive lights. For a special appeal, create a themed Christmas tree that reflects family activities or special interests.

If you put up a live tree, you will need to make sure it has adequate water and fire protection at all times. With an artificial tree, you won't need to worry about the tree drying out from lack of water or catching fire from hot lights. If you want to change from a live tree to an artificial tree that will last for many holiday seasons, Balsam Hill Reviews will provide helpful information.

Create an Inviting Entry

During the holiday season, your house may be filled with family, friends, and neighbors who come to share meals and activities. It's important to create an inviting entry that welcomes guests to your home. Concentrate on safety, as well as holiday appeal with these design tips:

* Light the Front Walkway – For the safety of your guests, install pathway lights along the front walkway that will throw light on the path to the front door.

* Line the Walkway with Decorations – In addition to pathway lights, add festive decorations along the front walkway with potted poinsettias, candy canes, or decorative garland.

* Decorate the Front Porch – To create a beautiful entrance, decorate your front porch with miniature Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, and hanging lanterns filled with flickering candles.

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