Missed The Spring Clean? Try A Summer Declutter Instead

It can be difficult to find the time to give our humble abodes the mammoth cleans they deserve when we have full-time jobs and little darlings in tow. That might be why you missed the obligatory spring clean. Don’t worry, this just means you can partake in a summer declutter instead. Decluttering is an art form and a very tricky one to master. You need to commit your time and energy to your mission. It's important that you can find a spare weekend and get focused. By following this guide, you will soon have a more minimalist, efficient and stress-free property to call your dream home.


As with anything, the key to success is in the preparation. Go all 1990s and take a pen and a clipboard around each room of your house. Make a note of the sorts of things you need to declutter and shift, ranging from small ornamental type things and boxes of old VHSs all the way up to old broken furniture. When you have a list, you can then go about deciding which rooms to tackle first. Never make the mistake of starting to declutter a room, getting bored and then starting another. The task at hand can become all too much, you give up and then you’re in a messier place than when you started. If in doubt, start with the living room. This is where the whole family will see and appreciate the most impact.


Grab some boxes or bags and label them up. You should have three - dump, charity, and sell. Just because you are decluttering and cleaning up your pad doesn’t mean you can’t make any money from it. What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Head over to eBay, and you’ll see all sorts of random broken things, old radio valves, and moth-eaten fabric being fiercely fought over at auction. Add your old stuff to the site and see if you can generate a bit of extra pocket money.

Old clothes can be donated to charity with ease. It feels heartwarming to know that you are doing something good for society and donating your unwanted stuff. As you see more space emerging within your rooms, you will be motivated to continue with your decluttering mission.


If you have some banshee-like offspring, channel their energies into helping you declutter. Follow these tips to make home safer such as covering up the plug sockets and putting child safety locks on cabinets before letting them loose in cleaning up the house. Give them a box each to sort through. Your decluttering mission may actually produce some surprisingly pleasant quality family time.

Once the decluttering is complete, whip around your humble abode with the hoover, whip up a lick of paint where needed to refresh and enjoy your more spacious, lighter and airier surroundings. Your living environment will feel less oppressive, you will relish returning home from work in the evenings, and your home will be a calmer and more relaxing place to be.

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