This product has no cons and therefore, ranks number one in the category of cordless mower; in short, the product is famous for the following pros.
  • Balanced maneuverability due to the presence of 20” cutting deck; ideally, you can use efficiently in the mid-sized areas. 
  • Automatic adjustment of power as well as runtime with respect to the thickness of the grass, using innovative smart cut.
  • Dual blades assure better cut quality, excellent mulching as well as bagging capabilities. 
  • 5 position single lever height adjuster enables you to cut the height range between 1 ¼ and 3 3/8.
  • The hard top rear bag indicates accordingly as to empty the filled bag. 
  • You can maneuver through any terrain range due to the presence of a 10 inch rear wheel as well as 7-inch front wheels.

This is one of the best electric mowers for stripes if you have a budget between 160 dollars and 380 dollars.
The runtime of the product is 70 minutes.
This product is a good choice if you have a budget of almost 300 dollars to 400 dollars; the product is famous among consumers due to the pros like easy maneuvering experience and lightweight built. Ideally, you can use the product for small yards as well as narrow spaces. The product offers a 20-inch cut capacity and has weather-resistant construction; it has also 3-in-1 mulching/bagging/side discharge and can be folded easily for compact storage.
However, consumers do report minor cons as follows.

  • 14-inch cutting width is effective only for small as well as medium-sized yards
  • 12-ampere motor tends to be a bit less powerful in comparison with other equivalent models in the market
  • It’s mandatory to have the right gauge cord for this unit based on length for more effective usage. 

  1. GREENWORKS 20-inch 13 Amp CORDED LAWN MOWER 25022
This product is a good choice if you have a budget between 150 dollars and 400 dollars; the product is famous among consumers due to pros like single lever adjustment that lets you select between 6 cutting heights, delivery of power on demand due to patented intellicut technology and durable 20-inch steel deck. However, there are numerous other factors that make the product more efficient; this includes a powerful 12 amp motor, 3-in-1 mulching/side discharge/ rear bag, manual push button start and drive system as well as foldable handles for the most compact storage. Also, there are minor cons reported by the consumers; this includes non-accommodation of lawn stripping attachment due to size, comparatively smaller battery capacity as well as run time.
Every electrical lawn mower in the market is designed differently based on various factors like efficiency, size, built, manual/automatic, intelligent technology, etc.; this is to make sure that each is tailored according to the needs of consumers at large. Therefore, to pick the best lawn mower as per your choice, make sure to list your needs and then you can accordingly match the specifications of your desired products.

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