Eight Reasons Why Living In Perth Is Simply Awesome

Across the vast expanse of Australia, Perth sits pretty like an oasis. The Swan River and the glittering cityscape beyond is now a recognizable image. Perth is a city that abounds with culture and opportunity. Its growing wealth is driven by the mining industry and its recreational options are one of the best in the southern hemisphere. If you have long-term plans in mind, this burgeoning city might be your solution.

Perth is easy to explore

Why is Perth an amazing place to live in? Let us start with the size. Western Australia’s cultural center is a compact city – you do not have to suffer from long commutes like in the other metros. Most of the city is great for walking and its attractions are situated in moderate distances from each other. 

At the same time, you will enjoy the space the city offers and its residential planning is lauded globally. From experts at https://www.visiononehomes.com.au/blog/new-land-estates-sale-perth-metropolitan-area, you can learn more about the exciting real estate available in the city.

Do you love sunny weather?

The days in Perth are beautiful. Apart from the majestic Swan and the stunning countryside, the skies are literally the most blue – Perth has more than 250 sunny days in a year! Most of the rains fall in the winter months and the spring and autumn seasons here are considered to be ideal for outdoor activities. Summer is when a lot of festivals and events happen in the city.

A great place to learn about indigenous cultures

Australia is a country that is trying hard to retrace its lost roots and Perth is a perfect place for those interested in the indigenous cultures of this vast continent. The Kings Park and the Yanchep National Park (a scenic drive away from Perth) have chronicled many important traditions and stories of the Nyoongar people, the original inhabitants of the region.

A base for amazing exploration

Perth is a good base to visit some of Western Australia’s top tourist attractions. The Margaret River valley is home to beautiful vineyards and it is a good place to visit with your loved ones. The Bells Rapid trail is a pleasant way to see the distinctive natural beauty of the region and the waterfalls here are an added attraction.

Freemantle – the historical district of Perth

The port city of Fremantle presents visitors a smorgasbord of experiences. If you happen to like old architecture, the well-preserved streets and quarters of this 190-year-old settlement will fascinate you. The main highlights of Freemantle are the Victorian buildings, such as the Roundhouse gaol and the Fremantle Arts Centre, the latter which used to be a lunatic asylum. The boat harbor hosts many eateries that serve fresh seafood and Freemantle is also known for its Asian and Italian restaurants.

The nocturnal attractions

Once in a while we love to let our hair down and hit the clubs. Perth has a reputation for being a very safe city and its diverse nightlife options provide a major reason for tourists to visit. Living in Perth, you will be able to have a different experience every time you head out for a sundowner. 

The historic Fremantle area is home to many clubs and bars. The suburb of Subiaco is known for its street food, mostly found in the buzzing Rokeby Road. The Northbridge and Leederville suburbs are also great places to party when in Perth. 

The beaches of Perth

In Perth, you can enjoy both the river and the sea. The city has a host of shorelines where you can take in some sand and surf. Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches are arguably the most popular. Trigg beach is a hub for board riding and snorkeling.

Perth - A shopping and eating extravaganza

The city of Perth is a multicultural town and laden with cuisines from all over the world. From trendy restaurants to cozy street-side cafes, people of the city love to try out new flavors and culinary experiences. 

Perth is also a shopping paradise – its downtown area is where one can find all the famous brands of the world. There are also many weekend markets and farmers markets that are organized in the city – events where you can come across many surprising bargains and items.

There aren’t too many cities in the world that encapsulate natural beauty and a unique modern identity like Perth. It is a city that will nurture your dreams and make you appreciate the little things even more. Search for real estate options and let the exciting journey begin.

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