5 Tips For Helping Your Child Through Your Divorce

Divorce will always be a difficult, stressful and emotional time but particularly when there are children involved. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make this fine for your kids, but there are a few important steps to take which will help them to cope and help to build towards a brighter future for the whole family. How your child reacts will depend on many different factors, but there are sure to be difficult emotions to process. Often, however, you find that a child comes through the other side better able to handle stress, more independent and more tolerant. Here are a few tips for helping your child through the divorce process.

1. Minimize Disruption

This is easier said than done when you are going through a separation, but if possible, you should try to minimize disruption to their daily routine. Children are creatures of habit, and it can be unsettling when there is a disruption to the routine – particularly a negative disruption. Hopefully, you and your partner will be able to put aside the difficulties that you are going through for the sake of your children and minimizing disruption is key for this.

2. Keep Conflict & Legal Talk Behind Closed Doors

No child wants to see their parents fighting as this can be highly distressing. Try to keep conflicts and legal talk behind closed doors to shield them from this negativity. Additionally, it is helpful to use a law firm that specializes in family law in order for aspects like the children, finances and future living arrangements to be handled professionally. You can find these firms by searching in your local area, such as family law Lincoln solicitors.

3. Explaining Calmly

One of the biggest challenges is explaining the separation to your children. If possible, both parents should be present when you break the news, and you should remove blame or any negative emotion from your explanation. It is important to remind them that it is not their fault and that sometimes adults change and sometimes have to live apart but that you will always still be a family.

4. Handle Reactions Carefully

There are sure to be many questions and it is important to answer these as truthfully as you can. Additionally, you should legitimize their feelings, encourage them to talk about their feelings and to offer support. 

5. Look After Yourself

Finally, it is important that you look after yourself too. It can be upsetting to see a parent struggling, so you need to look after yourself and put on a brave face. This can be hugely challenging during such an emotional time so it can be helpful to get help whether this is counseling or simply speaking to a friend.

There is no easy way to help a child through your divorce, and there are sure to be difficult days. The above should help them to cope as best as possible during this challenging time and you may find that it helps them to come out the other side a stronger person. The key is to shield them from negative emotions, to remind them that they will always be loved and looked after and to be supportive of their emotions.

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