Yes, You Can Greenify Your Home On the Cheap

Many people want to have a greener home, but are put off by what they think will be a high price tag. While this is understandable - everyone wants to look after the bottom line - it’s not necessarily true. While installing solar panels or geothermal heating can cost a pretty penny, there’s more to making your home more eco-friendly than making grand, sweeping changes to your house. There are inexpensive alternatives, too, which, all grouped together, can have a massive difference to your home’s carbon footprint. We take a look at some of these options below.


Switch it Off

Do you know where most of your home’s energy is consumed? There’s no great mystery. It’s taken up by the electrical goods you use. So here’s an idea that’s not so radical: switch them off! It’s so simple, yet can make a massive difference to the amount of energy you use, and how high your bills are. If you’re leaving a room for more than five minutes, switch off the lights. Unless you’re actively watching television, turn it off (and that means OFF, not on standby mode). When the next bill comes in, you’ll see that going green has actually saved you money. Nice!

Switch out the Essentials

You may be in the habit of visiting the supermarket and loading up your trolley with all the essential products you need to keep your home clean and ticking over nicely. But be aware that many of the essential items you’ll be putting in your basket are actually bad for the environment! But don’t fret; there’s nearly always an eco-friendly alternative available. You can find earth-friendly cleaning products at, for example. Forget throwaway paper towels, too - buy towels that reusable instead. And those expensive coffee pods you’ve been using? Say goodbye to them. They’re horrendous for the environment, and the coffee they make isn’t that great anyway. There are better, more affordable options available!

Start a Veggie Garden

What to do something that’s fun, good for you, and good for the planet? If you a backyard, then look at setting up a veggie garden. They’re amazingly simple to get underway and will give you and your family an excuse to spend a day in the outdoors. And what’s more is that a few months down the line, you’ll be able to load up your dinner plates with vegetables that were grown on your property. How amazing is that?

Make the Most of Natural Hot and Cool Air

You don’t have to automatically turn up the thermostat or turn on the AC when the weather isn’t as comfortable as you’d like. Take a moment to think about other ways to get your home to an agreeable temperature by doing things such as opening windows, getting comfortable with blankets, or just simply sipping on a cup of hot and delicious tea. There’s nothing complicated to it, but you’ll be doing your wallet and the earth a big favor in the process. Nice!

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