Rules To Keep In Mind When Fathering a Daughter

You Are The Alpha Male

For a daughter, the most important man in her life is her father and is the person that she will use as the role model that will affect much of her life. The way she sees you interact with her and with other females is likely to set the bar for what she will likely look for in her relationships as she gets older, and what she should and shouldn’t accept from men. Because you are the example that sets the standard for the males in her life, it is important to start work early.

From her earliest days, she will begin to recognise your face and the sound of your voice, which she will naturally differentiate from mum, because of the deeper tone. When baby cries, just the sound of your voice can start to calm her down, and talking or singing while changing the nappy, makes the event playful and enjoyable for the child, deepening the bond. A baby will often start to coo when she is being hugged and rocked gently, so gently cooing back will feel to baby as if you are talking and communicating, which will further cement you in your alpha male spot.

You Are The Hero Too

As staff in day care centres Brisbane fathers rely on will tell you, girls under ten years old tend to hero worship their dad. They may want to be around you as much as possible, she shows off for you, craves your attention and listens to every word you say. Girls love to be complimented, and about more than simply their looks, so being complimentary about her intelligence, abilities, and positive things she has done are absolute heart stealers, and she will soak it in. It is vitally important for dad to want to be involved with her in return too. Her self-confidence will build when the man she adores above all others is interested in her hobbies, schoolwork and assignments, and most importantly her friends, who are also centrally important to her life.

While your daughter is still in the hero-worshipping stage, you have an opportunity to teach some life skills too. Encourage her to “help” you in small household things, so she knows how to change a fuse, clear a blocked drain, or change a tire on the car, all useful things that will help build her self-confidence in doing things for herself.

Do Not Be The Villain

Your daughter will learn many things from you whether you are teaching intentionally, or she is just picking up what you say and how you say it. Comments you make about women will help define her view of what being female is about, so you need to avoid being derogatory or using crude expressions for feminine parts. Two of the most important attributes to try to pass on are honesty and integrity, so do not try to preach one thing, if you are clearly performing exactly the opposite in front of her.

Above all, avoid being negative about her dreams and aspirations, but try to be positive and supportive in everything she is trying to do and who she is trying to become.

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