Keeping Pests Out Of Your House This Autumn In An Eco-Friendly Way


Keeping a Clean House

While continuous cleaning isn’t a lot of fun, keeping the house well-maintained is of paramount importance in the fight against pests, who will happily make themselves at home if they get half a chance. Vacuuming regularly is very important, as is washing all of the surfaces with soapy water frequently, paying special attention to areas where crumbs and other bits of food tend to accumulate. Empty the trash regularly and make sure that the bins are properly sealed. Old stacks of newspapers and magazines are a bad idea, as bugs like cockroaches do not like light, but really like the smell of paper. Check around your house for any standing water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so make sure the garden is clear of any tubs or containers that may collect water when the autumn rains come.

Traditional Remedies For Keeping Bugs Away

Many items found in your kitchen can be very beneficial in eradicating all sorts of insects and are conveniently at hand. White vinegar can be found in most kitchens and is excellent at getting rid of ants, who really can’t stand the strong smell, which also covers their natural scent trails, leaving them disorientated and unable to find the nest, with a line of chalk having a similar effect. Spray them and wipe potential access areas and you can even use it on floors and work surfaces to drive them away. Bugs are not at all keen on onions, which is why many people plant them beside their other vegetables as it keeps insects away from the other crops. Cutting an onion up and putting it in a bowl of water has a good deterrent effect, as does cinnamon, another strong smelling ingredient, which insects do not like to cross. It isn’t just your kids that dislike cucumber, as flies and ants also find it unbearable. Pop a couple of slices by an ant nest and fairly quickly the ants will vacate. There are a number of often strong smelling products that can help in the fight against bugs, like cayenne pepper, mint, garlic, and turmeric, while mixing vanilla extract, lavender or lemongrass with water, makes a quick and simple, nice smelling insect repellent, especially effective against spiders, who will be looking for warm houses as autumn and winter approach.

Twenty-First Century Eco-Friendly Options

While many claims were made about the use of ultrasonic for pest control, there seem to be serious question marks about its effectiveness. A handy electronic pest control from Pest Free USA which uses electromagnetism, however, is getting great results. This works by utilizing the wiring that runs through your home and sends short bursts of electromotive force which modulates the normal frequency. Insects communicate with vibrations, which are disturbed by the vibrations from the electromagnetic pest control devices. The frequency is set to target pests, which pick up the changes and disturbs their receptors, making them feel that they are in a very hostile environment. Unable to feed, breed or grow their habitat, they are forced to leave. The signal is turned off and on every few seconds so that the pests are unable to block it out or build up resistance.

Perfectly safe for humans and pets like cats and dogs, the electronic pest control device removes the need for pesticides, and because the frequency is well out of human hearing, you won’t even notice it is running.

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