Finding The Eye Of Your Newborn Baby Storm

When you have a newborn baby, things can get hectic. Your days will become less about embracing the moment, and more about cramming as much into it as you can. Generally, you’ll feel like you’ve been in a whirlwind since the birth. You would be a rarity if you didn’t spend at least some time wishing the months away until your little one is on solids and self-sufficient.

Which is where this post comes in. If you’re in the middle of that storm right now, this is for you. The sad fact is that there are few parents out there who don’t wish they had embraced the crazy when they had the chance. This is, after all, a special time. As soon as your child gets to school, they’ll start needing you less and less, until they move out and have children of their own. But, right now, your baby needs you more than they will at any other time. Hence why, rather than resenting or rushing, you should embrace these experiences as a privilege. Read on to find out how to start.

Love those late night feeds

If there’s one thing moms dread, it’s late night feeds. If you’re anything like most, you go through the process with your eyes shut, trying to hurry things along. But, a change in attitude here could see you gaining much more from the experience. By opening your eyes and embracing late night feeds, you’ll see how special they are. The fact is that this is a quiet and crucial bonding time. The house will be silent, and you’ll probably be sitting there in the lamplight. These are the moments you’ll miss when your little one is off out all night. So, stop rushing. Take a look around, and value these experiences for the precious time they are.

Watch your baby sleeping

Your baby’s sleep time is usually your prime time to either catch up yourself or get on top of housework. Most moms are so busy that they never actually take the time to watch their little ones sleep. But, this is the only time you’ll get to do it. When they’re older, they’ll keep their rooms barred as much as possible. So, instead of filling those sleeping hours, invest in a transportable moses basket. You might love Cuckooland's moses basket collection or something similar for this purpose. Then, put your choice in whichever room you’re working in at the time, and make sure you take plenty of time out to admire that beautiful sleeping form.

Enjoy every second of your days

Many parents can’t wait until their little ones start school and they get their days back. But, you shouldn’t do the same. Instead, realize how lucky you are to have your little one home with you. Instead of wasting time doing the housework, go for walks or play together whenever you can. These are experiences you’ll wish you had once school does start. So, don’t let them pass you by!

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