Coping When An Injury Threatens Your Job

This life is full of twists and turns, some of them bringing great fortune. A seemingly random accident or injury that suddenly makes you unfit for your current work, however, is not one of them. When you need to support yourself and your family, finding yourself unable to do what you need to can be incredibly distressing, but here are a few ways you can cope with the situation.

Getting help with recovery
Making yourself fit to work again might be your foremost priority if your injury is one that you can recover fully from. In that case, occupational therapy centers near you may be able to help. Occupation therapy is a benefit often offered by companies, but there are privately run centers that can help patients redevelop the skills and practical abilities that are most essential to helping them find their way back to the workplace. Even if you can’t afford or find one of those centers, creating a recovery plan with your doctor can help you manage your diet, exercise, and daily activities to help speed recovery.
Finding financial help
When you get injured and put out of work, you should take whatever financial help you can get. Without the income, you could be at risk from falling in debt. In future, putting together an emergency fund can help you soothe some of the immediate anxiety. If you have been injured under someone else’s responsibility, you should have a personal injury lawyer fighting for you. However, applying for social security and financial help from nonprofit organizations could help you hold back the tide while waiting to recover that lost income.

Looking at new options
While recovering, there may be some other options as far as employment goes, as well. Finding a side-hustle can help you manage your adjusted budget a little easier. There are plenty of opportunities for work online, for instance. One example is the rise of virtual assistants and phone operators. You could find freelance work providing simple administration skills or answering phones from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you should always be careful to be aware of the limits to what you can do right now.
Finding your confidence
Issues with anxiety and stress are far from uncommon after an accident or injury. In fact, PTSD is a very common side-effect of being in an auto accident, even if no-one has been hurt. Learning first-hand that the world can be a scary place can shake your confidence. If you’re having severe issues with stress or anxiety, it might be worth finding a support group in your area or looking for professional counselling that can help you regain your perspective and confidence.

The solution to this crisis isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Some people won’t be able to enter the same type of employment again or may not be able to work at all for some time. Make sure you weigh your options carefully and choose those coping strategies that apply best to you.

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