Running Tight On Budget? Top 4 Ideas For An Economical Hen Party

Let’s admit the fact girls, weddings are a costly affair! The endless shopping list, the decorations, the venue, the catering, the wedding planner and the list can go on and on. And in spite of all those trips that you will make to the malls and shops, you will still miss out on something! It is not your fault though, weddings are supposed to be like that, some confusion, some misplacements, some end moment goof-ups and loads of laughter and joy!

It is not necessary to have a lavish wedding to have fun. If you have your closest kin and best of friends around you, then you would not mind walking down the aisle even in your backyard! If you are not interested in spending a fortune on your wedding, then there are a lot many ways to cut down your expenditure. One such way is to tone down the glamour of the hen party!

Well, yes, hen parties are an explicit component of weddings and as much as you want them to be lavish and never ending, the truth is your budget does not allow you to have a glamourous hen do in the top European hen do destinations. Therefore, we bring to you a list of alternative hen do ideas that will surely fit into your budget and still give you abundant memories to cherish for the entire life!

Bar crawl in the city

In whichever part of the country you are, the night life is always happening. Yes, the nights of cities like London are bit more insane, but you do not have to feel jealous about that since you have all your best girls here in your city to spend your last night of freedom. Make a list of all the newly opened bars and pubs of the city where you haven’t set your foot in as yet and go out for a bar crawl in your own city. Trust us, with your girl gang by your side, and the comfort of being in your city will add to the fun of your hen party.

Dance, Dinner, Drinks

Just like it happens in the all the top hen party destinations in Europe, dancing and hen parties go hand in hand. If all of you love to groove and then sit down for a chit chat over drinks, this is the best for your final night of freedom! Salsa, Bollywood, contemporary, or any other form you like, what you only have to do is to find a good instructor who would make your girls dance like there’s no tomorrow. End the day with a nice set of drinks and a sumptuous dinner!

Barbeque and booze

Another splendid idea for your hen party that will not break your bank is hosting a BBQ at home. Whether you are generous enough to let your girls drink to glory while you pay the bill or you want a BYOB type party, the choice is yours. But whatever it is, booze and barbeque is a classic combination and will never fail to give you all the right reasons to have ultimate fun. Do a bit of the decoration with fairy lights and give your venue a ‘by the pool’ vibe by setting up a paddling pool. You will be done for the day!


Yours is not a party type group? Nevermind, we have the best solution for you as well! Take your girls out for camping under the stars somewhere close to the city and enjoy the night! Stuff yourself with abundant food and wine to let the beauty of the backdrop sync in. As the night will ascend and the wine will get over, you and your girls will take a walk down the memory and cherish the most beautiful moments of your friendship!

Hen parties are supposed to be packed with fun, giggles and amazing ideas and activities to make your girls have the best time possible. Even if you do not have a bottomless bank account that would let you have a hen do in some exotic location, with the above-mentioned alternatives, you can still have a blast on your hen party!

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