Why Knitted Toys Make The Perfect Present

Give Gifts With a Personal Touch
When it comes to gift giving, it’s much better to make your presents by hand.

Yes, we know it’s easy to order them online, but making your own presents is much better! Hear us out for a moment. Rather than hitting the shops for your children’s birthday or Christmas presents this year, why not knit them some instead? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned knitter, starting your projects with time to spare will allow you to create some really lovely, unique toys. Still not convinced that you should give it a go? Here are five reasons why you should treat the special little people in your life to some Deramores knitted toys.
Gain a skill
Knitting some children’s gifts means that you’ll be honing a skill. The more you knit, the better you get – so by getting crafty now, you’ll be much more confident tackling more advanced projects. For example – after you you’ve knitted some toys, you could get started on a whole new winter wardrobe! Heading to the shops doesn’t allow you to boost your skills in such a way.
Save money
Knitted toys make great presents because they’re much easier on your budget. Children’s toys are becoming more and more expensive, and if you were to buy a bespoke, handcrafted product you’d be looking at a very high price tag. So save yourself some cash and make your own. With the easy to follow instructions in knitting packs and patterns, you’ll be able to create a beautiful toy in no time at all.
A personal touch
Hand-knitted toys are so easy to customize, so you’ll be able to create a gift that’s personal to each child. Being able to make something like their favorite animal in their favorite color will make for a present that’s going to hold so much meaning for years to come. When you shop for toys on the high street, you often have to compromise.
Be ready for Christmas
Christmas may seem like ages away, but we’re now closer to the end of the year than we are the start of it. By doing just an hour here and there, you’ll be able to make lots of progress before the festive season. You’ll be finished with plenty of time to spare if you start knitting now. So while your friends and family are dashing around the toy shops, you can put your feet up!
Shop at Deramores
If you’re looking for unrivaled choice, then head to Deramores to snap up your knitting kits and patterns. They’ve got a really impressive range, with toys ranging from adorable bunny rabbits to cute crocodiles. They also cater to knitters of all levels of expertise too. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced knitter – you’ll be able to make some truly special gifts.

Needles and yarn at the ready!
With the weather getting warmer, why not cool off in the shade with some knitting? You’ll soon become absorbed in it and really enjoy yourself – something that can’t be said for gift shopping a lot of the time! If you’re not already a knitting convert, you soon will be once you get started on your adorable children’s presents. So what are you waiting for?

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