Stress-Free Living: 9 Calming Decor Ideas for a More Peaceful Home

Your home should be a sanctuary that makes you feel calm and at peace. Here are 9 calming decor ideas to promote a peaceful home.

Stress comes with countless negative mental and physical effects. When you're stressed, you might have symptoms ranging from headaches to mild depression. However, one easy way to manage stress is to create a peaceful home where you can find relaxation.

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How do you make a peaceful home? The key lies in your house decorating strategy.

Without upgrading to a bigger or fancier home, you can incorporate decor elements that promote peace and calm. Even a tiny studio apartment can become a relaxing haven with this approach!

Not sure where to start! I've put together our top peaceful decorating ideas that will work in any space. Keep reading to learn how to create your own personal sanctuary!
1. Reduce Clutter
Even if you change nothing else, my number-one calming tip for your home is to get rid of (or at least hide) clutter.

Clutter creates a visual source of stress. It might serve as a reminder of all the things that stress you out. For example, a pile of bills you need to pay will remind you of your financial stressors.

But even if it's innocent clutter, it still stresses out your eyes and mind to look at it. It's also harder to find the things you need when your space is cluttered, creating yet another source of stress.

To reduce clutter, you may simply need to do a purge and throw away or donate unnecessary things that have piled up. You also might need new storage solutions, such as a desk with drawers. If you can't get rid of things, you can at least put them out of sight.
2. Limit Technology
Having devices spread throughout your room or home can create a surprising source of stress.

You might feel like picking up your tablet to check social media is a recreational activity. But social media and other online activities can also be sources of hidden stress. Reduce your stress by creating a designated part of the room for technology and devices.

Limiting your devices to one part of the room, or even putting them away when not in use, will help you focus on more relaxing activities. For example, you're better off reading a book before you go to sleep than surfing the internet. Find a space for your tech and keep it there to reduce the temptation to use it when it doesn't serve you well.
3. Get Neutral
White and other light-colored neutrals are great color choices for relaxation. Why do you think hotels and upscale spas use shades of white so often?

If you're scared of cleaning white things, keep in mind that cleaning stains off of white bedding or furniture can easily be accomplished with a bit of bleach. This actually makes white surfaces easier to clean than other colors.

In addition to true white, you might try shades of cream, eggshell, or taupe to get the same effects in a softer way. However, you don't need an all-white room. Add interest with your favorite contrasting colors, like metallics, pastels, or anything you feel drawn to.
4. Remove Bad Memories
It's normal to keep things from hard past times, like relics from a past relationship that ended badly. However, getting rid of these things -- or at least putting them far out of sight -- can greatly reduce your stress.

If you're opening a drawer for a pen and find a reminder of a bad memory while you're looking, it can throw off your mental state. Get rid of what you can, and stash the rest in places you're unlikely to look anytime soon.
5. Add Natural Elements
Plants, flowers, and other reminders of nature go a long way toward promoting peace and calm.

There are many ways to incorporate elements of nature into a peaceful home. If you're not great at keeping plants alive, you can try succulents, or simply hang some framed nature photographs on the wall.

Dried flowers take no maintenance at all but can look pretty in a vase or even hanging from the ceiling. For more houseplant ideas, read more here.
6. Group Colors Together
Placing a group of pretty objects in the same color scheme together has a creative visual effect that's both attractive and relaxing.

You can group similar objects, such as candles of different sizes. Or you can cluster a variety of things, like pottery, candles, and vases.

No matter what the approach is, you'll feel peaceful because grouping things by color is both organized and pretty. Your room will have a focal point in a favorite color, and just looking at it will make you feel happy.
7. Use Words That Inspire
Adding a positive slogan or two to your home is another great way to make it a haven.

You can select different words or sayings for different rooms, or just have a couple throughout the home. There are many ways to incorporate words into your decor, from wall decals to framed poetry. Choose the words that inspire you most, and they'll serve as a mantra every time you see them in your home.
8. Rearrange Periodically
Sometimes, it's not about what you have, but about how it's arranged. If you feel you need a fresh perspective, try rearranging a room or two.

You might find an arrangement that you love. Or you might simply feel more inspired by the changes to your space.
9. Change the Lighting
Is your lighting scheme properly suited to peace and calm?

You should have many lighting options, including bright light when you need to see well, and dim light when it's time to unwind. Add lamps and other fixtures as needed so you can pick the best lighting for your mood.
Start Building a Peaceful Home Today
Are you ready for the peaceful home of your dreams?

You don't need an interior decorator or design experience. Just a few small changes can make a huge difference in how you feel at home. Your home should be your own personal sanctuary -- use these tips to make it happen.

Once you've mastered relaxing at home with your new decor, you might be ready to try more advanced decorating challenges. Check out some magazine-worthy home inspiration here.

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