How To Achieve That Polished Look On Your Wedding Day

You might not have the red carpet stylists to take care of your every need on your wedding day, however, you can be prepared and armed with some of the hottest beauty secrets and top tips the industry has to offer. Your big day is one to remember, and you’ll want proceedings to go smoothly and seamlessly. Achieving a polished appearance will make you look a cut above the rest, and you’ll feel relaxed too. Always think ahead, and apply hair masks to boost its natural vitality in the run-up to the big day. Book yourself in to for both a manicure and a pedicure and secure a makeup artist with a strong reputation way ahead of your wedding.

Take The Pressure Off
Ensure that all the crucial elements go to plan, by getting sorted early and having a preliminary wedding day run through if you deem it necessary. Take the pressure off yourself and your future spouse by making sure silly mistakes and hiccups don’t happen. Ensure the wedding rings are where they, and with who, they should be. In terms of ensuring you sort the perfect choice of wedding ring for the day, you may want to look into engagement rings with black diamonds which might be the perfect fit. Sorting such aspects long before the wedding day can make sure you are not overwhelmed as the day approaches.
Keep A Bag Of Essentials To Hand
Just in case of minor mishaps on the day, take a small clutch bag filled with the bits and pieces you might need. This bag should include items such as hairgrips and ties, blister plasters if you can’t rely on your shoes not beginning to rub whilst you’re wearing them, concealer or a cover-up stick, a small compact mirror, and perhaps sunglasses if sun is forecast, or there happens to be a glare that day.
Avoid Alcohol
By this time, hen parties should be well and truly out of the way, and you should try to remain sober the night before the big day. The last thing you want during your ceremony is to feel hungover and to wake up to the surprise of three or four pesky zits having surfaced overnight. So, with this in mind, keep your last night of being unhitched clear of booze and enjoy a pampering session to yourself alone or in the company of close friends.
Properly Remove Your Make Up And Cleanse
The night before you should try to thoroughly cleanse your skin so that it will look bright and clear for the day, and you’ll feel confident that you look fantastic. If you’re using facial products such as masks, serums, oils, and moisturizers, ensure that you’ve conducted a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to some of the ingredients present in the cosmetics.
Exfoliate Ensure that your skin feels smooth to the touch, and consider having a wax in the days running up to the day of the ceremony. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells that build up on the surface and can clog pores. Use a simple sugar scrub or an organic one with ingredients such as seaweed and charcoal.

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