Protect Your Concrete With Epoxy Floor Coating

When you’re making or renovating a space with a concrete floor, you need to protect it. Epoxy floor coating is your best bet for areas that are high traffic or take a beating because of how they’re used.

Don’t Confuse It With Paint
Sometimes people try to paint a floor for consistent color or to cover up existing stains, but that’s not the same thing as an epoxy coating. What’s worse, it won’t give you the same result. With epoxy floor coating, you’re protected from peeling, and the color you choose will still be the same color years from now because it won’t fade from exposure to sunlight or chemicals. Choosing to work with an Elmhurst epoxy flooring specialist will be a decision that will add protection and coverage for years to come. You can't say that if you choose to simply paint the floor.

Where Should You Apply it?
Epoxy can be applied in a variety of locations. Restaurants use it in outdoor dining areas for a beautiful look that coordinates with the décor and can be cleaned easily with wet or dry methods. Microbreweries and distillers can give their production floors a clean and modern look despite heavy traffic, frequent washdowns with industrial cleaning agents and the use of equipment. That’s especially important when your customers can see your production facility from the taproom! A garage is also an ideal place for an epoxy floor coating system, whether it’s a commercial garage that services hundreds of cars a day or home to one beloved classic Ford or Chevy. A concrete patio will be protected and look better as well.

How Is It Applied?
Properly preparing the floor to be coated is extremely important. Your contractor should use an abrasive to thoroughly clean the concrete surface and remove anything that can interfere with the adhesion of the layers of epoxy. Next, a penetrating material should be used to make sure that the layers of coating are bonded to the concrete. Media is then sprayed onto the floor to give it the color and appearance you want. Finally, a topcoat is applied, which provides chemical and UV resistance.

Epoxy floor coating can be an excellent choice for both commercial and residential surfaces. It provides a clean, uniform look and solid protection against stains, cracks and damage. If properly done with the right materials, the result will be a floor that your friends, guests and customers will enjoy for years.

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