How To Get Whiter Teeth

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Teeth whitening can be an expensive but worthwhile process. Nowadays however, there have been so many new releases when it comes to the different methods and techniques out there, it’s possible to find affordable alternatives.

Despite all the methods out there, if you are looking for highly effective options it may be best to go to the professionals. This is because the whitening agent used in all whitening products known as hydrogen peroxide has a much higher percentage than those in high-street products for home use.

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What Is Teeth Whitening?

It seems that these days, everyone wants to improve their smile and boost their self-esteem. As mentioned above, the peroxide agent in whitening techniques and products bleaches the teeth which is what makes it whiter. The higher the peroxide content, the more effective and long-lasting the bleaching will be. You can get a range varying from 10% to 22% when buying on the high-street.

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With all the options out there, it’s good to know what methods are best for your requirements and budgets which this article will now look into.

Different Methods For Teeth Whitening

  • Dentist Whitening

Among great methods for whitening your teeth is the dentist whitening, which contains the highest level of peroxide possible and moreover is the most effective teeth whitening solution, with the quickest results. It can be done in roughly an hour but can be pricey, so have a good amount of money to invest in this option. However, the results happen instantly, thus can be highly rewarding.

  • Whitening Trays

Trays and gels can also offer an effective solution to whitening the enamel of the teeth. However, they may take a little longer and range from a few days to a few weeks until you start noticing the desired whiter look. You can buy these from your local dentist or online and in shops. The ones from the dentist will be the more professional kits, however, as they will contain a higher level of peroxide bleaching agent.

  • Toothpastes

When you walk down the oral hygiene aisle in the supermarket, you will see how more and more toothpaste brands are advertising the ‘whitening’ factor. This is a major selling point and normally feature abrasives rather than bleach. These take much longer to produce an effective whitening result but are easier if your budget is small.

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  • Whitening Strips

These are the next up from the toothpastes and they can be used within a week to two weeks. Place them over the teeth and leave on for roughly an hour every time. The stronger the strip strength the less amount of days the process will take. As these are relatively inexpensive, it may take longer to see desired results unless you go for the stronger option.

Now you know some of the options out there for teeth whitening, it should make the selection process easier, so you choose the most effective option.

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