Travelling to a different country – preparing the kids

With the summer break well and truly upon us, many families are deciding to head abroad and make the most of their well-deserved family time. But if you’re planning on traveling to a different country with your children, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little anxious about it.
There might be different customs, new foods to try, different languages to decipher and a completely different way of life. It can be a big change for a little one. So, how can you prepare them for the wonders of a new country? Read on for some helpful tips no parent should be without!
Exposing your children to the language
Spanish, Portuguese, French or even Chinese – a different language can seem quite daunting no matter how similar it might be to English or how complicated and alien it might sound! Introducing your child to some of the languages they might encounter will make their foreign adventures even more exciting. You can start by creating your own flashcards of phrases or have a look at some foreign street signs – like these ones - and try and decipher them together. Bilingual picture games or Bingo is always fun, or if you want to join in the learning fun, see if you can enroll in a language class for beginners together. Check out your local college or university for more details.
Show them the destination
Most of us like surprises. But when it comes to heading on holiday, most of us would prefer to have some sort of idea what to expect before we landed. The same goes for the little ones. Once you have a destination in mind, show them little snippets of the country or city in question, either by showing it to them on a map, introducing them to pictures online or videos of other travelers.
Show them how long it’ll take to get there, and what modes of transport you’re going to use. Try and answer as many of their questions as you can. It’ll make them even more excited for the trip ahead.
Introduce them to the cuisine
Their favorite food, snacks, and treats might not be readily available at your destination. And it’ll make the trip more authentic if everyone is eating the local food rather than a cheeseburger and fries. Before you go, look up some recipes together and have a go at making a few dishes. Exposing little ones to new cuisine in the comfort of their own home will make them much more willing to try it! They won’t be as daunted when a strange looking plate is placed in front of them.
Listen to music

Each country has its own style of music, so what better way to introduce your child to a new culture by listening to some? You can discuss how the music makes you feel, and then research the history and the tradition behind it. It might seem like a lot of homework before you go on holiday, but your kids will love being involved.

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